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Survivor 1987 Honda Civic Si With Just 15,475 miles!

Though it doesn’t have the performance pedigree of its successor, I enjoy the styling of the third-generation Honda Civic compact car quite a bit. This generation also introduced what is now a household name among those who enjoy performance vehicles: the Civic Si. This 1987 Honda Civic Si that’s available here on eBay has low miles and quite an interesting story behind it, making a tempting choice for any Honda enthusiast.

Though this Civic Si is available for sale in San Tan Valley, Arizona, it sat for 29 years under a cover in Canandaigua, New York. The original owner drove the vehicle for just two years, and surprisingly, there was only minor surface corrosion on its undercarriage after its dormant years. The current seller, who is a dedicated Honda enthusiast, had the hot hatch shipped down to begin making it a roadworthy vehicle again.

The exterior of this Civic is nearly perfect, with the only blemish being a small crack in the paint of the hood. Otherwise, it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find an absolute time capsule of an interior that matches the exterior in quality. There are some minor imperfections, such as a missing 3rd brake light surround and some shrinkage in the dashboard material, but it is in remarkable shape overall.

Of course, the main selling point on the Civic is not just its condition, but its mileage – the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and manual transmission have only traveled 15,475 miles. Additionally, the seller addressed various important maintenance items upon taking ownership, such as replacing the timing belt, drive belts, alternator, tires, fuel system components, and more.

With no reserve on the auction, bidding is at $3,750 at the time of this article being written. What do you think of this well-preserved Civic Si?


  1. Smokey Member

    Perfect car for your kid going off to college in the Fall. Cant go too fast and might keep the kid out of trouble. I love Hondas. My daily driver is a very recent Honda Accord. My weekend drive is a Porsche 911 Targa.

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  2. BeeMoe

    “Honda Civic si” and “performance vehicle” aren’t two things I think I would ever put in the same sentence. ;-)

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    • CapNemo CapNemo

      For sure.

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    • exartist

      You would back in the mid-80’s. The first-gen Civic Si was quicker than a 318 in a straight line, and would shred a 318 on the auto-x course.

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      • CJinSD

        They were also faster in a straight line than the vast majority of F-bodies and Mustangs sold in the ’70s and ’80s. Iron Duke Firebird anyone? Never mind what these things could do in the mountains.

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    • Bruce

      You would be wrong BeeMoe. This car was more like the original Mini Cooper than anything else around at the time. I know because I have owned both. The biggest difference between the two is that the Si had to meet stricter requirements by both the customer and the governments of the time. Like the Mini Cooper there was not much that could keep up with it in traffic cut and thrust. Where there more powerful cars, faster cars, most certainly there were but few could compete in the smiles per mile category.

      They also had excellent crash zones for mine was destroyed by a huge Buick Land cruiser that rear ended me at between 95 to 100 MPH according to the marks left according to the police. The three occupants survived. The car not so much. Even the engine crankshaft was bent. LOL. I can assure you that the sound of all the window glass exploding around you at the same time is really impressive but again nobody got hurt. I really miss mine and if I did not have too much to do and too many cars already I would be purchasing this one.

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      • CJinSD

        I once rolled an ’87 CRX Si at over 100 mph and my only injury was some cuts on my chest from slithering out of the inverted car through a broken window.

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      • Ralph

        I drove one once into an erupting volcano to save whole island and that was after I was rear ended by a freight train at 250mph……..

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      • Superdessucke

        I took an ’88 CRX Si off the rim of the Grand Canyon. 3000 foot drop and I just got a minor concussion and a sprained ankle. They really built these well.

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      • Ralph

        I remember you telling me this, and afterwards you had to pay the National Park Services for the damage the CRX caused to the rocks…….and you were still able to trade it straight up for a new Rolls Royce and get cash back!!!!

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  3. Barry Traylor

    Nice looking small car.

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  4. Brian Scott

    Man, I’d forgotten how angular these were; I remember the much more prevalent CRX SI models. The successor to this year range was an immensely superior looking vehicle, I think. A higher mileage CRX SI just sold at auction for $35k, so there’s plenty of room for this to move, but I don’t see anyone lusting after it like a CRX. In ’87 there was hardly a car on the road that was more fun (don’t get me started on the GNX, which Car & Driver said was “one of the best engines period, in absolutely THE worst chassis all-time.”).

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    • exartist

      The CRX Si that sold for $33.6K was a 2nd generation CRX. Only had 33K on the clock. Not the best color for a CRX Si (white) but it was impeccable. A Blue ’85 CRX Si with 25K on it sold about a year ago for around $13K. I auto-xed the heck out of my ’85 CRX and that what I want to find.

      Unmolested first and second gen CRXs are a solid investment now.

      If this was still in NY state i think i’d be bidding on it.

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  5. Willowen

    Just about the most fun I’ve had in any car was chasing a friend wringing out his ’74 Alfa GTV, me in his Civic, a dead ringer for this one, over several miles of his favorite Tennessee country roads. He knew the roads; I had no clue except to not let him lose me, and yet there were times I had to back off his rear bumper. Lee was working up a sweat, as it turned out; I was just having the time of my life. This was my first and only time in one of these, but I could sure stand a re-run, almost thirty years later.

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  6. Fogline

    Had an ’86 like this. No AC and always felt like it was great but would be phenomenal with about 10 more HP.

    Our friends in Pacific Heights had a spot in front of their building where you could never find parking but this fit just between two driveways where no one else could park so it was generally open. We would laugh as we parked and walked 20 feet to the front door. Sold it to a friend with 180,000 miles that drove it for another 100k or more.

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  7. Andrew Franks

    Never mind Auctions. Simply contact the Seller and ask he/she what they want for the car and pay it if it’s not totally out of sight.
    Love it and enjoy it. I would buy it but I have no room.

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  8. Louis Q Chen

    I’d go to AZ to buy it but, it’s the wrong color-BLACK! The Civic Si is to me the best little Pocket Rocket like the CRX-Si. With the right mod to the air filter, etc. it’s a blast! I guess I’ll to wait until a Red/White Civic Si comes along.

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  9. T Mel

    1) CJinSD you are dead wrong, this car was not faster in a straight line or any other shaped line than “the vast majority of” F-body or foxbody 70s/80s cars. That’s what Honda/Toyota drivers often thought in the 70s and 80s too, but um no. Oh sure the 4cyl firebird is the one you bring up? Like ya, they hardly made any of those so keep dreaming. You rolled a CRX? You must be a great driver.

    2) Sat under a tarp in snow/humidity country for 29 years? The sellers description sounds more like he decided the decay of the underbody wasn’t worth his time more than anything else.

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  10. Jim Hevelone

    I had a new 84 Civic Hatchback Si and was going from Denver to A Basin very early on a Sunday morning with no traffic on I70. A Mustang passed me that was in a hurry and I just followed him. We were running up to 90 mph up there and over Loveland Pass and it was a blast on that crooked road. This one will make someone a very nice vehicle for show or driver.

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