It’s A Mudder! 1998 Mercedes 190E 4X4

Sprechen sie Deutsch, Y’all? That may be helpful if you were to become the next owner of this outrageous 1998 Mercedes 190E four-wheeler. Where does one start with a mash-up like this? Why? might be the first question and the simple answer from the creating Imagineer would be, “Because I could!” OK, works for me so let’s examine this one a bit further. This Benz rock-crawler, off-roader, etc. is located in Charles City, Virginia and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $18,000. Thanks to Chuck F for this strangest of strange discoveries!

So, in the unlikely event one has a surplus 1998 Mercedes 190E sitting around, what are likely things that one would do with it? Drive it occasionally? Check!  Store it away for another day? Check! Sell it? Check! Convert it into an off-roader? Whoa, uncheck! Nevertheless, that’s the fate that has befallen this MB, it even has the nom de guerre of  “Mudcedes-Benz II“. The body, with the obvious exception of the hood blister, looks unmodified. But then why not when you’re six feet or so in the air, there’s no need for exterior body modifications because everything is under the car.

Inside, however, is another matter as there is little to nothing that appears to be original. It would seem that the dashboard has been removed and replaced with a fabricated aluminum piece while the driving position has been relocated to the center. There is an obligatory roll cage in place and additional aluminum fabrication evident in other places including the door panels, both front and rear. The windshield has also been replaced with something other than safety glass, probably plexiglass or Lexan perhaps. There is what looks like a Sanyo “Sound Force” blow-your-brains-out amp in the former backseat area. I guess it’s necessary to hear anything over the roar of the engine but then again, it seems incongruous considering what this former 190E is designed to do.

As for that roar, that comes from a 383 CI Chevrolet “stroker” small-block V8 engine which is attached to an undisclosed automatic transmission/transfer case arrangement. The engine is fueled by a “Ron’s Flying Toilet Seat” fuel injection system (should get points for the name alone!). The seller adds, “truck was race-ready when parked it’s very fun fast ride to much stuff done to it to list“.

Well, there you have it, I’m not certain if MB’s “The best or nothing” tagline still applies. Perhaps “The wildest or nothing” would be more appropriate. I’d say this Mercedes four-wheeler is perfectly appropriate for a Grey Poupon kind of an off-road event, assuming that you can actually find one, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Big Al

    Oh boy, I can’t wait to read the comments about this.

    That it rip boys and girls !!!!

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  2. Neigh Neigh Neigh

    Was für ein Narr, deutsche Ingenieurskunst in eine Trailerpark-Mentalität zu bringen.


    what a fool to take German engineering to a trailer park mentality.

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  3. Arby

    It took a lot more than “hold my beer” to make this contraption.

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  4. Steve Clinton


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  5. Steve Clinton

    “Yup Jethro, the missus wanted herself a Mercedes Benz, so I bought her this. She hasn’t talked to me since!”

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  6. 4 Quarts

    I’m certain this seemed like a Good Idea at the time – No doubt, Alcohol was involved.

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  7. John C.

    Some of the things people do when they are bored. SMH

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  8. Lance

    I think there is a guy somewhere who uses the same platform and posts pictures of off the wall bodies on top of the monster truck platforms. Yesterday it was an MGB today a Mercedes. Tomorrow maybe a Yugo? Weird dude.

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  9. Troy

    This thing just looks like fun. And I didn’t have to build it

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  10. Howie Mueler

    What a waste of time and money!!

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Based on the name plastered on the side means that there was another previous version of this.

    I just can’t imagine that.

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  12. Mutt

    Never seen one before.

    Never wanna see one again.

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  13. dogwater

    This guy must have married this cousin………..

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  14. MOTRV8D

    If you go to family reunions to pick up chicks, you might be the owner of this “car.”

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  15. John Traylor

    Does it come with a rope ladder so one can get in the darn thing? What a beast.

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  16. bone

    I dont know why everyone ranks on this; its not like they paid big money and took a mint Benz just to hack it up . It likely was sitting dead in someone’s driveway or was picked up at a junkyard . Maybe the drivetrain was already out of it by the time it was found. Sure, it could have gone to the crusher and never seen again, but why not have some fun with the carcass before it ends up a bunch of soup cans ? People used to get mad at the cars I put in demo derbies , and I’d be telling them ” its not like it was in great shape when I started with it and either way it was going to end up crushed. – it was in a junkyard for a reason ” !

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  17. A.G.

    Mud bogging, rock crawling, and monster trucks are all outside of my interests. AFA German engineering, the body is above the functionality much like the earlier listed POS with the MG body. This Mercedes-bodied vehicle appears to be well done and purpose-built. At least there are no complaints about the AT or the extra pair of doors.

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  18. Chris In Australia

    “Hold my schnapps”

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  19. Kenn

    A.G. Also no comments re: numbers-matching, original miles, patina, etc. Wish I could afford it. Must win mud-bogging events with some regularity.

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