It’s A Mudder! 1998 Mercedes 190E 4X4

Sprechen sie Deutsch, Y’all? That may be helpful if you were to become the next owner of this outrageous 1998 Mercedes 190E four-wheeler. Where does one start with a mash-up like this? Why? might be the first question and… more»

Factory Manual? 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190E Sportline

When I was first gaining interest in cars, there was a Mercedes-Benz 190E that a handful of my friends took turns owning. This wasn’t a perfect 190E by any means, but it looked good, had plenty of character and… more»

Three For One: Mercedes-Benz 190E Projects (Including A Cosworth!)

When you enjoy a chassis that is expensive and/or challenging to find items for, purchasing a parts car may be a worthwhile venture. However, there are far too many times where an individual ends up with an unfinished project… more»