Mid-Engined V6: 1984 Honda Civic

There’s no denying that the 1984 Honda Civic, while well-built, didn’t offer a lot of performance or excitement. One look at this Civic with its low stance, big alloys, and the boxy fender flares, suggests that this is anything… more»

Survivor 1987 Honda Civic Si With Just 15,475 miles!

Though it doesn’t have the performance pedigree of its successor, I enjoy the styling of the third-generation Honda Civic compact car quite a bit. This generation also introduced what is now a household name among those who enjoy performance… more»

Four-Wheel Fun: 1988 Honda Civic Wagon RT4WD

One of my favorite models in Honda’s long history as an automaker is the Civic Wagon, especially when it features the company’s Real-Time 4WD system. Perhaps I’m biased because I once owned one of these fine Civic variants, but… more»

Unlikely Survivor: 92k Mile 1982 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is one of those vehicles that has earned a bit of an unfair reputation amongst enthusiasts. Sure, there are countless examples of terribly modified Civics, but the compact also represents an affordable and accessible platform with… more»

Classic Commuter: 1978 Honda CVCC Wagon

One of the most overlooked genres of classics is old Japanese commuter cars. Granted, parts aren’t plentiful, nor are decent examples often readily available for sale. Well, this 1978 Honda CVCC station wagon is a decent example, for sure…. more»

Rust Free 49K Mile 1981 Honda Civic

Yes, you read that correctly.  This amazing-looking 1981 Honda Civic, which started its American journey in Texas, is for sale here on craigslist by the second owner in suburban Maryland. With 49,275 documented miles, working A/C, automatic transmission, and… more»

Low Mileage First Gen: 1978 Honda Civic

It’s not often that you see a forty year old vehicle with only 80,000 miles on the clock. And it’s really not often that you will find an imported economy car with this low of miles. This first generation… more»

Facing Extinction: 1993 Honda Civic Si

When I chat with my brother about potential project cars, we both agree that the fifth-generation Honda Civic Si hatchback is on our lists – if you could find one worth owning. This is the car that basically sparked… more»