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Survivor Sting-Ray: 1964 Corvette

After building the Corvette for nine years, Chevrolet set about redesigning the car. The new Corvette was smaller, but more aggressive in its appearance. The new design was influenced by a Mako Shark and was given the name Sting-Ray. This ’64 Corvette Sting-Ray was under the care of the same owner for the past 40 years and was kept in storage for the last 18 years of it. This nice driver can be found here on eBay.

Even after all these years, this Corvette’s original 327 cui V8 still runs. With the new design came increased power options from the 327. This coupe came with the 300 hp four barrel L75 and the four speed Muncie transmission. For ’64, one could get their Corvette with as much as 375 hp, which was a 10 hp increase from the previous generation.

The exterior of this car looks great and very solid. The chrome pieces still look good, as do the trim pieces. The seller states that car was repainted sometime in the ’70s, but still looks excellent. The underside of the car looks solid, but has some surface rust.

The interior looks good and the seller claims it’s completely original. Given that car does have over 100,000 miles on it, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of the components weren’t previously replaced, but if the car was taken care of properly it’s possible that everything is still original.

The C2 borrowed some styling cues from the first generation Vette, but the new coupe gave the car a completely different look. Sadly, this car doesn’t have the split rear window, which was only found on the ’63 Sting-Ray. This car isn’t as valuable, but the rear visibility is better and would be just as much fun to drive. We are fans of the Sting-Ray Coupe, but which body style do you prefer, the Coupe or the Convertible?


  1. Ricky Lawrence

    I would prefer a convertible over the coupe. I have just always been a fan of convertibles. It’s not just the corvette, I like all convertibles. There is nothing better than driving down the road with no top over your head. Then at night you can lay the seats back and look up at the stars and the planes going by.

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  2. J. Pickett

    I agree with Mr. Lawrence above about convertibles. But a mid year Corvette is what it is. This is kind of an orphan, No split window, but no disc brakes like on the 65. It is a beautiful car and I certainly wouldn’t turn it down.

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  3. bill

    I have 65 coupe and have drove both coupe and convertible. I like the coupe. There’s not as many around with a little over 8,000 coupes to 13,000 convertibles.

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  4. LINY

    Nothing looks better than a mid-year coupe. JMHO

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  5. kman

    Always a convert. I’ve got a ’94 Boss 302 ragtop and have had many other brands since the 60s. There’s noting like driving down a winding back road with the top down or out at night smelling the trees and flowers in the cool moist air – even feel a waterfall when you pass it. There could be a vette ragtop in my future if I keep going…

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  6. Jeff

    I thought you could get a 327/375 h.p. fuelie in 63′, I guess it was rated at 365 h.p. in 63′. What changed in 64′? comp?

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    • Utesman

      No, the ”64 L84 fuelie had 360 horses in ’62 & ’63 but was rated 375 in ’64 & ’65. The 365-horse motor you refer to was the L76 of the ’64 & ’65 production era. That same engine was rated 340 horsepower in ’62 & ’63.

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      • Jeff

        Thanks Utes ;)

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  7. Marc Purello

    I would prefer the coupe only because I once owned a convertible, (’63 Catalina) and I did not like the feeling of it when the weather turned.

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  8. paul

    It is what it is & it looks damn nice too.

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  9. DRV

    Not enough convertible days to make it worth while in most places. I will take any coupe over a convertible, especially a Corvette…is there anything cooler than that fastback? Really……If I was a blonde girl I would like the vert better….Ha! ’cause I am an old member of the bald community has nothing to do with it!
    I thought they started disk brakes in ’64, and that paint has held up incredibly for a 70’s paint job on a C2…

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  10. Horse Radish


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  11. paul

    The paint has held up & maybe the photo, but the color looks odd.

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  12. Europa TC


    what’s a ’94 Boss 302?

    Although all of these Corvettes are heavy and poor handling……….they are very attractive. As the others have written………….they are what they are. If they could have shaved off about 1500 lbs I may have been won over.

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    • Steve

      C2 corvette runs about 3150 pounds, not too shabby for a 300 plus HP car.

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  13. warren vane

    if you ever need to give this georgious baby a new home say no more dude,i love it

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  14. Patrick Williams

    The coupes are better looking, more room and more practical.
    The rag tops are noisy, prone to vandalism, etc.

    The coupes are more rare, as mentioned, too.

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