Sweet Tangerine: One-Owner 1968 912 With 30,000 Original Miles

There was a time — not that long ago, actually — when most people turned their nose up at a 912. Who would want a power-handicapped 911? And yet, here we are in 2022, with (admittedly) an exciting, dusty, one-owner garage find from California with its black plates. Asking price? $50,000. Yes, you read that right. Check for yourself here on craigslist — 50 big ones. You’d think the seller could have omitted the main shot with boxes piled on the car before posting his ad! It has so much going for it though, that when I first laid eyes on the photos, I briefly flirted with justifying the price. Despite having languished as an ersatz shelving unit, that cover reveals the undeniable lines ‘Butzi’ Porsche penned, in factory Tangerine Orange livery, with pretty much everything in place, just 30,000 miles claimed on the odometer, and in a condition you could only get in a place like California. Thanks to TJ for the tip.

Take a look at that dash — it doesn’t appear to have even a hairline crack. The seats are pretty good considering they’ve hosted backsides for 54 years. Door cards are nearly perfect. All the dials and knobs are in place, including volume and tuning on that period-correct radio. Love the Coco mats, too, though the driver’s side is missing. Being the fussy buyer I am, if I was crawling around the interior, I’d yank off the clutch and brake pedal pads to have a closer look. Pelican Parts offers period-correct reproductions and these look VERY new to me. Almost too new. Confirming this would simply tell me if some of what I was looking at more broadly around the car was monkeyed with, forcing a more critical eye. I would rather see cracked and brittle rubber (or even bare) pedals on an “all original” car than new pads as evidence of claimed mileage.

Behind the rear axle is the tried-and-true 1.6L four-cylinder boxer engine, a carryover from the last of the 356s. These powerplants were detuned to make about 102HP. If you look carefully, there is the slightest hint of overspray on the bottom latch. Other pictures seem to confirm that the rear hatch was resprayed at some point. It also appears that the generator tower was recently replaced. It looks sparkling and new. Nothing wrong with that, but these are the kinds of details I would want the seller to confirm and back up with receipts. If this car has only traveled 30,000 miles and was garaged for 40+ years, that means it was on the road for 12 years. There should be at least a small collection of receipts to confirm mileage. The car does come with its manuals and original steering wheel, which is a bonus.

A last quick observation, upfront, in the trunk. I’m seeing some good things and something that makes my Spidey senses tingle. The battery box area looks decent, which would match expectations. The Pirelli Cintaurato spare is no doubt original and a cool inclusion. But, have a look at the rain gutters. I’m seeing a lot of pine needles and debris, which should not be there for a car that’s been garage-kept for 40 years. Again, to me, that’s a telltale sign that a potential buyer should be extra hawk-eyed to ensure $50,000 is spent wisely.


  1. Euromoto Member

    I’ll stipulate good bones. Agree the interior looks pretty nice (but the driver’s seat looks worn and a cut in the bolster can be seen in one of the CL pics). Tangerine is certainly a desirable color. But I’ll bet that motor is busted and that’s probably why it’s been sitting since 1981.

    All those boy racer stickers, the tach turned to keep the red line front and center and that poorly mounted full-flow oil filter set up all suggest to me that some kid got hold of this back when they were cheap, hopped it up himself, and then blew the engine. It has sat at dad’s house ever since. Dad’s now retired (or passed on), the house is being sold, and the neighbor/flipper/other opportunist who knows it’s a valuable car is looking for a fat profit.

    It’s worth something for sure, but $50K is simply ridiculous.

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  2. Michelle Rand Staff

    $50k maybe after a thorough cleaning, a buff of the paint, and consignment to Sotheby’s for the Monterey auction?

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    • Steve RM

      And a return to proper operating condition.

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  3. Jack Quantrill

    In L.A., back awhile, there was a paper called the “ Recycler”. A lady’s husband ran off with another woman and told his ex to sell the ‘68 912 and send him half. She sold it through that paper for $100, and sent him $50! Haha.

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  4. Bob McK Member

    50K for a car that may not run? 30K miles and the seat is already split? I hope the buyer goes and really inspects this one.

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  5. art

    I would agree with the author. Those are new pedal pads…note how clean in the groves, yet the accelerator pedal is quite dirty. The shift knob wear suggests the pedals do not match. Another point, I think the battery tray has been resprayed, as I see slight over spray on the sides. What 54 year old car, even with “30,000” miles, has an immaculate, unscratched, non-rusted battery tray? Batteries back in those days were not sealed and acid tended to be everywhere. Like the author, aside from a good cleaning, I’d prefer to see the original as found condition.
    Worth a professional inspection especially with that asking price.

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    I sold my mostly original 1970 911T power sunroof , dealer installed Coolaire a/c, orig blue n yellow plates the car was first plated with in 2016. It was an 8/10 looking like a five year old car. It sold for 50 K….. an unimaginable amount of money for a car to me.Today it would sell for twice that. So the 912’s sellers think they have gold on their hands. 912s we’re a better balanced car than the front end light 911’s but the author is correct, 912s we’re seen as the gussied up VW’s they were .

    Who knows but I think the seller is optimistic .

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  7. regg

    Jack Quantrill.
    The last time I heard that “husband ran off” story I rolled over and kicked the slats out of my crib…

  8. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member


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