19 German Horses: 1960 Lloyd Alexander

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When a regular Lloyd 600 just won’t do, we offer you this 1960 Lloyd Alexander! The cool part is that it would probably fit in Santa’s bag full of toys. This little gem can be found here on Craigslist in Alameda, California, where I should be right now, and the seller is asking just $3,500 for this one. I hope I make it through this without giving them and/or UShip a call. Thanks to J Liu for sending in this tip!

The Lloyd Alexander was a slightly upmarket Lloyd 600, although it was also slightly more user-friendly with a trunk opening and 4-speed transmission rather than a 3-speed. They were made from 1957 to 1961 in Bremen, Germany, and Lloyd Motor Works was a part of the famous Borgward family. This is a front engine, front-wheel-drive car. I wonder how many of you expected it to be rear-wheel-drive?

It’s hard to believe that a trunk/boot opening is something that hasn’t always been on cars, but I can think of the early Metropolitans and the Saab 92/93/94 and early-50s Studebakers and a few others that didn’t have an exterior trunk opening, at least initially. Can you think of any others? You can see a few badges missing on this one and the seller doesn’t say if they have any spare parts or not. A Borgward Club may be a good source for Lloyd parts. This is the seller’s entire listing: “Runs Great. Comes with spare engine. Mileage is 27994”.

This is one of only two interior photos and it looks like it was taken through the side window glass for some reason. Here’s the other one. This car looks really good to me overall and it seems like it would draw a crowd anywhere it went. As I mentioned, the column-shifted manual transmission should be a 4-speed in the Alexander and it had a top speed of 63 mph, but it took a full minute to get there.

This is why it takes a minute to get up to 63 mph, the engine is a 596 cc twin-cylinder with 19 hp. The Lloyd Alexander TS had a peppier engine with 25 hp! Zoom! Seriously, these cars weren’t built for speed or for freeway use, but for weekends and car shows I think that it would be great fun to have a Lloyd Alexander, have any of you owned one?

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  1. Wayne

    Wow! The engine is the same size as the fuel tank, which is only twice the size of the battery! Never saw one of the sedans before. We did have a guy that ice raced a LLoyd wagon. But he had replaced the original engine and gearbox with one from a 1600 cc VW Bug with a flipped gearbox like the Formula V racers did. It was a very competitive car in the class. (over 1500 cc engine over drive wheels)
    Neat car!

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  2. DAN

    Does it have a website style roof? I see canvas up there?

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    • Alan

      The sun roofs were wood framed and made by Golde. Same company that did VW/Mercedes among others!

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    • Harit Trivedi

      You mean Webasto, right? As found also on Mercedes Ponton’s.

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  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    It has a sunroof, Dan, probably from a company called Golde, who also supplied VW, if I recall correctly.

    Cool find, Scotty! Hansa/Lloyd/Borgward vehicles were well-engineered for their day and this example would make a great addition to anyone’s collection – and just in time for Christmas..!

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  4. Coventrycat

    The top of the line Lloyd Christopher FC has a scorching top speed of 88 mph.

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    • racer417

      Not with me in it!

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      • Coventrycat

        It’s the flux capacitor that does all the work😀

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  5. Evan

    The Henry J (also the Allstate, same car) didn’t have a trunk opening at first.

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  6. Alan

    For a brief period in the early-mid sixties, my friends and I were the Lloyd Racing Team of America. We had a pair of Alexander TS’s, a $70 coupe, amd a $35 convertible. We raced them for two winters across northeast Pennsylvania ice races. These were road courses plaowed onto frozen lakes. These were a fairly big deal back then so our Lloyds were hopelessly outclassed, but we had great (cheap) times with them. Bouncing off the berms, the Lloyds would occasionally fall over – they weren’t fast enough to roll all the way I guess. We’d get them back on their wheels, kick out the worst of the dents and carry on. What fun.

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  7. JLederer

    Bugeye Sprites also lack opening trunk lids…

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  8. Roy L Fuchs

    I’d love to see a death race between this and a Trabant. It would be east vs. west, title for title.

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  9. Rex Rice

    My wife had one years before we met. She and another girl drove it from Seattle to Yellowstone Park where the starter died. They push/started it the rest of the trip. It was the POS car of the time.

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    • Alan

      Wow Rex that also appears to be an LC. I’m going to be fixing one up soon, have you any more pictures of it? This is mine.

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  10. Ron

    Cute little car,I need an engine for my 59-TS. NW. Montana. Ron 406-257-0619

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  11. Alan

    Looks like a really nice car! I’ve got 3 of them. A 58 Alexander wagon, 56 LP600 sedan and LC600 convertible. They are very neat little cars.

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  12. That Guy

    Ad is deleted now. I was surprised to see this here because I knew it sold several weeks ago. I’m acquainted with the new owners. 😁

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