Survivor Mustard: 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser

1980 Toyota Land Cruiser

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I love these Toyotas! This Land Cruiser isn’t particularly old, at just 36, but they didn’t change these much over the years. We don’t often see old 4x4s in this nice of condition, likely because most owners drove them hard on and off the road, so it’s nice to see one still in great shape! The seller claims that this one is original, including the 50k miles on the clock. They have documentation back to the first owner, so I believe them when they say that Mustard yellow paint is original! Find this sweet Toyota here on eBay in Los Angeles, California.

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  1. Big Mike

    36 years not 26


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    • JoshAuthor

      Thanks for catching that, I was typing fast and didn’t notice I typed it in wrong. I hate when that happens!

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  2. GeeBee

    Uhhh…. It’s 36

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  3. Scott

    No link to ebay

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

      Fixed it, Scott, thanks for letting us know!

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  4. PhxBarbie

    What, no link? I guess you guys have us pretty spoiled. First time there’s no link, I’m lost😄

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  5. PhxBarbie

    Thanks so much David. I was just taking the opportunity to tease Josh. With all their new projects and being a newlywed, I don’t know where he gets the energy to still write such great articles!

    Thanks again David, and please let me say I do enjoy your articles as well, always very well researched and written.

    Best Wishes!


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    • David WilkMember

      Thank you! Very nice to hear. I enjoy writing for BF.

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  6. JW

    Sweet a real man’s 4×4, love it except the color.

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  7. RayT

    Love it!

    I didn’t know Toyota was selling these beasts in the U.S. as late as 1980. I remember looking at a used one circa 1976 and wishing I had the coin to pick it up…. It sure wasn’t going for what the current bid on this one is up to!

    The color’s okay with me. I believe they also offered a pastel blue which seemed a bit odd for such a brawny vehicle. But they were rugged, and the Japanese-copy Stovebolt six was reliable and easy to work on.

    Probably a good thing it’s so far away and pricey. If I could buy it, it would be going off-road, and soon. I’d have to get used to manual locking hubs again — those look like the same Warn lockers installed on my dad’s I-H Scout.

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  8. Steve

    My cousin had one back in the eighties. He and my uncle swapped the 6 cylinder for a 350 sbc. I remember the big chrome fenderwell headers. Only problem then was he said it ate the stock transmissions like a snack! I grew up on the Texas gulf coast and most landcruisers there (and other cars as well) all fell prey to the “rust bug”. My first car in 1984 was a 57 chevy 2 dr sedan that my dad bought for $300. I was only 13 y.o. It was my first project. Needed floor pans trunk pans and quarters. Ran but trans slipped. Complete car. All matching number drivetrain. 283/ powerglide. My dad and I pulled the body and redid the frame and drivetrain an looked for a donor car for years with no luck. Back before the interwebs. Sold it in the early 90’s for $3,000. If i had the money i woulda had new sheetmetal installed! Same deal with a 62 impala ss. At least i made a little on them when they sold!

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  9. cyclemikey

    Nice survivor. But sorry, it’s NOT a one-owner vehicle. If Mr. Stephen Teubner were selling it, then it would be. Since he isn’t, it’s not. You can’t preserve one-owner status just by failing to properly title and register it. The seller claims to be a private party, and he isn’t the original owner; hence, this is at least a two-owner vehicle.

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    • Roger

      Sorry but I have to disagree. I see this brought up frequently. I think if you by something to resell it whether you are a car lot or a private person then you are not considered an owner as far as collector cars are considered. Also, if you would like to get technical about – if in fact you did not register it and they have their original title in their original owners name than it is INFACT JUST THAT – one owner and not sure how anyone could dispute that.

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  10. Prowler

    I don’t get the attraction to these …they are about as rude and crude as you can get….more exposed fasteners and hinges that rusted the first week you had it
    They drive terrible…wander all over the road….and can barely hear the radio…if you have one
    Windshield wipers that move at the speed of smell
    If you enjoy underpowered…you will find happiness here
    The following of these is as easy to understand as those that pay 6 figures for v.w.buses

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  11. krash

    Prowler….here’s your answer

    …my English Bulldog is not particularly good lookin’…has a horrible underbite…a lazy eye…a bad leg…he snorts, groans, drools and he expels so much gas he should have a catalytic converter…but I still think he’s the prettiest pup ever…

    my dog would have looked great riding around in this Toyota…

    it’s all those “flaws” that make this vehicle so appealing…

    (and sometimes there’s just absolutely no accounting for taste in matters of what the heart wants)

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  12. Prowler

    I get it…..but I would still have to drink this one pretty…..she’s all yours

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  13. Andrew

    I say 36 years old is pretty old for a car. It’s a full classic now. In 1980, that would be like a Willy’s Jeep from 1944.

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