Sweet Shortbed: 1968 Chevrolet C10

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Classic trucks continue to be very popular and the “patina” rides seem to keep rolling right along. When you add great patina to a short-box Chevy truck, you have a real winner. This truck is a 1968 C-10 and can be found here on eBay with a requested opening bid of $8,000. The truck has been customized just enough that the new owner could drive it as-is or continue to work on it and take it to the next level. Located in Lebanon, Indiana, the truck is ready for a new home. Will this truck be on your wish list this holiday season?

The interior is an interesting mix of old and new. You can see the new seat cover, carpet, and dash pad. The sill plates have also been done. These new shiny bits are contrasted with the original dash and door panels, which are showing their age. I guess this gives the new owner an opportunity to finish it the way they want. If it was mine, I’d try and make a little more consistent statement with the interior.

The engine is the tried and true 350 V8 with a Turbo 400 transmission sending power to the rear end. You can see the engine compartment is pretty simple and functional. The truck also features power steering and power brakes.

The stance is looking pretty good. The seller states the suspension has been lowered with the aid of 5″ drop springs in the rear and cut coil springs up front. Besides cost, I’m not sure why a C-10 owner would resort to cutting the coil springs instead of doing a correct suspension drop? The classic truck aftermarket (especially for C-10’s) is full of mild to wild suspension components for most budgets. Well, I guess that’s something the new owner could address as well.

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  1. Skorzeny

    Umm, restore to proper ride height please? Otherwise, cool truck…

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    • bry593

      Why? This is the type of truck you buy for $4-$6k, throw on a Mexican blanket seat cover, add rattle can rebuild, cut the coils and sell to a retard for $10-12k. The world is full of stupid people and this truck is a magnet!

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  2. matthew B steele

    Um ya $8000 just seems a little too low can i pay $12,000 please🤣

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  3. Dave

    Nearly there. Add AC and overdrive, and don’t paint it.

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  4. Mark M.

    Useless for a truck.

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    • Dusty Stalz

      I disagree. You wouldn’t want to use it as a commercial vehicle or put a lot of weight in it but it would make a cool parts hauler. Plus it’s an auto so your girl can sit beside you on the bench. That’s how I’d use it anyway.

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  5. b-rad jeepster

    It is not a truck it a soup du BJ with a healthy dose of patina

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  6. local_sheriff

    Personally I think the ride height makes it look just as a shortbed should, and the steel wheel setup becomes even more accentuated with that stance. However in this price range I’d probably expect more than only ‘patina’ (neglected) paintwork. I like it, apart from the price

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  7. jerry z

    Sorry but the ‘patina’ part is getting old. No need for a 5-10K dollar paint job, just a simple prep and spray since its a solid color. Paint the roof white and rest of body factory color.

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    • Aaron

      It’s funny how bent out of shape people get when it comes to patina. If you don’t like it, purchase the vehicle and paint it…

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  8. bobhess bobhessMember

    With the Sheriff and Jerry Z.

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  9. CanuckCarGuy

    A little too low for my taste, but if you’re lowering please stick meatier tires on at least the rear for attitude. Ditto the need for paint, especially in a fresh spray of this blue and white this would be a beauty…I’d prefer this one over the low/no mile ’87 Squarebody in the other post.

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  10. Ken Carney

    I’m with you, Scorzeny. Restore the ride
    height to stock, repaint the body, add A/C, add Syrius satellite radio, and THEN
    you’d have a nice truck! Dad had a ’68
    half ton and what a nice truck it was too.
    Sharp as a razor and could do a good day’s work as well. Uh Santa…I’ve been really really
    good this year!

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  11. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972Member

    I’m with most of the guys commenting here; give this a paint job and restore it to it’s proper ride height. A fresh coat of blue with the white cab roof would look sharp. I’d keep the painted steel wheels but with fresh hubcaps. Then freshen up the interior a bit and you’re good to go.

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  12. Comet

    I just sanded all the paint off of my new Ram pick up. It’s now parked outside 24/7. I’m lookin to cash in on the patina look in a few years.

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  13. Joe Haska

    Whats with this proper ride height, the stance sets the tone for the truck, if you want a farm truck go buy one!

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  14. John B. Mc

    I have a lowered truck and I can hardly wait to put it back to it’s original height. It drags almost everywhere I go and drives me nuts!
    True it looks good but for practicality it sucks!

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  15. TimM

    Great year Chevy truck and the interior looks nice!! Just lower the price three grand!!

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  16. John Holt

    Is it an original shortbed or was it a longbed and shortened? I would be sure and check the frame .

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  17. YooperMike

    I’ve owned three of these good looking pickups throughout the years. loved working on them. Easy to work on. Bought one off a wreaker going to the scrap yard. Mama was not happy to see that one.

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