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Survivor Square Body: 1975 Chevy Blazer

Over the last few months, I’ve heard a lot of chatter about square-body SUVs coming into their own as the next class of collector vehicles. I’m hopeful this includes my junkyard Isuzu Trooper rescue project, as that’s about as square as it gets. This 1975 Chevrolet Blazer Cheyenne is believed to be a mostly-original survivor with the classic full-length convertible top, wearing handsome Yuba Gold paint. Find it here on eBay with bids over $9K and no reserve.

The seller says the paint and trim are all in very good condition, and it sounds like some minor surface rust spots are the only major concerns cosmetically-speaking. The hard top is believed to have never been removed, and all glass is sound and damage-free. The wheels are the optional Rally style, and are mounted on 31″ tires. Finding that tailgate trim in mint condition can be a challenge, but it looks excellent here.

The interior is another highlight, with a crack-free dash, sharp wood trim, un-torn bucket seats, and a full-length center console. The seller notes that the low reported mileage of 43K seems to be validated by the condition of the interior, along with other details like the original radio still in the dash, the build sheet in the glovebox, and the 4×4 operational instructions still preserve on the sunvisor (and another likely indication that the soft top was rarely used.)

The original 400 engine is paired to an automatic transmission and said to run well. Under-hood detailing looks exceptional, and almost better than new. The firewall shows matching paint and factory stickers are seemingly everywhere they need to be. Finding a Blazer (or any vintage 4×4, really) in untouched condition is a major coup, especially given prices are on the upswing. Do you think there’s still room for the square-body SUV market to grow?


  1. Avatar photo mainlymuscle

    Similar unit just sold on Bring a Trailer for a surprising $25k.The square bods are definitely riding the coattails of my beloved 72 !Get one while you can.

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  2. Avatar photo VAR2018

    Beautiful color combo. Very clean overall and always nice to see a vehicle that has been cared for by its owner(s). I’m gonna guess that the market will grow for these. Especially the ’73-’75 models. Nice write up Jeff, I dig your Isuzu too!

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  3. Avatar photo Dave

    40 years ago these were everywhere like Trans Ams, but rust has claimed an overwhelming percentage of them. Survivors like this will indeed appeal to the more money than brains crowd of us Boomers looking to reclaim a memory or two.

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  4. Avatar photo jw454

    Looks like Chief Martin Brody’s ride. Pull the top off, add a couple of lights and a roll bar and you’d be there.

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  5. Avatar photo Steven Ligac

    I’m new around here so I’ve been mostly just reading but it comes to mind that this is likely a forum in which folks might understand (maybe even agree?!) my nails-on-the-chalkboard gripe: To Wit: 4×4 designation. I’m a ’53 model, so in 69 I’se 16. Vehicles that were 4WD were disignated as such. Many 4WD vehicles– Pickups, Jeeps, &&& had 4-speed manual transmissions. Hence the term 4×4. 4WD and a manual 4-Speed. Nowadays it has become standard parlance to call any 4WD vehicle a 4×4… Of course. It sounds strong and powerful. It’s sexy in a mud-boggin’, beer-drinkin’, hard-workin’ kinda way. Car Dealers love that! Remember, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak…”
    So I’ve had my bit of soapbox speech. Those who’ve been around will know what I mean.

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    • Avatar photo Andre

      Can’t speak to the era (1985 model myself).. but in the current environment

      4×4 = transfer case, you can select between 2×4 and 4×4

      AWD = full time four wheel drive.

      Lots of trucks been running around for decades with “4×4” designation which didn’t have a manual option to begin with (aka my daily ‘13 Silverado 4×4)

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    • Avatar photo Greg

      Really Steve? 4×4 means 4-speed 4wd? Really? I thought it meant 4 wheels and 4 are driven. 4×2 means it has 4 wheels and 2 are driven. Or is it 4wd and a power glide, by your logic?

