SVT Lightning Powered: 1968 Ford F100 Pickup

While some of us prefer our classics as they were built, many of us like to add a little spice to our classic like this pro touring Ford F-100 pickup. Sitting on a Ford lightning frame, and packing the same punch as the lightning, it is easy to comprehend how much this truck can boogie. Appearing to be a well-built machine, this ford suffered a minor roll over to which the insurance company has issued a salvage title. Quick and ready to handle, this Ford is offered for the buy it now price of $17,950. Check out this wild ride here on eBay out of Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

The 5.4 Supercharged V8 offers more than enough scoot to get this F-100 squirrely in a turn. This truck does run and drive, and is even equipped with air conditioning although it is not currently blowing cold. The firewall and cab floor was borrowed from the lightning to which the F-100 cab was placed on top of. Crown Vic suspension handles the front end of this truck while a 4 link rear handles the back. There are performance coilovers in place, and the battery has been mounted under the bed. The only missing items I see are the two tail pipes that run from the muffler to the side exit cut out on the passenger side of the bed.

Despite the grafted firewall and floor, the dash has a cool weathered appearance. A custom center console has been added, along with a climate controller to regulate temperature in the cab.  The original Lightning gauge cluster has been fitted into the dash. A blue vinyl has been installed on the floor and could likely be worked out to look a little better than its current state.

Racing buckets have been fitted to this truck, and I am wondering if there are racing harnesses hidden behind the seats.

There is a large “Power Tour” sticker on the rear window which raises the question if this Ford participated in the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour? Based off of the build, I certainly think that is feasible. Apparently built in Texas, this Ford has an “as found” appearance that looks so cool in this package. The only drawback with this Ford is the light roll over damage. The roof has four large dents that could certainly be worked out to a better condition than what we currently see. The driver door opens and closes fine according to the seller, but the windshield is cracked, and there is a small dent in the front corner edge of the hood. I am more inclined to think a tree fell on this Ford, rather than the fact that it rolled over. Despite the damage, this Ford is an awesome Pro Touring machine that has to be an absolute riot to drive. Are you a fan of this Pro Touring F-100?

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  1. Dean

    Uh, no

  2. Jason

    For that price some paint and maybe carpet would be awesome

  3. Mr. TKD

    I like it!

  4. Woody

    Did you say dents? I see SVT sleeper! This is a Hot-Rod Ford!

  5. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    I like it bar the patina.
    Would be better done properly in my very humblest of opinions.

    Maybe in a nice metalic pewter with cream leather?

  6. Martin

    The fun part is stuffing the engine in so they did that…I learned a long time ago to tackle the nasty unrewarding stuff first or it will never get done. Craigslist is full of dismantled rustbuckets Photographed beside a shiny rebuilt motor sitting on a stand. At least they got this one on the road but that’s pretty much it. Still, mustang crate engine so let’s ask big bucks anyway.

  7. oldsquid

    P.O.S., plain and simple. Any fool who would pay for a roll over regardless of drivetrain is just fueling the market for clowns who sell this kind of crap, aka wannabe assmonkey garage clones.

  8. Woody

    It’s said that the body is fitted to the Lightning frame and power plant,not stuffed with mail-to-order crate engine. This truck looks ready to drive!

  9. Wrong Way Member

    I saw some good parts, but other than that junk this POS, and I am a Ford guy! But you can’t make a monalisa smile if you wanted to! I see this as the same!

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