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400 Equipped: 1978 Ford F250 Camper Special

Survivor-grade Pickups always command attention, particularly when they offer potential buyers the choice between preservation and restoration. Those are the options facing somebody if they elect to give this 1978 Ford F250 Camper Special a new home. It runs… more»

Time Warp: 1965 Ford F-250 Camper Combination

The first travel trailer was built about five minutes after the Model T was introduced. It didn’t take long for adventurers to hitch a platform to a Model T, throw a tent on it, and trundle off to the… more»

1977 Chevrolet C20 Cheyenne Camper Special

Anyone who has undertaken a project build can confirm that rust is their mortal enemy. Addressing those issues can take time and money, leaving some feeling disenchanted before the build gets off the ground. That shouldn’t be a significant… more»

390 Equipped! 1968 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special

Some really cool things were happening at Ford in the pickup department for 1968, not the least being the addition of a pair of more powerful V8s that replaced the previous year’s 352.  While there were still a couple… more»

Great Deal: 1979 Ford F250 Camper Special with Camper

I can’t figure out why this great combination truck/camper hasn’t already sold. Lucky for us we still have a crack at it, despite the seller listing it six days ago. Here on craigslist is a 1979 Ford F250 Camper… more»

38K Mile Alternative to New: 1973 Ford F250 Camper Special

As new trucks get harder to find, more expensive by the day, and more complicated every year, people are looking outside the box for transportation alternatives.  The kind of vehicle that you can drive on the interstate and fix… more»

Fresh 350: 1978 Chevrolet K20 Silverado Camper Special

Finding an accomplished tow vehicle that can also take you deep into the wilderness can be challenging, but that is what awaits the buyer of this 1978 Chevrolet K20 Silverado Camper Special. Its presentation is quite tidy for a… more»

Original Paint: 1968 Ford F-250 Flareside Camper Special

Almost from the day the first car chugged and spluttered its way down the road, manufacturers have been producing custom or personalized vehicles and special models to suit an owner’s preferences. Whether this was a coachbuilt body or custom… more»

Rebuilt 390: 1969 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special

While not as prevalent as they once were, there are still a bunch of hardy souls who think nothing of sliding a camper onto the back of a classic pickup and hitting the road for a life of high… more»

Classified Find: 1973 Ford F-350 Camper Special

As they grew in popularity from the 1950s through into the 1970s, slide-on campers grew larger and more elaborate. This came at a cost because they also grew heavier at the same time. Finding a vehicle onto which an… more»

GM’s First Crew Cab: 1977 Chevrolet Silverado C20

Seemingly everyone enjoys Chevrolet’s “squarebody” trucks, but it’s very rare to see the combination of a crew cab and long bed. Indeed, this 1977 Chevrolet Silverado C20 that Barn Finds reader local_sheriff found here on eBay is a neat… more»