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Florida Barn Find: 1966 Citroen 2CV

Looking like a nice project car, this Florida barn find 1966 Citroen 2CV should be a fairly straightforward restoration project. The body panels should come off somewhat easily to be straightened and painted and there doesn’t appear to be any visible rust other than surface rust. The seller has it listed here on eBay in Pompano Beach, Florida and they have a healthy $11,500 buy-it-now price listed or you can make an offer.

About that price, as a general, ballpark reference, Hagerty is at $7,300 for a #4 fair-condition example, which is for a running, driving, and at least mostly-functioning car. This 2CV appears to be rock-solid, though, and I don’t see any alarming rust anywhere. It should be doable for almost any novice to massage out the dings and this car would look fantastic in its “mostly original” paint.

Yes, sir/ma’am, the more I look at this car, the more I really like it. You would have to plan on some extra time when shopping or getting gas because people would be asking about it every single time you stop. Citroen made the 2CV from 1948 through 1990 in several countries and as long as I’m thinking about it, I’ve always wondered what a Citroen 2CV two-door coupe might look like… 

Seats are an easy fix and as far as other soft goods or fabrics go, the unique, removable soft top looks to be in excellent condition. We don’t know if it’s original or if everything else is original, but the seller says that this 2CV is an original Florida car and it’s a barn find, so there’s that. For being in Florida, there sure doesn’t appear to be much rust at all, even surface rust. The back seat looks good but the top appears to have some tears. The rear cargo space is filled with what is hopefully missing parts from the engine.

Speaking of the engine, this should be Citroen’s 425-cc flat-twin with just under 20 horsepower and similar torque numbers. Believe it or not, the seller says that the engine starts and runs great! It’s currently running off of an auxiliary gas tank and the buyer will have to go through the entire car: fuel system, brakes, clutch, etc., but that’s great news that it runs. It sends that power through a four-speed manual transmission to the front wheels and this car will go almost anywhere but will do so very slowly. Have any of you owned or driven a 2CV?


  1. alphasud Member

    Looks like a 5-6K car to me if there is no major rust. I would want the later 603 engine over the 425cc unit. My first choice would still be the big brother Ami6 and I would like to own a GS someday.

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  2. Derek

    There’s a funny kink on the A-panel/bulkhead panel that suggests that the chassis might be toast. Overpriced.

    Looks reasonably ok – and chassises aren’t that dear (Ken Hanna will make you one) – so probably worth doing. 602 conversions can be quite easy, if you’ve a rotten donor car. Mind that older cars use brake fluid and later ones LHM.

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    • Derek

      The chassises usually rust in behind the front axle, which is just ahead of the rear front wing mounting.

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    • MikeH

      I would plan on a new chassis for this one.

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  3. Derek

    The roof looks like it’s off a Beachcomber, incidentally.

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  4. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    I never understood the attraction to these. It would make a good shopping trolley, lol

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  5. btennessen

    I’ve been in communication with the seller, they’ve been very good to work with but have very little knowledge of these cars. They put it on a lift for my yesterday for photos and video of everything underneath.

    They sent a $8k offer to people that were watching the listing the other day, still a few thousand more than I think it’s worth.

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  6. justpaul

    Sorry, but it’s got to be a pre-65 for me; suicide doors are a must have on this model for the true near-death experience.

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    • Dlegeai

      ….slow death that is….😅…..2CVs with the 602cc engine are the only ones capable of somewhat keeping up with today’s traffic…

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  7. Pascal Hemery

    Hello from France
    in case one of you will like to buy this car, or have to restore his own 2cv, here is a place to find everything in new in France.
    They also have a buisness for Mehari new parts.
    The soft top is not the original one.
    It’s coming from a special product names 2 cv “France 3”, it was the name of the best French sail boat 12M JI, product for the America’s Cup, sponsored by Citroën, so they built this 2 cv special serie about 2000 cars.
    Here are some pics.
    Best regards from France

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  8. Christo

    Wow- that’s a lot for a project AZAM. I asked a little more for my driving very presentable Belgian Poste AZU250 and barely got a nibble. I should post it here!!

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  9. jules

    I owned a 1964 2 CV, purhased new in Ontario Canada.
    Sold it with 80,000 trouble free miles…the best car I have ever owned!

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  10. Frank Barrett Member

    Have owned an regularly driven an ’86 for 14 years. First thing here is to make sure the chassis isn’t rusty, though you can buy a new one for a reasonable price. Next, the engine is indestructible, but if you’re going to drive it much, you need the “big-block” 602. Third, restoring this to near-new would cost at least three times the price here, so leave it as-is cosmetically. The asking price here is double what it should be. You can find a very nice, late 2CV for $10-15,000.

    2CVs are great fun to drive. Mine will hit 75 mph at 5,000-ft altitude, but headwinds and hills are your enemies. Drafting big trucks and campers works great. Civilians love 2CVs and will strike up a conversation anywhere.

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  11. Dlegeai

    Few US specific export models are still around, this is one of them, easy to identify with its oversized headlights among other little things like the bumpers; this being said, it does not make it more valuable unless a hard core 2CV collector (who knows?) decides he has to have one. I fully agree with previous comments: this looks like a $5 or 6K car if the chassis is sound….if not, $3 or 4K.

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  12. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: the seller lowered the price to $9,500 or offer.

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    • jules

      perhaps a closer to actual worth….now regetting selling my one owner 1964 for 400 dolars…best car I ever owned

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  13. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update II: someone grabbed this 2CV, was it one of you?

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    • dlegeai

      it was removed from the listing, does not mean it sold……

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      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        That’s a good point, maybe it was clear that it wouldn’t meet the reserve and they “ended” it early?

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  14. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    I just read a review on a 2CV 4×4.
    One engine in the front, one in the back, factory made.
    I want one.
    Google 2cv saraha 4×4

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    • Dlegeai

      I have one of those for sale; it’s located on a swampy lot in Florida that’s also for sale….a “package” you won’t regret…🤣🤣🤣

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    • MikeH

      They’re out there, but you better have very deep pockets. The Sahara was developed for the military, and were used, abused and junked. I’m not even sure a civilian could buy one. Very few left.

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      • jules

        I;ve inly seen two….one was in Toronto back in 1964 on the showroom floor at Citroen Cars Canada, I was there getting my 1964 2 cv serviced.
        Quite the car, selling at approx. two and a half times what a standard 2 cv was sold for. The balance and light weight made it a particular great vehicle for off road use. The combustion chamber configuration also allowed it to function at extremely high altitudes and went higher up the Andean mountains than any other vehicle despite the thin air.
        In Northern Canada several mining companies used these cars to explore the areas of interest.

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    • Jules

      I saw new two engine Safari in Toronto
      back in 1964..@ Citroen Cars ltd. Quite the go anywhere car.
      Because of cylinder head configuration they could climb altitudes where the air was thin better than other makes!
      Prices were about two and a half times more than regular 2cv.
      I bought my new 2cv in Canada a 1964 for $1500. Drove it to 80,000 miles on the original Michelin tires.Never let me down!😊

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