French Hauler: 1980 Citroen CX Transporter

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When it comes to flat-bed conversions, there’s seemingly endless potential when it comes to enterprising enthusiasts finding ways to make their ultimate hauler. Here in the states, we tend to lean towards a Chevy C10 or C30 ramp truck as the ultimate drag car hauler; if you’re in Norway, you convert a Citroen CX into your ATV or compact car transporter. Find this 1980 Citroën CX 2400 Pallas transporter here on

Among my favorite vehicles ever made are the Volkswagen Type 2 pickups with bed conversions that allowed them to move Formula Vee-type race cars, along with the numerous custom transporters Mercedes-Benz built to safely move the Silver Arrow competition vehicles. The idea of a hauler custom-built to move a winning race car just makes me smile; it’s a form of excess we don’t see these days. The Citroen – while certainly not being used to move a Group B rally car – would be well-suited to transporting a pair of vintage sport bikes from the same era as the CX.

This photo shows that the Citroen was at one time affiliated with a local specialist shop, which is perhaps the best use of a custom rig like this. It can be functional, almost being used like a pickup truck with a huge bed, and it’s a terrific marketing tool if you happen to specialize in French automotive repair. The CX has some other smart details like the desirable Cibie driving lamps up top on what looks like a custom roll bar and the “French style” yellow fog lamps on the bumper.

The seller is in Norway and claims this Citroen was built in Sweden in 1996. He imported it a few years ago and confirms that it can safely manage a load weighing up to 1,085 kilograms, or approximately 2,392 lbs. The bed can be lowered for easy loading, but it still seems best suited to motorcycles or microcars. If you’re a French car fanatic or one of the few remaining facilities capable of servicing French vehicles, this may be worth the importation costs. Thanks to Barn Finds reader local_sheriff for the find.

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  1. alphasudMember

    Interesting transporter. I’m surprised the load carry is only 2300 lbs. I know there was also a company that made the wagon with the twin rear axles that were used to haul newspapers. They were called load runners. I bet 2 tons would be possible with this setup. Maybe I should buy it for use when my CX breaks down.

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  2. alphasudMember

    This was featured in BaT 2017. Chassis was built by Tissier and the load carry was 3500lbs, according to one commenter.×6-kneeling-car-hauler-1980-citroen-cx-custom/

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  3. Derek

    There’s a company in the Netherlands that convert floaty Citroens – the larger ones – into multi-axle things. Not just recovery vehicles; DS/ID/CX/XM and so on.

    Some might see the irony in a Citroen-based recovery vehicle. I couldn’t possibly comment…

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  4. John EderMember

    Jamie Davis ought to open up a branch in Quebec province with this- “Autoroute à travers l’enfer”…

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  5. Harry

    Perfect for transporting as many of it’s ugly siblings to the nearest cliff!

    The way I see it…. French maids, yes! Citroen, no.

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    • MGM

      Funny as hell, so true Harry. Makes you wonder about the French.

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  6. Bob WashburneMember

    FYI they’re asking about $20K for it. Ten kroner to the dollar.

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  7. Steve

    And the French monstrosities keep on coming!

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  8. TheOldRanger

    This is ugly, but it is still second to the “caddy fin” vehicle…

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  9. TheOldRanger

    This is ugly, but still #2 next to the Caddy fin pickup….

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  10. Troy

    Well if you’re into racing the little Honda or Toyota cars this might be just what you need price converts to $19,500 USD plus shipping

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  11. Sam61

    The ugly Citroen award goes to the one converted to test Michelin tires with a drop axle.

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  12. Malcolm Greer

    Are you sure Finnegan and Freiburger aren’t dumping their garbage here? Then, again, they don’t have enough backing to make the Chevillac….the Citroen, that’s within their budget :)

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  13. B Wallace

    I have a better idea put it on the back of an International, Freightliner or Ford Rollback and take it right to the scrapyard.

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