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Swiss Rarity: 1961 Enzmann 506

The Enzmann 506 is a very rare sports car. Fewer than 100 were made between 1957 and 1969 by Emil Enzmann in Switzerland, and only about 20 are known to exist today. Find this example awaiting restoration here on eBay in Huntington Beach, California bid to $15,780 with a Buy-it-now of $30k.

Like other low-production specials of the 1950s and 60s, the Emzmann 506 was based on the VW Beetle platform and running gear, and most cars used a VW engine. However some were fitted with Porsche 356 power, particularly if they were intended for racing. This 506 has Porsche 356A brakes and was originally fitted with a Porsche 356 engine, which is no longer with the car.

The lightweight bodies were made of fiberglass that was laid up on a wooden buck. The finished car is claimed to weigh only about 1,100 pounds, which is nearly 250 pounds lighter than the Porsche 550 Spyder, which was one of its competitors on the track. The lack of doors helped to keep weight and costs down and body stiffness up.

The same car listed on eBay is shown here in red paint in a 1970s vintage photo. The 506 nomenclature actually has no significance apart from the fact that it was the number of the stand that Emil Enzmann debuted his car on at the 1957 Frankfurt Auto Show. Enzmann’s supply of chassis from VW was eventually cut short when VW realized that the 506 was a competitor for their Karmann-Ghia.

This period photo shows a 506 looking fast at an unknown location – possibly a hillclimb in Switzerland. Amazingly a modernized version of the car with a 100 HP engine and disc brakes continues to be produced today in Switzerland by Emil’s descendants. See:


  1. J. Pickett

    Nothing exciting here more like any other ugly kit car. It seems like some people did things to Beetle chassis to exercise their self expressed dreams but not all turned out that good.

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  2. Anonymous

    piece of crap

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  3. john

    An unfortunate butt but pretty from the front and quarter. Why is an rare 1100lb. car with a simple engine a piece of crap? At least someone followed his dreams.

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  4. Chris H.

    If you look at the link above to the modern version of this, I could see where it would be a hoot to drive, regardless of the ungainly proportions of the bodywork. I have a ’69 Empi Imp that weighs a bit less than this, with a 1600CC engine, it’s silly fast.

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  5. Bob

    I think it works from the front, but not so much from the back.

    I too think it might be a blast to drive.

    Since the body was built by a boat company, maybe they just didn’t know how to make doors?

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  6. Clark Lincoln

    the only thing decent about this thing is the front end bodywork which looks like a direct splash of the Porsche original.

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  7. GKM

    It sounds like so many people,looks and manufacture deturmind if its worthy or cool enough to take serious.This car would be fun on track day or back-roads. With little amount of pit work between rounds or money.Whats not to like.Thanks for such a cool site.

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  8. ian wilkinson

    it seems lots of idiots who post on here have a narrow minded opinion of what good cars are and everything else is crap which is completely missing the point of sites like this and the classic car movement in general so i don’t know why they come on here.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    11 bids made, then sold on the Buy-it-now option for $30,000.

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