Mexican Explorer: 1979 Ford B100 Carryall

This unusual Ford B100 Carryall is a precursor to the Expeditions, Explorers and other SUVs that now roam freely in suburbia. The catch is that this Carryall was never sold in the U.S. and was explicitly built for the Mexican market. The seller is asking $20K for this oddity, and while intriguing as a Suburban alternative, there’s more work needed to make it worth the ask. Find it here on craigslist in Boulder, Colorado, and go here if the ad disappears.

Note the lack of a rear-access door on the driver’s side, a trend we’ve seen repeated on different people-movers over the last several years. The thinking is usually that it’s dangerous to have passengers exiting and entering on the traffic side (versus the curb-side) so perhaps Ford of Mexico was ahead of the curve. Paint looks nice but is said to need further attention via wet-sanding to smooth out some runs and other imperfections.

The interior has clearly been redone, and looks excellent as a result. We’re guessing the interior work included a new dash pad and painted trim, as it all look super nice. The carpets, too, show very little wear. There are three rows of seats in this Carryall, which would make this Ford an ideal companion to track-side events and drive-in movie theaters in the summer months. The seller notes some details need sorting, including window installation and weather-stripping.

Barn doors are another attractive feature, and I wonder if the third row is fixed or can be removed / collapsed in some way. The utility and convenience factor is high, but so is the price – $20K just to drive something that isn’t a Suburban is a tall ask, especially when you factor in any number of oddball parts or trim you may have to hunt down. The Carryall has no-saled on eBay, so the seller may be open to offers. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Michael for the find.

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  1. Dirk

    Aye Carumba! Neat truck.

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  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    Kind of reminds you of some of the early 60’s IIRC pickups where they box and body were basically molded together then added a top over the box.

    Not sure if I like it or not, definitely not worth the $$ IMO but that’s just me.

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  3. Matthew James

    14,500 now

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  4. Jimmy

    I like the oddity of it but way too high on the price for the work needed.

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  5. jw454

    The CL advertisement says $14500. That makes it a little cheaper but, I’m not sure it makes it a good deal.
    Neat looking truck though.

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  6. GP Member

    Not a bad looking truck, Everybody’s right about the high price. That’s not a 1979 front, (here anyway), 1977 at the latest.

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  7. Arthur

    I do not know the rational for the lack of a rear passenger door. However, Chevy had the same 3 door set up on the Suburban several model years before this one ( I am thinking mid 60’s, definitely by 1970, but I don’t have concrete info on that).

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    • Miguel

      On this truck the gas door is where the left rear door would have been.

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  8. CanuckCarGuy

    Very cool truck, surprised it didn’t come to the US/Canadian market. With the two-tone paint, it looks odd without trim to separate the colours. The awol rear passenger door reminds me that mini-vans were originally outfitted the same, until Dodge/Chrysler brought in the dual-sliders…now it’s the norm.

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  9. canadainmarkseh Member

    I have never seen one of these, even though the price is high my thoughts are where are you ever going to see another one like it. This is what the seller is counting in the high price. Sometimes you got to pay to play.

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  10. Miguel

    These were stripper trucks and most had the 6 cylinder engine.

    They sell for virtually nothing here in Mexico and this example doesn’t look particular clean.

    Notice the small earlier tail light lenses on the back.

    There was also a Nissan version of this which ironically used Toyota pick up tail lights on the rear.

    I don’t know who made those, but they should have used Nissan lights.

    On this truck, also notice the Mexican plates. You would have to check to see if the paperwork has been done to legally register it in the US.

    The VINs are very different from the US VINs so some of the DMV computers might not accept it.

    Nevermind, the ad says it already has a Texas title.

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  11. Big Birtha

    Nice people hauler or camper too👍

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    Oh boy, another great idea Ford missed the boat on. The only other vehicle that gave the Suburban any competition was the Travelall. I tell ya’, you have to wonder who makes these decisions. Not sure about Mexico, but this would have been a huge hit in the US, pulling campers, boats and such. The best here was the crew cab pickup, or the Bronco, neither of which fit the bill for Suburban buyers.

