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390 Equipped! 1968 Ford F-250 Ranger Camper Special

Some really cool things were happening at Ford in the pickup department for 1968, not the least being the addition of a pair of more powerful V8s that replaced the previous year’s 352.  While there were still a couple of inline 6-cylinder engines available, if you wanted a V8 your choices were now the 360, which made a respectable 215 horsepower.  Or you could jump up to the 390, getting you 255 horses.  The latter is what the buyer of this 1968 Ford F-250 chose, and if you’re in the market for a well-cared-for one-owner example, this one would for sure be worth a look.  The pickup is located in Tacoma, Washington, and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $9,300.

Ford had been offering the Camper Special option for several years by the time the ’68 models rolled around, but new for that year were some other special edition trucks, including the Farm And Ranch Special and the Contractor Special, all designed with the needs of targeted buyers already taken into consideration.  The Camper Special included wiring already installed for the camper, a more heavy-duty radiator, a bigger alternator, plus a few other goodies.

The seller of this F-250 Camper Special says it’s a one-owner vehicle and that it has been well-kept since new, with a restoration dating back to about 10 years ago.  The body is said to be in nice shape and the paint is stated to still look good to be a decade old, with not much glaring I can find to dispute that claim.  Even the bed is pretty well preserved to be over 50 years old.

Under the hood, the 390 was freshened up during the restoration and bored 10 over, and the seller says that it sounds great.  Everything looks clean and in good order inside there, and the owner also mentions that the manifold gaskets were replaced just 6 months ago.  The truck is equipped with an automatic transmission, and although there’s nothing specifically mentioned on what kind of attention it has received, the pickup is stated to be a turn-key vehicle with only 64,000 miles.

Things inside are presenting nicely overall as well, with clean carpeting and no tears in the seat, but it does look like there are some stains on the headliner.  There’s an aftermarket Stereo in the dash, and I’m guessing it’s been there for a while since it plays cassettes instead of CDs.  I’m just not finding much at all not to like about this one, plus there’s no reserve so the high bidder will be taking it home.  What are your thoughts?  Would you preserve the truck and drive it just the way it is, or do something different?


  1. geomechs geomechs

    We had a ’71 Camper Special with the 390. Good truck; it wouldn’t quit–until it burned an exhaust valve at 70K miles. When that was apart I came across an article that I would end up applying to many FE Fords in our neighborhood. Dual exhausts, re-curve the distributor and install a Holley 500 2bbl carb. Made a different truck out of them.

    This will make a good general purpose truck for a long time to come. I sure wouldn’t hesitate sliding a camper in the back–or hitching up a trailer–and going for a trip across country. Ours saw both coasts and most of the Caribbean coastline in its time. Well over 200K miles. It did require rebuilding the engine and transmission but it put those miles on with either a 5th wheel trailer or a 10 foot camper. Built back when a truck was an actual truck and not a title…

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    • Rallye Member

      What did you do to the distributor?

      I have a 72 F350 (12′ flatbed and hoist) and a Sun Dizzy machine.

      I’ve pondered a 4 bbl for MPG with the smaller primary.

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      • geomechs geomechs

        Limited the vacuum advance to 7 degrees. Use a point cam assembly (or electronic reluctor) with a 13 degree slot. Curve 3-5 degrees at 500 (distributor) rpm. 8-10 degrees at 1000 with 13 (end of slot) by 1300. Set timing with a light at 10-12 BTDC. You want to just notice some slight detonation under full load at 3000 rpm. The carburetor comes with .073” jets; change to .071 for better economy. The 500 2bbl does not have an automatic choke so you will need to run a cable. That’s the way those guys in CA did it so I did the same thing. Worked for me…

  2. Howard A Member

    Got to stir up some ghosts for Scotty G. His family had a similar vintage Ford pickup with a camper on the back. I had a truck just like this, only 3 on the column. To say it used a lot of gas, would be an understatement, but at .34/gallon, fuel cost wasn’t an issue. Carrying enough of it was, hence the 2( sometime THREE!) tanks was not uncommon. Needless to say, even at .34/gal. I didn’t go far. Great find, and once again,,,no not the price, I’ve given up on that baloney, but buyer beware, looks spiffy, but it’s not a new F150,,,why does it ride so rough, why is the steering so sloppy, whoooooa, the brakes, is that gas gauge correct, dropping fast, why is it so noisy, what’s a choke, only ONE “power port”,( aka cig lighter), no seat belts( that I see) or air bags, SURELY WE’RE GOING TO DIE,,, may be just a few of the surprises awaiting the new owner.

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    • Rogi

      You forgot if the A/C works howie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Jay E. Member

      I recently sold our (virtually the same ) truck after more than 40 years of ownership. Been put away wet many times. I didn’t find the MPG nearly as objectionable as our 454 equipped dually. The truck was very reliable, needing nothing but consumables. That is why we kept it so long. Young guy kept pestering me with a $4500.00 offer and finally I relented and he drove it away. A good deal for both of us!

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  3. Boatman Member

    Strange that it has a standard trans brake pedal.

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  4. Stowe

    It’s a nice truck but It needs A/C for a sale down south. Summers get way too hot and steamy for use down here. Just saying.

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    • Al

      Sold my ID resident ’67 F100 lil over 5 yrs ago to a guy in Jacksonville FL. Red & white two tone, ex in & out w/ 352 & 3 on tree w/ elec OD! Surprised myself too someone buying something old with no AC. Sold for $10,900 on ebay

  5. Shuttle Guy

    Frame swap…Make a “High Boy” 4×4.

  6. George Birth

    Beautiful truck as is. I wish I could afford it as it would fit my needs perfectly.

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  7. GP Member

    I just sold a 1974 Highboy at an online auction in Menomonie Wi. this week. It was behind the barn for 20 years. Sold for 490.00. Body shot, but still had the complete 390, 4 speed drive train. It was my Dad’s, and he passed away Jan. 24 TH of this year. It’s been rough, we spent a lot of time together. I still have Mom to help out, and a lot of work to do cleaning up.

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  8. R.Lee

    Nice Ford!

    The 360 V8 just do not die and he 390’s are hardcore Ford truck power.

    Having a 68 as a teenager I guess I am a little biased as the turquoise beast took whatever punishment I meted out to it. The only week point that it had was the door frame hinge area, cracks from the doors bouncing on rock roads.

    Someone got a great deal for 10K.

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  9. Guggie 13

    I had a 73 F250 camper special 390 / auto wonderful truck , carried a 11.5 Coachman camper pulling my bass boat or snowmachines all over , had that truck 10 years ,loved it , kinda miss it !

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