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50k Survivor: 1941 Chevrolet Deluxe Business Coupe

This 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Business Coupe is an all-original bare-bones car that has been professionally maintained, runs well, and is ready for a restoration. It’s cool to see an original example in this condition.  Over a half-million Special Deluxe example were made in 1941, but only 17,000 of them were business coupes, and most of them were driven lots of miles by salesmen and quickly worn out.  This one is up for sale here on eBay in Elburn, Illinois.  The bidding at time of writing is $5,300 with the reserve not met.

The 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe was known as “Royal Clipper” styling, and it was longer, lower, and wider than previous models. Some highlights on the design include a restyled grille, hidden running boards, recessed taillights, and headlights that were integrated into the front fenders. While this particular example is pretty tired-looking, these updates gave the model a much more upscale look, even though the price was just under $800 when new. The paint on this car might be beyond salvageable, especially when you see the peeling on the roof. However, the photos don’t show any concerning rust areas on the body, and all the trim looks to be present and in fairly good condition.

As a business coupe, this example was as basic as you could get. There’s no radio and no rear seat (to give more room for travelling salesmen to put briefcases, suitcases, and travel displays). Just about the only option looks to be the heater under the dash. On the plus side, that means fewer things to replace or repair. And the seller also states that all the gauges on the dash currently work. There is a seat cover on the front bench, which probably tells us that the seat upholstery is shot. The door panels, head liner, and parcel shelf have some pretty obvious staining, but don’t appear to have any significant damage. A careful cleaning might get those looking new again.

The engine on this Chevy is the 216 cubic inch inline-six, putting out 90 horsepower. It’s mated to a manual 3-speed transmission. Nothing super exciting, but both are claimed to be in excellent running condition, and are all-original with just over 50k miles. The engine bay looks tidy and complete. Normally seeing sections of new wiring can be a potential red flag of electrical problems, but I only see one new wire running to something in front of the radiator. I can’t tell what it is from the photos, so bonus points to anyone who can provide some insight! Horn, maybe? This car is currently in heated storage and started every 6 months, so it is ready to be enjoyed while its next owner decides whether to restore it or keep it original.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Lower it a bit, paint it and touch up the interior, later model Chev or GMC modified straight 6 with dual exhausts, and hit the street and weekend shows. The stock body says everything you need to know about design of the era and should get everyone’s attention when they see it.

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  2. RKS

    First things first, clip it with a Camaro and put a big block in it.

  3. Vance

    A guy I worked with 30+ years ago, had a Dad who worked at GM, and he restored one these. It was that medium gteen color that so many of that period were, it was a beautiful car. Now, this was 1991, I’ll didn’t expect to see what I saw when he opened the hood. It was a brand spanking new Vette engine complete with transmission. It just happened that he had a friend who also worked at GM. They had snuck that driveline out of the factory. They both were great mechanics, and the suspension and brakes were upgraded to handle the power. It was fast as hell and fun to drive. Everytime I hear Johnny Cash’s ” One Piece at Time “, I smile and think about my friend’s Dad and his ’41 Chevy.

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  4. Vance

    Had a guy I worked with 30+ years ago had a Dad who restored one of these because his first car had been a 1941 Deluxe . It was medium green like so many cars of that era, but the big surprise came when he opened the hood. It had a brand spanking new Vette driveline installed . Now this was 1991 or so, but I don’t think this was a common practice then. His Dad and his best friend both worked at GM, and some how snuck this out of the plant. They were both good with a wrench, and they squeezed this motor in and upgraded the suspension and brakes so they didn’t kill themselves, It was fast as hell and fun to drive, it suprised a lot of people. Everytime I hear Johnny Cash’s ” One Piece At A Time “, I smile and think of my friend’s Dad and his ’41 Chevy. (If this shows twice I apologize)

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    • Dave

      This car might need some basic safety upgrades like disc brakes and seatbelts. other than that it looks done to me. My father didn’t have one of these cars, then again he wasn’t a thief.

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  5. Morley Brown Member

    Hot Rod it, it is such a boring car you have no choice.

  6. stan rakowski

    Buy it get in it and drive it

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    Took my first driver’s license test in one of these. 11,000 original miles in 1967. Vacuum shift, vacuum wipers. Test person worried about the car in the rain more than my skills – automatic pass. I might have to bid for “old man” memories.

  8. Billy

    This reminds me of a 41 Pontiac I bought in 1965 for two six packs of beer. The car was in about the same condition as this Chevy. I wish I still had the Pontiac. I bet I could get at least a case of beer for it today.

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  9. martinsane

    Cruise as is and tinker til you die. Looks good, needs very little and can be thoroughly enjoyed as is.

    Life is short and eho needs to squirrel this away disassembled awaiting some mk3nster make over that will never come AND who needs another trailer queen that rattles the windows but no one drives or enjoys and no one even cares to look at as weve seen a mcmillion and the sign on the window yells at you not to even look at it out of the corner of your eye…

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  10. Marvin Clark

    Regarding the red wire… It terminates in front of the radiator on the right side. I am thinking possibly a head light wire.

  11. Kevin

    Ive always liked pretty much a 41 anything, just cool styling,this one is begging for a v8,and fresh paint.

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