Survivor Or Restored? 1925 Dodge Brothers

dodge right

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The Dodge brothers started out in 1900 making chassis and engines for other car builders in Detroit including Oldsmobile and Ford. By 1916 they were building their own cars and were the second only to Ford in car sales. Their cars were known for their durability and advanced features. In 1920 the brothers wild life style would be both brothers undoing and their widows took over the company. Thanks to Allen H for finding this Dodge listed on craigslist in Eugene, Oregon for $8,000. It’s said to be original, but perhaps it’s an older restoration and shows less than 4o,000 miles. On these cars with wood framed bodies, dry rot can be a problem as well as rust. This Dodge is said to have no dry rot or rust. It runs and drives and is complete down to the hood ornament. It has new tires with less than 100 mikes on them.

left front

The body appears to be in amazing condition from 25 feet and still OK up close. It’s hard to tell from the pictures what material the top is made of, but it appears intact. Until the 1930s, cars had a top or inset of cloth or leather because automakers were not able to produce one piece metal tops.

hood ornament

Even up close the bodywork looks OK. The original hood ornament and Dodge Brothers nameplate are still on the radiator.

front seat

This Dodge is complete down to the last detail, including the cigarette lighter ash tray. The leather is is sad condition, but it’s all there.


The engine appears unmolested and original, ready to haul this old dodge off to another adventure.


It’s difficult to believe this old Dodge could have survived for 90 years in this condition. Perhaps it was restored in the 1950s when these prewar cars were more valuable. I understand why many wonder how this old thing could be worth $8,000, but how can you put a price on this piece of history except for what it might be worth to someone who appreciates it. It doesn’t look like it would take much mechanically to make this a driver. The leather interior might be salvageable, but more likely it would need to be redone. The only thing I would be tempted to change would be the glass to safety glass if it still has the original plate glass. Otherwise, do a thorough mechanical inspection and it should be ready to drive and enjoy.

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  1. jim s

    there is a restored 1924 on ebay for $ 18995. not sure the difference in price would make this a better buy. interesting find

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    • grant

      This is an original, driving car. For 10k less. Why would you restore it?

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  2. dave

    Dodge started production in 1914, not 1916 as stated. Dodge in 36 had metal inserts on the cars and 37 is the 1st year for the solid top in the car line. The Dodge trucks started the solid tops in Feb of 1935. Bud wheel was stamping out the bodies at the time. The Dodge Brothers died within 11 months of each other in 1920 and the widows sold the company to a bank investment group in 1925 for 145 million in 1925. WP Chrysler bought the comoany for 175 million in 1928.

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  3. JW454

    Was the radiator badge considered a “Star of David” symbol? Just curious.

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    • dave

      No sir. They were not Jewish. The story behind it has a lot of myths. Google it, Lot of info.

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    • Carguy

      Said to be two “Deltas” for the Dodge Brothers, D and D.
      Not Jewish, but interestingly, the symbol was replaced by the now familiar ram in 1939, right in the midst of persecution of the Jews in Europe.

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      • dave

        Ram has been used since 33 as optional rad caps.and the bothers died in 1920. So through the years the symbols have been changed.

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  4. grant

    This is really cool

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  5. cyclemikey

    Doesn’t have the look of an old restoration; it may really be original. It’s hard to say for sure without seeing it in person. But ask yourself this: suppose an old Dodge really was original, and had been garaged and preserved for all these years – what WOULD it look like? Well, um… would look like this, pretty much.

    Seller says “DMV will assist you in getting a title”. Like hell they will. If it were that simple, he’d have already done it. Asking 8 large with no title is nuts.

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  6. Brad

    I agree with cyclemikey, I imagine the ‘no title’ thing is signing up for a stint in hell, depending on what state you’re in. It says OBO – if I had 5500 in cash and promised to keep it stock, I think it’d be a ton of fun driving around Chicago’s north shore this summer.

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    • dave

      Lot of cars back when had no titles.

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  7. G

    No titles is not so bad because titles were not issued until 1971. DMV will give you a NON transferable reg. After 3 month you get your Transferable reg. I found one that was in a barn for 50 years and intact. Just got it in my name. All it needs is paint, glass and a few trim pieces. Bill of sale and plate tracing is all you need.
    Cost $4k. that was even too much if you ask me but who cares! Its way cool and fun to mess with. Plus I got more looks towing that than any SS muscle car I have.

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    • Michael

      Do you still have it? Have any pics? interested in selling it if you still have it?

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