Eegor The Eyesore! 1952 Kurtis Kraft Racer

Take a body and chassis from Indy 500 winning race car builder Kurtis Kraft, add one high-strung German Borgward racing engine, and you get something like this interesting vintage racer called “Eegore the Eyesore!” Virtually unchanged since the ’60s,… more»

The Other German Car: 1957 Borgward Isabella

If you were looking for a project and had your heart set on one of German origin, the typical prospects would be an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, or Volkswagen. But if you went down the path less traveled, you could… more»

Underground For 40 Years? 1957 Borgward Isabella

You’re probably asking, “A 1957 who?” Well, that was my first reaction too. The seller sums it up perfectly, “This Is For Real a rare car, this is not a “Very rare Corvette” or something that everybody knows, car… more»

19 German Horses: 1960 Lloyd Alexander

When a regular Lloyd 600 just won’t do, we offer you this 1960 Lloyd Alexander! The cool part is that it would probably fit in Santa’s bag full of toys. This little gem can be found here on Craigslist… more»

Rare German: 1960 Borgward Isabella Sedan

Production of the Borgward Isabella commenced in 1954, and the car remained in production until the company collapsed into a controversial insolvency in 1960. This Isabella 2-Door Deluxe sedan looks to be in really nice condition, and you will… more»

Parked Since 1974: 1959 Borgward Isabella Wagon

One city that I always think (dream) about living in is where these two 1959 Borgward Isabella wagons are located: Tucson, Arizona. I know, warm, unlike the upper-Midwest. These uber-rare wagons, or combis, or kombis, or estates can be found… more»

Lovely Survivor: 1959 Borgward Isabella

Here’s a car many have never seen and few would regret. Very few were imported, so they were not common, even in 1959. Compared to American cars of the time they were quite small but they were larger than… more»

Two-Cylinder Wagon: 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS

Quick: what’s the most unassuming vehicle name that you can think of?! For me, it’s Lloyd. While this 1958 Lloyd Alexander TS Wagon restoration project isn’t unassuming, you can see how much work it’ll be, the name sure is. It doesn’t… more»

Running Oddball: 1961 Borgward P100

George G found this interesting Borgward here on craigslist in New Mexico. There were few of these built and even fewer are left, so here’s a chance to own a very unique little sedan for a reasonable asking of $2,500. It’s been… more»

1959 Borgward Isabella Field Find

Long-time Barn Finds readers will remember we’ve covered Borgward Isabellas before. With very unique styling and a fairly advanced small four-cylinder engine, the pretty German coupe was a very different offering when new. This one has been sitting in… more»

Borgward Isabella Barn Finds

When it comes to German brands, most of us think of names like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, but at one time Borgward was a major player in Germany. The brand built well over a million cars before it closed… more»

Highway Sighting: 1958 Borgward Isabella Coupe

Reader Milton S. just spotted this on the side of the road, “A 1958 Borgward Isabella coupe, found in the weeds along Highway 47 in Vernonia, Oregon. I had one back in 1965, a fun car to drive with… more»

1958 Borgward Isabella Coupe Barn Find

It still amazes us how many of the barn finds we come across are being sold because the owner parked the car with the dream of someday restoring it, but never got around to it. That’s the case with… more»

Estate Find: 1961 Borgward Isabella TS Deluxe

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great barn find in your town, but haven’t been able to find one, we suggest going to your local estate sales. You never know what you might find hidden away in… more»