Swamp ‘Stang: 1966 Ford Mustang GT

Mossy, moldy, and a bit wet like swamp thing, this ’66 Mustang could use some help. Although parked 13 years ago, don’t allow its current appearance to deter you. Nearly more green than blue, this mustang isn’t as shabby as some of the cars some people venture to restore.  Complete with a clear title, this pony car has been bid up to $3,555. Check it out here on ebay out of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

The legendary 289 is dingy and has a fair amount of oxidation on it, but hopefully it is could be a runner, or a rebuild-able unit. There is no info on the engine, or if it is original to the car. According to the seller this is an automatic car equipped with power steering and front disc brakes.

Inside, there is a two tone blue and white interior that shows signs of age, but isn’t very dirty or moldy thankfully. The dash pad is very wavy, and the carpet is nearly bleached out to white. It would seem that there has been standing water on the driver side floor mat, but the floors in this Mustang are mostly solid. There are a few areas of rust in the floors, but is very minimal compared to many old Ponies.

From the exterior view, the body looks fair with the only major body damage appearing on the driver side rear quarter. I would guess that someone clipped something backing up, as the driver rear quarter is dented, but doesn’t ruin the car. Surface rust can be spotted in a few arrears, but little rot is discernible from the images. One thing left out of the topic of the auction is that this Pony has undergone a color change at some point in its life from light blue, to the current dark blue. With a solid washing, and a lot of drying time, this soggy ‘Stang could be a great beginner pony project for someone. Would you take a chance on this ’66?


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  1. Mark in WNC

    Looks as if that right shock tower is about to let go. Parts car?

    • Red'sResto

      Yep, that’s what I was thinking. You can add a new pass fender apron to the parts list.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Judging by the bolts, it already let go.

  2. RoughDiamond rough diamond Member

    How long under water? No way would I take something like that on. Maybe 20 years ago. Did they drag a pair of them out of the drink?

  3. Jim

    Why people spend big money restoring coupes I will never know. You’ll spend the same amount restoring a fastback or conv. and you’ll have equity, these coupes will always leave you upside down.

    • Flash

      Well Jim, not all of us can afford a fastback or convertible. The entry fee into this world might only be attainable with a coupe. Some of us just take what we can afford and enjoy it.

    • grant

      Lot more coupes around that are affordable.

    • Rodent

      Some of us (gasp!) like the formal styling of the coupe more than the fastback.

  4. JW

    This Mustang looks decent from the top but between that shock tower and those underneath photos it has some serious rust that would take quite a bit of work. Coupes are plentiful at about the same price in better shape. Pass unless you want to teach your kid welding.

  5. Scott L

    I totally agree with JIM. Not worth the investment or time. Low return value in the eyes of most mustang enthusiasts.. I realize it’s a GT but the coupe aspect takes away from it.

  6. dennis

    Inhaling that mold will kill you. The mold spores are highly toxic.

  7. fordfan

    How does mold grow on the outside of a car ?

  8. Rick Gaskill

    No mystery on the engine. It must me an A Code.

  9. Bob Hess

    fordfan… expose it to hurricane flooding gets you mold. Remember hurricane Sandy in the north east?

  10. Karguy James

    Two more people that deserve a slap across the face with a big parts catalog. The moron that parked it in his yard for 13 years and the guy selling it that can’t be bothered to take a powerwasher to it before throwing it on the market.

    As far as rust goes, I’ve seen much worse. I always say on a car like this that if you were from California or Arizona you would think the rust was the worst you’ve ever seen. But if you were from Michigan or Ohio, you would think you got yourself a great car to start with.

  11. joeinthousandoaks

    Could have just been parked outside in a damp shady environment to look like that. I don’t see any evidence to prove it is a real GT, even the ad doesn’t seem to say it is. In the interior, it appears to be missing the spot for the fog light switch.

    • Karguy James

      It does have most if not all of the GT equipment such as disc brakes, GT trim, GT fenders, A-code 289 designation, etc. The only real way to know is a Marty report if they have them for that year, if it has the dual exhaust hangers under the back seat or if there is a buck tag under the hood.

      • jon

        No Marty reports on pre-67 cars. The dual exhaust hangers are key, but even then were not consistent across the different factories. No other key identifiers other than trim, disc brakes, A-code, beefier sway bar, and the hangers. I’d have to pass on this one. Nice color scheme but way too much to do on this old pony.

  12. whippeteer

    Swamp Thing was not one of DC’s best comic books, and the movie was a bust. Likewise the Swamp Thing Trim Package on the Ford Mustang was also a disaster.

  13. whippeteer

    They have it listed as a parts car.

  14. AMCFAN

    This car appears to me it has been restored back in the 80’s or 90’s then for some reason it was parked……frame rust? Still looks to need everything. A shame the seller thinks so little of it that he didn’t even take a moment to stop at the car wash while hauling it home and spend a minimum of a $1.50 for 3 min to wash off the green decay that appears from sitting out for years. It means the previous owner cared very little for it too.

    For the current bid I am sorry but my money would be spent on a newer Fox 5.0 that I could drive and beat on now and enjoy things like power steering , brakes, A/C tilt wheel better ride and handling and that incredible EFI always starting great sounding V8 instead of restoring a rusted mess for the next X amount of years and maxing out my poor credit card. No thanks. Just a coupe anyway.

  15. Boss351

    Marti Reports don’t go back to 1966. You have to do some real digging to see if the GT options are on this one. The fog lights, badges and rocker level paint stripping could have been added at anytime. The good news it is an A code with disc brakes and the gauge appears correct for the deluxe interior package so that helps some in determining if it is a real GT.

    The real test to determine if it is a GT is to turn on the fog lights – When they are on the tail lights are on as well. If someone just added fog lights it probably would not be wired that way.

    Even if this is a real GT, you would be upside down on this one after all it needs to be road worthy again.

  16. carsofchaos

    It’s up to $7600 already. Have fun with that one winning bidder, make sure to get a mask and a tetanus shot before you start your long and horrifying restoration.

  17. Pete in PA

    OMG what fool would pay $7600 for that? Rust, rot, and more rust, rot. I see someone backing out of an ebay bid…


    This car is a creampuff compared to the red one parked behind it. Take a look at it as the seller also has the red car listed on ebay.

  19. Paul

    I like these cars however they are a dime a dozen! If it’s not a convertible or fastback don’t wast the time or money on a complete restoration of one. There are plenty of nice ones out there that need a lot less work…they may need just a little tinkering. You will be much better of buying of those!

  20. gaspumpchas

    All correct- with a rustang the rust you cant see will get you. These things rust in places you cannot imagine. Wonder if the bidder has inspected?? Maybe he just wants to keep his shop guys busy over the winter. Most parts available. Good luck to the new owner!!!

  21. Mike Williams

    Winning bid:US $4,550.00
    [ 67 bids ]

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