Swiss Edition: 1963 Mercedes Unimog S404

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How do you assign value to a rig like a Unimog? It’s a tough call for me, personally, as I don’t have the kind of property that would demand a go-anywhere military spec vehicle, and I already have one project that is too under-powered for major interstate travel. You may not have such limitations, so check out this 1963 Unimog S404 here on craigslist for $15,000 and claimed to be a rare Swiss-market version. 

I’m not sure whether that last detail adds more value for anyone, but if you know of why a Swiss-market Unimog is more valuable than any other, please weigh in below. Perhaps it’s like any of the Euro-spec cars I tend to chase, with more relaxed emissions systems and higher power output, however minuscule that gain may be in a truck like this.

I’m sure it has something to do with the numbers displayed in the windshield, which may account for this Unimog previously being inventoried in a foreign government surplus auction. The seller notes this example comes with a few extras, including a factory winch and PTO option. The seller also notes it comes with a new fuel system and upgrade to 24V electrics.

You don’t buy a ‘Mog for its beauty, but as far as its limited cosmetics go, there’s not much here to fault. The seller says there are “…many new parts and accessories,” but doesn’t elaborate as to what those are. The asking price seems reasonable to me for one that doesn’t require restoration – do you agree? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Roger for spotting this.

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  1. motoring mo

    I’d rather have a deuce and a half….

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  2. Eric Z

    Typical for the Swiss Army, the most important switches in the dashboard are bilingual, in German and French, labeled. However, this is the only special feature compared to the Unimogs of other armies. And that of course the vehicles have not run much and are of course excellently maintained.
    Price is okay, of course you would get a comparable Unimog 404 in Europe for about 10.000$, but then you have to add shipping and customs fees, you can easily get a total cost of 15.000$.

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  3. UK Paul

    Ticks my boxes. Interesting thing.

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  4. Bob S

    As someone that has owned 4x4s for over 50 years, I have always liked the Unimog, but all the machines I have seen on this side of the Atlantic have been too expensive for me to consider owning one. There is a well kept German copy just down my street, and they guy that owns it is crazy in love with it. It isn’t used on the highway, just for cruising around in the bush.
    Even though the technology is ancient, I would rather have an older WC or w200 Power Wagon from the 50s or early 60s, just for sentimental reasons.

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  5. Karl

    A little 404 Swiss Unimog. When I owned my 404 a guy told me that when mankind has left this Earth cockroaches and 404 Unimogs will be all that is left.
    My 404 was a 68 and in virtually brand new perfect condition. It has a Mercedes 6 cylinder (gasoline) engine, carburated, the truck has 2 fuel tanks one a primary and the second is your reserve. The engine makes 88 hp and the trans is a 5 speed but they have a special LOW that is out if the normal shift pattern, 1st gear isn’t low enough to climb a serious ditch and low low is definitely low enough but it will take 10 minutes to get to the top. Road cruising speed is between 35 and 40 mph. Something not seen very often in the 404 is the winch, be aware that little winch by itself is worth almost 5k$!! Parts are pretty available for this truck, oh and it was the only gasoline powered Unimog ever built. When I sold my 404 it took me only about 2 weeks to get another Unimog, they are the most addicting truck I have ever owned!
    Somebody said they would rather have a Deuce? I have probably the most beautiful Deuce in the Midwest coming up for sale this Spring!

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  6. Jeff

    You are exactly right about those numbers on the windshield, Jeff.
    The swiss army used to do an auction of surplus every year and all the vehicles had a number and a letter for the condition of the vehicle.
    “F” stands for “Fahrbereit”, which means “driveable”.

    I used to go to these auctions where you could buy Saurer, FBW, and Berna trucks and Jeep’s from the 40’s, Mogs, VW-Buses, Condor-Bikes and lots of other stuff – amazing stuff, usually in amazing condition.

    Sadly they don’t do them anymore.
    Here I got you folks some pictures to give you a idea of the stuff they sold there.

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  7. Tony T

    Buy it for me …

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