Unlikely Survivor: 1995 Honda Civic DX

When Honda diversified away from its core business of motorcycles to tackle all things four-wheeled, the world sat up and took notice. When the company then boldly proclaimed that it intended to become a global power in automobile production, the rest of the world could barely contain its mirth. However, it is Honda that has had the last laugh. The company is now ranked as the fifth largest manufacturer on the planet, with volumes that eclipse long-established brands like BMW, Renault, and even the giant that is General Motors. When you look at cars like this 1995 Civic DX, you begin to realize why they have been a success. This Honda is a car that features class-leading engineering in an attractive package. That a vehicle of this type has survived the hustle-and-bustle of urban traffic for 26-years is a testament to its build quality and longevity. This little Civic now needs a new home, so the owner has listed it for sale here on eBay. It is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and while frantic bidding has pushed the price to $8,700, this figure is still short of the reserve. A big thank you has to go out to Barn Finder John L for referring this little Japanese classic to us.

This Civic is a 26-year-old vehicle whose primary function was for everyday commuter use. It is unrestored and original, so it is fair to expect its Milano Red paint to bear a scar or two. The general presentation is excellent, with paint that holds an impressive shine. The panels are also straight, with one notable exception. It appears that there might be a dent in the rear quarter just below the fuel filler. I initially was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because it doesn’t rate a mention in the listing. However, the longer I have spent examining the photos, the more convinced I have become that it isn’t a trick of the light. Rust is not an issue, with both the exterior and the vehicle’s underside looking extremely clean. The plastic exterior trim is in good order, and there are no visible issues with the glass.

If Honda’s interiors from this era had a weakness, the cloth upholstery could look worn and tired surprisingly quickly. That isn’t an issue with this little Civic because the trim is in excellent order. There are no stains or marks and no rips or wear. The carpet has some wear under the driver’s left foot, but it generally looks pretty respectable. Some of the plastic trim pieces have started to discolor, but they haven’t begun to crumble or crack. The interior isn’t loaded with optional extras, so there’s no air conditioning or power windows. However, the owner has installed a Sony CD player, so the buyer can have their tunes on the move.

For years, the name Honda has been a by-word for build quality. The fit of their exterior panels and plastics have always been considered class-leading, and this attention to detail doesn’t end when we look under this Civic’s hood. What we find is a 1,493cc 16-valve four-cylinder screamer that pumps out 102hp. That power is fed to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission, while power front disc brakes are a standard feature. This might be a small car, but its performance would be nothing to be ashamed of. Because it tips the scales at a paltry 2,231lbs, that little motor can propel the Civic through the ¼ mile in 17.6 seconds. It might not be muscle car fast, but it’s not too shabby when you consider its design purpose. This sort of performance graphically demonstrates why Honda has achieved ongoing success on the world motorsport stage as an engine supplier. The owner says that the Civic is in good mechanical order, and he provides a written report to verify this. However, he is open to potential buyers performing an in-person inspection for their own peace of mind. It is also worth noting that he claims that this Honda has a genuine 66,000 miles on the clock. If this is accurate, that makes it barely broken in!

This 1995 Honda Civic DX is not a car that will appeal to all of our faithful Barn Finds readers, and that’s fair enough. However, it does deserve to be considered a classic survivor. It would have cost its original owner around $11,100 when he drove it off the showroom floor, which didn’t make it a cheap small car when it was new. However, it offered that owner exceptional build quality, class-leading performance, and impressive fuel economy. Most of these little cars saw service in commuter and city traffic cut-and-thrust, which is murder on many mechanical components. They generally fulfilled this role with distinction, but like any motor vehicle, the day came for most of them where they had reached the end of their serviceable life and were consigned to the scrapyard. If you don’t believe me, please take a moment to think about how many similar Civics that you saw plying our roads when they were new. Now take a further moment to consider how many you’ve seen in your travel in recent months. The numbers are declining, and that’s why this original survivor deserves to be preserved by its next lucky owner.


