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Swamp Thing: 1970 Camaro SS L78

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Front Corner

There are several factors that can greatly impact the value of a classic car. Rarity and originality have become the two of the biggest factors in the marketplace. You wouldn’t normally think of the second generation Camaro when talking about these things, but this 1970 Camaro SS is both original and very rare. So if you want a special Camaro that hasn’t been messed with, this is the car for you. It can be found on eBay in Metairie Louisiana with a current bid of $22,100.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro In Magazine

In 2008 this car was discovered in Florida where it had been stored in a barn for years. At the time no one realized that this car was a very rare SS L78 with the 375 hp 396 mated to a M21 Muncie transmission and a rare 12 bolt Positraction rear end. There were only 600 L78s built and only a few are known to still exist.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Interior

The owner tried to keep as much of the car original as possible. The interior hasn’t been touched and is intact, but is going to need a little work to be like new. The rear seat has a tear in it and the stereo is no longer working. We would probably just leave these things as they are, just to keep this car as original as we could.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Engine

Here is the heart of this beast, and boy is it a beast. This 396 V8 was rated at 375 hp from the factory, but most believe it produced closer to 425 hp. The best part is that this engine is completely original and runs great. The Muncie transmission and 12 bolt rear end should do an amazing job putting all this power down.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Rear Corner

Our only problem with this car is that it has been repainted. The original paint was faded and worn through to the primer, so the owner decided to have the car repainted. Thankfully they spared no expense on this paint job and it looks fantastic. They went so far as to bring in DuPont representatives to make sure the color was a perfect match.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Side

This Camaro looks great and has to be a blast to drive. It could be the most original of the few L78s that are still around. All the major problems this car had have been properly sorted and it will make for a great driver or show car. The price may be a little high for most, but this is a very special muscle car.


  1. Neil McElhannon

    Mine wasn’t a SS. But I really liked that car!

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  2. Junk Jockey

    i’z like that……..i had a 70 RS/SS with a 350 red in color with around 50xxx miles that i got from the original owner….Sure wished i had kept it till now

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  3. chuck

    when we were kids my nieghbor had a 74 camaro with a sraight 6 and 3spd on the column. he junked it even tho it was in great shape…dont know if these are rare or worth anything, but i would think so, being i’ve yet to see or hear of another.

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  4. Dave S.

    Even a guy like me, who bleeds Ford blue, can appreciate this big block Camaro SS…wow!

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  5. brian a

    the car has a ’71 front bumper on it

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  6. Bob

    Shame on you Barn Find…That’s a 1971 Camaro..not a 70 !

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  7. Brian

    you’re idiots, there is no difference between the bumper of a 70 and a 71.

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  8. brian a

    you are wrong the 70 1/2 was a split bumper and 71 was a solid bumper!

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    • Jack

      You need to study Camaros. This is a 70 L78 SS would be one of the most accurate example of one of 600 produced that year. Split bumper has nothing to do with Year.. Has everthing to do with the option package. The R.S. option gave you split bumper standard SS one piece. I own a 70 SS / RS L78 these cars were Non-AC cars 4-speed cars. My car was born at VanNuys Plant April 70. Only owners of these rare cars can fully appreciate their spender.

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      • John

        Jack is correct, the split bumper was a RS option with round turn signals, the one piece bumper had the wide ‘banana’ turn signals.
        I also own a 1970 L78 Camaro, I bought mine in 1971, so I’ve had it for a long time. A lot of the paint is still original on the car, and I have a lot of the stock parts for it. Although 2 of the original Rally wheels are gone, but I still have the other 2 and the original spare tire. I guess you could call mine a survivor, I still have a copy of the dealer sticker & the dealer prep sheet for it. The dealer sticker also documents the dealer optioned Z stripes on the car. And the title documents the date that I originally purchased the car (1971).

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      • John G jr

        Jack is 100 % correct. I owned a 1970 SS 396 L-78 numbers matching from 1988-2001. It was classic copper, with short rear spoiler. It had the dual snorkel chromed lid air cleaner and Holley 780 CFM carburetor. It did not have many options. No console, sport mirrors, no gauges, Naturally no automatic or AC because it was an L-78. It was very fast. The only down side was it had a stupid black vinyl top.

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    • Joey Enlowe

      No . Not unless it was a RS.

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  9. Bob

    Hello Chevy lovers…the 1st generation Camaros…1967 – 1970..in 1971..the NEW body style started..1971..which is this..had this nerf front-end..in 72..the bumpers where changed do to safety regulations…this 1971..is a NEW body style..no quarter windows in rear…was shared with Firebird till the 80’s..

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  10. Bob

    opps i’m Bob & i’m wrong…sorry..nevermind

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  11. John Gialanella jr.

    It is a very rare car. I owned one from 1988-2001, but sold it. Mine wae classic copper with black vinyl top. It came with the dual snorkel , but original carb alterator and exhaust manifolds were gone. It had the muncie M-21 and the optional 4.10-1 rear end 12 bolt posi. I sold it for ontl $7,200.00. The thing ys if someone bought this car for $55,000.00 they would still need to spend atleast another $30,000-$50,000 to make it like new again.

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  12. Mike Clayton

    The solid front bumper was standard issue on all Camaros from 1970 to 1973. The split front bumper was equipped on cars with the RS (Rally Sport) option and on Z-28 cars I think. 1974 the plastic nose came out, and in 1975 they started having the larger rear window

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  13. Rich Pern

    This is my car. Just saw this site. 1st: There are NO differences between a 1970-71 front bumper. You can go to http://www.nastyz28.com for all the backup you need on this. There were no quarter windows in any second generation camaro (from the factory). Finally, to buy this car and then “restore” it would be a crime. Yes, it has patina but they are only original once. This car even still has the original upper GM Rad hose, Most of the orig GM color coded fuses and both original power beam headlights! You can see more pics at http://www.1970L78Camaro.com – Rich

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  14. Carl Hinshaw

    I have owned a near carbon copy of the “Swamp Thing” since 1986. I also have a #48 Forest Green 1970 L78 SS Camaro. It still has the original aluminum intake, 780 Holley Carb and dual snorkel. It is an M21 4-speed and 4.10 posi. It was an 04C build date and a CKO block code. Black standard interior and the smaller rear spoiler. It has “L78″ stamped on the cowl tag. Car is still very original and still runs very strong.
    Mine has a set of 1970 Z28 15” rims and BF Goodrich Radial T/As which I like much better than the “SS” rims that were F78x14 and would not hold the torque of the solid lifter big block.

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  15. John R Gialanella jr.

    I thought I remember at the time the owner said something about the cowl area not being the original. But the cowl tag was original. If my memory serves me correctly.

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