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      Truth be told, in most older vehicles 4×4 is a bit of a misnomer. Before the advent of limited slip differentials it was normally the right rear and left front wheels that drive when the floor lever was pulled from 2H to 4H. My 1977 Ford F-150 had a limited slip rear diff and both rears and the left front would spin when I got it stuck in mud. More modern vehicles use a combination of Power transfer devices controlled by the main traction control computer. This Blazer, being an automatic, is graced with full time 4×4, which means that both axles are powered all of the time, with a locking differential type transfer case between them. This results in an extremely surefooted feeling and the ability to go through snow without touching the transfer case lever. My parents had a 1978 Ford F-150 with a 400 and full time 4×4 and the only thing that could stop it was a gas station.

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      • Avatar photo Boatman Member

        The fact that they were full time did not mean they had a limited slip rear, Dave.

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      • Avatar photo Dave

        That’s true, you’d have to decode the door tags to find out.

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      • Avatar photo Martin

        The SPID is in the ad. It has RPO G80, so yes, it has the Gov-lock rear differential.

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    • Avatar photo Martin

      No, 4×4 means four wheel drive.

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  6. Avatar photo TimM

    68-72 are still the best but the square body is in the running now!! Good luck with this it’s a nice looking ride though I hate that color!!!!

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  7. Avatar photo Beecee

    Lol on the exceptional Underwood detailing…
    Aka armor-all bath

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  8. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    We sold a lot of these back in the day. And this color combination was extremely popular. The 400 was always a popular choice and gave few problems in a Blazer/Jimmy. Use them rough and that heavy 203 transfer case could crack the transmission case. It wasn’t until ‘78 when GM brought out some good bracing between the engine and transfer case that eliminated those problems. I sure wouldn’t kick this truck off my driveway. It would suffice as both a daily driver and a weekender…

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  9. Avatar photo john willis

    Don’t hold your breath about the Isuzu……

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  10. Avatar photo Jim in FL

    As everyone is saying, the 73-75 models will be the next. Air conditioning, great condition, minimal rust. I’m going to watch this one. Not near me, but I would fly and drive this home. It clicks all the right buttons for a daily driver, and won’t lose value unless the bottom drops out of everything. Also, parts are readily available, as it shares the trim with the pickup.

    Curious to see the final number, but it may be my bid…

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  11. Avatar photo 433jeff

    In my own sometimes humble opinion, i would SURELY pass on the full time 4wd. Psycologically it would drive me nuts on a 90 degree day to think i had a front driveshaft a front pumpkin and sll those u joints and bearings in action for no gain. I would also opt for the locking hubs, im sure the new electric solenoid operated 4wd works great from the warmpth of thr cab, i wpuld rather get out( in the cold) and lock in my Dana 60.

    A blazer with a 400, this is one strong rig, the 1970 3/4 ton chevy with a 350 4 speed was a super strong truck , the 1967 1968 f250 woth the 390 was also a brute, i dont know if the 390 was factory, probably was, i think the 427 ford may have made it in a couple, i hope it did, now that would be a great barn find.

    This blazer is a great rig , most are soup cans by now, or big bucks, some are ridiculous,

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    • Avatar photo Dave

      I had a 93 Dakota 4×4 that spun the front drive all of the time. All the transfer case lever did was engage/disengage the front driveshaft. Even with the V6 and OD it never got more than 19 mpg.

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  12. Avatar photo jeff

    Ohhh I get it (10-4) 4 x 4 and 4 x 2 but my SS Silverado is an all wheel drive not a 4 x 4 …..:)

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  13. Avatar photo Greg

    Does it have 4 wheels? Are they driven? Then it’s 4×4 or 4wd or awd or whatever. Same thing different acronym / marketing term

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  14. Avatar photo David G

    Beautiful. So nice to see one that is still stock, with the 31 inch tires and no lift kit. So many that still do survive have been butchered and rednecked to death with big lift kits and huge tires. My ’79 Ford Bronco is also stock, with 31 inch tires and no aftermarket lift, and will stay that way. It is great off road, having factory skid plates on the fuel tank and transfer case. Love these original SUVs.

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