Rare Mexican SUV: 1979 Ford B100 Three-Door

Another day, another oddball vintage SUV from Mexico? Actually, given this is the third Mexican-market SUV (D100, B100) we’ve featured over the last two weeks, perhaps “oddball” isn’t an accurate term. It does seem, however, some sellers have figured… more»

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Rare Three-Door SUV: 1975 Ford B100

Just a few days ago, I shared with you a Mexican-market SUV that few of us have ever laid eyes on, a Dodge D100 Carryall that supposedly was built in celebration of a Mexican wedding. Little information was available,… more»

Mexican Explorer: 1979 Ford B100 Carryall

This unusual Ford B100 Carryall is a precursor to the Expeditions, Explorers and other SUVs that now roam freely in suburbia. The catch is that this Carryall was never sold in the U.S. and was explicitly built for the… more»