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  1. msheiner msheiner Member

    I absolutely love older Hondas and while I know that they command high prices, that kind of money can buy a substanitally better equipped, better condition, sportier or more luxurious reliable car from another manufacturer. Still, for those of us who appreciate JDM cars, there’s something so alluring about older Hondas/Acuras and Toyotas!

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    • Steveo

      At 26 years, 1995 is long enough ago that if you want a real JDM car you can import something pretty interesting from Japan and more unique than this rather plain Civic, especially at the money being asked for this one.

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  2. Eric Johnson

    Honda produces more automobiles than GM? Really?

    • AMCFAN

      Uh, yeah really

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    There should be a lot more of these on the road – espec the much less complicated OBD1 versions. Did most of these rust out?
    No need for the roof to be that high/so much glass.

    • Steve R

      In California they were either modified to death or succumbed to the states emissions testing regimen.

      Steve R

    • bone

      They did here on the East Coast !

  4. Will Fox

    ? Bidding up to $8700 already? On THIS? It must be the rice rocket burners looking to buy it. It’s not necessarily book valued at that price sound like somebody wants it, and willing to pay far more than market value.

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    • AMCFAN

      Sorry Will, When it comes to EG Honda Civic hatches a rust free clean example with over 200K miles will still bring decent coin to more people than rice rocket burners.

      These were and still are decent reliable transportation that will achieve better fuel economy without all the BS that comes with the few cars still being made today. Sometimes simple is better and no one did it better.

      As far as sticking a turbo B series engine in this and going street racing this platform is one of the best choices because it is so light. The popularity of these is only getting stronger.

      Also to be clear JDM is Japanese Domestic Market vehicles that were made in Japan for their market. They differ greatly than the USDM versions such as this. This is not a JDM

      It is true you can import one 25 years old…..and older. The problem with that is everyone else can too. The prices reflect this. I have been watching Japanese auction sites and anything and everything that is eligible for the US costs much more.

      For many who don’t want that headache the above offers more. With wheels and suspension and an exhaust good to go.

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  5. Dantheman

    I remember a neighbor owning a teal one and my father convincing his then girlfriend to buy a black one like this. I agree this deserves someone to enjoy it as a classic, not a daily driver or tuner car, and for the look of it its also refreshing that it hasn’t rusted or been overly tuned out!

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  6. Sam Shive

    $8900.00 Now. Not a chance in hell, But That’s What Makes The World Go Round.

    • msheiner msheiner Member

      This is crazy money. Nice enough car but it’s a low level trim in fair condition. That kind of money nearly buys SC400’s on Bringatrailer that I’ve seen lately. Heck, not that long ago, I bought a 25k mile SC400 in mint condition for 12k and that’s in another league of cars altogether!

  7. ed casala

    I had one of these for a commuter car that was a four speed. It definitely needed that extra gear. It was fun to drive and easy to park and not that valuable so you could park anywhere and not worry about it. They were easy to steal though. Would not mind getting another one, but not one this nice.

  8. gaspumpchas

    Had a 94 civic cx-didnt even have a radio, 53 miles per gallon. I sold it when it had 257k miles on it, still had original clutch and struts. taught Both of my daughters to drive 5 speed on it. I felt like I was giving up a family member when I sold it. Ironworms were working on it. Got an 03 civic dx to replace it, but had to spend more on the 03, Sold that when it had 252 k on it. Currently have a 05 crv with 246k on it, and an 11 accord with 104. Good for a guy who refused to work on furrin ‘ cars. BTW this one is up to 9700, reserve not met. Thats what I paid for my ‘ 94 CX. Good luck and happy motoring.

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  9. chrlsful

    10 grand!?! These are the kindza utilitarian use up’n throw away products usa-ers are used to. Just right for me (like auto tho), I’d maintain like a foreigner and get near/more than 300K. Wish I had one now (actually the wagon) as it’s a hatch – even more utilitarian ! But 2, 3K$ is more realistic for my bank account.

  10. Kevin

    Honda’s are great,this is clean,obviously super economical, and about as homely as you can get…🤣

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