Business Coupe

Drive It Home: 1937 Plymouth Coupe

It takes a fair amount of confidence to advertise an older classic car for sale and to talk about how well it runs and drives. However, it takes supreme confidence in that car to tell prospective buyers that they… more»

Almost Finished: 1937 Ford Coupe

This 1937 Ford Coupe can truly be a great rolling project because most everything is already prepared, it just needs some finishing. It still has original paint and originally came from Nevada, but the car is currently located in… more»

Home Workshop Project: 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

The law of averages says that at some point in the future, the supply of potentially solid older project cars such as this 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe is probably going to begin to dry up. It follows from… more»

Parked Since 1986: 1940 Buick Special Business Coupe

The owner of this 1940 Buick Special Business Coupe purchased it in 1970, and it seems that it saw some use in the following few years. In 1986 it was parked in this garage, and it hasn’t moved under… more»

Sitting Since 1983: 1936 Chevrolet Business Coupe

After sitting stored away since 1983, this Chevrolet Business Coupe has once again been dragged out into the light of day. It is in need of a lot of work, but it could serve as a basis for a… more»

Trophy Winner: 1940 Plymouth Business Coupe

Have you ever looked at a classic car that has been hidden away, and all you want to do is roll it out into the light of day and give it a wash? Well, that’s the feeling that I… more»

Solid Contender: 1939 Chevrolet Business Coupe

The new owner of this 1939 Chevrolet Business Coupe is going to face some interesting choices. It could easily serve as a restoration project. Or just as easily, it could make a cool custom or street rod. With its… more»

Original Survivor: 1950 Ford Business Coupe

This 1950 Ford Deluxe Business Coupe is said to wear both its original paint and original interior trim. It has been owned by the same elderly gentleman for more than 40-years, and he has decided that now is the… more»