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    • Miguel

      I pulled these Suburban production stats from a website.

      1972 27,302
      1971 13,522
      1970 14,119
      1969 17,337
      1968 17,135
      1967 6,159

      I don’t know how accurate they are but from the low sales numbers, it is no wonder Ford didn’t develop a similar vehicle. They hadn’t started selling in huge numbers until much later and by then it wouldn’t have made sense to try to compete against the Chevy/GMC Suburbans.

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  13. Gay Car Nut Seattle

    Lovely looking Ford. Unless it’s a Mexican market truck, or even a Brazilian model, given the year of the truck, the front end should look different. It has a 1976-77 grille, which I find the most attractive of all of the 1973-79 Ford F-series trucks. I hope it goes to a good owner.

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  14. ChuckF 55chevy

    I think all the 67 to 72 Chevy/GMC were 3 door Suburbans. I have a rusty 72 roller in the woods I need to go get before it disappears like the 68 pickup in Mississippi.

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  15. Philip Bregar

    i don’t know about anyone else, but i didn’t read the ad on cl. when someone types in all caps, it’s like my dad yelling at me all over again. i just shut it all out.

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  16. john kirkland

    I didn’t realize the cartels were into classics… Note the tag.
    F350s are often lifted throughout Texas for short term use crossing the border in remote areas. Also in border areas it is a good idea to cover your VIN under the windshield as a key can be cut south of the border, no questions asked.

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  17. Jon S

    I saw this on a trailer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Friday, 27 Apr!
    I was en route to New Orleans for work and ran across this is traffic and snapped this (admittedly bad) shot to send to a friend of mine to ask him if he knew anything about it!

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    • Danny

      Hey, maybe that’s this one from the article here, abd that was bought by somebody out of town and you drove by it? Because the Craigslist ad is down now, so I’m assuming it’s sold.

      • JonS

        I was trying to look at the pics from the BF posting on it versus my (again, admittedly terrible) picture….it is difficult to tell for certain but it sure looks like the same mismatched wheels bolted onto that passenger side in the BF pic as well as mine so it very well could be in my opinion.

  18. Rustytech

    Maybe Mexico was behind the USA, but that is a 1977 front end. It was the only year with that grill that used the amber parking lights. I like this as and alternative to the Suburban, to bad it was never available in the US market. This one looks good, but is overpriced in my opinion. $10 to $12k would be tempting.

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  19. Gay Car Nut Seattle

    I agree. It’s rather overpriced given how old it is. I’d buy it for up to $8,000 for the vehicle

  20. Miguel

    Here is a link to a 1978 Carry All. You can see it has the newer front end on it.

    The featured truck here might have had the front end changed for some reason or the year is wrong on the paperwork, which is entirely possible as the VIN does not give any indication of the year.

    By the way the price for this one in fixable condition with A/C is about $1555.00 USD so there is a lot of room to do it up like you want.

  21. Miguel
  22. Suttree

    Nice truck Miguel. What’s up with the prices on that page?

  23. Miguel

    They are in Mexican Pesos. The exchange rate is about 18.00 to one right now, so you can see what it costs in dollars.

    • Gay Car Nut Seattle

      That makes sense.

  24. chrlsful

    great site 4 these in US “4 dor bronk” another Centurion brand product (brought us the ‘van pick’ up ’78 – 90). Did the ford w/a 460 motor. Not sure bout the chebby but pretty sure they made them too (lesser numbers?). Mark I, II & III models on the van.

  25. Gay Car Nut Seattle

    It’s a damn shame this wasn’t sold in the USA. This could’ve been the 2nd gen Bronco. They should’ve kept the 76-77 F Series grille, but it would’ve made an awesome 2nd generation Bronco.

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  26. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member


    • Danny

      Why “wierd”?

  27. Danny

    well, both the eBay listing and the Craigslist ad expired so I’m guessing that it’s sold. I wonder what the final price was, and I’m wondering if it was the truck that John saw while out on the road. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was the one and he saw somebody who was just towing it back to where they lived.

    • Miguel

      It could also be the seller moving it to a different market.

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