Survivor Wildcat: 1964 Buick Convertible

What can I say, I love ’60s GM convertibles! Buick Wildcats have always had my attention and I enjoy writing about them. Powerful old American cars are always great fun, but powerful old American cars with a convertible top have always been more fun to me! With the top down, any car instantly becomes a cruiser. Thanks to Peter R. for sending in this sweet, low-mileage 1964 Wildcat! It can be found here on Craigslist in Massachusetts with an asking price of $6,500. 

This Wildcat has been well-kept and is now ready for a new home. I know what you’re thinking, most northern cars of this vintage tend to be rusty. This Wildcat has reportedly only covered 78,000 miles and has been in storage since 1994. Though the pictures aren’t exactly flattering, it is pretty clear that this car has been maintained. Though the side moldings could be hiding something, based on the minimal interior wear I would hazard a guess that this car has never seen abuse. Though the above picture shows the excellent condition of the dash and steering wheel, it only shows a small part of the seat. What can be seen looks nice, but more pictures would be required prior to a trip to Massachusetts! Based on other photos in the ad, the interior is likely in excellent condition all the way around.

Based on what little can be seen in this picture coupled with my knowledge of available engines for 1964 Wildcats this is likely a 401 cubic inch Buick V8, which would have been standard in 1964. If it is indeed a 401, it was rated at 325 horsepower when new and would’ve moved a car this size quite well. A 425 cubic inch Buick V8 was also an option in 1964, but this engine does not appear to be it. Equipped with power steering, and an automatic transmission, this Wildcat is running and has had its fluids changed since it was removed from storage.

Based on the way the ad is written (especially the cryptic phone number at the bottom of the ad), it sounds like the seller is older and very possibly the original owner of this car. All of the original manuals are included with the car, which is always good to hear because those things always seem to walk off! If this car is as nice as it is said to be, $6,500 could be a great price for a nice classic cruiser. Wildcats (and Centurions) are currently still very affordable and would be a great way for someone to get into the hobby.

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  1. Rich

    Nice price for a clean unmolested convertible. This won’t last long.

  2. jw454

    A weekend end of detailing, some new tires, belts and hoses, and this ole’ buggy would be ready for a top down road trip.
    Andrew, I’m with you… love those 60’s convertibles!

  3. Cliff

    Snow tires on the rear….?????

    • Poppy

      Would you prefer they were on the front??

      • RS


  4. Fred W.

    Saw a similar ’66 Olds convertible recently at an estate sale, asking price a a couple thou more. It had also been stored since the 90’s but not started in 25 years. This one, running, is a much better deal. Something desireable about a car you can just get in, drive up to Wal Mart and not worry too much about a shopping cart ruining your 5K paint job.

  5. Joe

    Don’t get too excited. Rust.

  6. Angrymike

    If I was looking for an old car right now, I’d be all over this !

  7. Miguel

    No cornering lights? No thanks.

    • John

      Seriously dude?

      • Miguel

        I already have a 1965 so I don’t need this one.

        If it had cornering lights then I would know it was a fully loaded car.

  8. Jeffro

    I forgot how big the gas pedals were on these. Lol. Ronald McDonald could drive this with his clown shoes on.

    • Neal


  9. ccrvtt

    Great Find! This one will be gone soon at that price. 6 times the car that the $19,500 Mustang is for a bargain.

  10. Joe

    Analyze. BIG investment to try to fix the lower body and suspension towers, New York RUST. $6.5 K (car) + budget minimum $15K in metal welding, body work, big car paint job + other (unknown) repairs before you blink.

  11. Rich Nepon

    Bought a 64 225 convertible with a noise engine. Picked up a low mile 425 horse at a local yard with trans and all ancillaries. New shocks, retreads, and I had a sub $500 cruiser in 1974. So nice it got stolen in Northampton,Mass while visiting my fiancé at Smith College. Insurance paid my bus fare home and paid for my honeymoon in Europe. Still have the title! Friends bought me a 1964 Lincoln for a wedding present.

    Like 1
  12. John C Cargill

    Wow! car on here priced about right.

  13. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. I’ve always loved the 1963 and 64 Buick Wildcat, the Buick LeSabre, and the Electra 225. :)

  14. Shane Friederich

    65 and 66 had the best styling but this is still a beaut.

  15. Iggy O.

    So I have posted before that I have a ’65 Wildcat! However, ’64 is my favourite year of these beautiful beasts. I can confirm that that is the Buick 401 V8 Nailhead. I have the same engine in mine! 325 hp, 445 torque – it certainly picks up and goes! That is a great price; it will definitely sell. However, the price can be lowered a little. I would try to buy it closer to $5500. Although a ’64 is more desirable than a ’65, mine had less mileage and Canadian and not a convertible (I bought mine for approximately half the price). If I had money and time, I would jump on this in a heartbeat.

  16. W9BAG

    My friend, Brad, had a ’63, baby blue with a white top, buckets, floor mounted shifter with a 2 speed auto. I want to say that it had a 445 (not 455) Wild Cat engine. Perfect condition. It was the fastest car, to date (save for a recent ride in a Z06), that I’ve ever been in. You could take that car to 85 MPH in LOW, and when you shifted to D, it would chirp the tires. Fast mother. It would lay twin stripes as long as you held it to the floor. Incredible torque. Got T-boned by his employer, as he was having a fatal heart attack. Miss you, Jim. Both cars totaled, and severe injuries were involved.

  17. John Taylor

    As much as I like these check out around the right rear wheel arch and also in the kick panel what looks like a dot of what would have been rusty water, just in front of where the patch is on the upholstery, yes it would need a closer inspection around the body I feel.

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