Unfinished Build: Classic Roadsters Cobra

I imagine this won’t be the last unfinished Cobra kit car emerge from a garage or barn. Think about it: while the overall presentation of these awesome replicas is that most anyone who can turn a wrench can assemble… more»

2003 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT With Just 5.5 Miles!

Sitting in Reader Douglas S’s garage is one of the coolest ultra-low mileage finds I think I’ve ever seen! And it isn’t just that this car has covered 5.5 miles, that it’s a supercharged Mustang Cobra SVT Convertible or… more»

Ford’s Holy Grail: 1969 Ford Torino Talladega

If any of you are Ford fans or NASCAR fans, or just fans of incredibly rare cars, this 1969 Ford Torino Talladega is hard to beat. It’s a true Holy Grail for any serious collector or fan. It can… more»

Here’s Your Chance To Buy An Affordable Cobra!

It’s amazing how a “new” Cobra kit car can look like the real thing when it’s rolled out of the garage in dusty, faded glory. This is an unfinished example that the seller is admitting he won’t get around… more»

Same Family Since ’71: 1965 Shelby 289 Cobra!

This one has to be one of the best “out of the woodwork” stories so far this year (okay, so it’s only January, but still!) This 1965 289 Cobra was purchased from a Ford dealer on July 4, 1971,… more»

Tough Decisions: 1968 Shelby GT350

Okay, it’s confession time. I am a Ford man. I grew up in a household where the blue oval was king, so my leanings were an inevitability. With that in mind, when this particular car came across my desk… more»

18K Mile Garage Find! 1967 Shelby 427 Cobra

UPDATE: 5/23/18 – This one sold for $1,045,000! FROM 2/25/18 – This is a real-deal, documented, Shelby 427 Cobra that has been stored in a North Carolina garage since 1991.  If you follow the classic car hobby, you know Cobras… more»

Cobra Comparision: 1977 Ford Mustang Cobra II

A lot of us sit a lot, too much in fact. Most of us know that sitting too much is bad for our health, the same way that it’s bad for a car to sit for a long time… more»

Could This Be The Greatest Barn Find Ever?

Our friend Tom Cotter has the enviable chore of walking into dilapidated barns and rural homesteads seeking out long-lost barn finds. Recently, his travels took him somewhere not far off the beaten path – still pretty much on the… more»

Quilted Classic! 1970 Ford Torino GT Cobra 429

Often we feature cars that present an honest, story-telling patina (the most overused automotive word of the past five years?) that some owners choose to preserve as part of the car’s unique history. Whether you appreciate patina or not,… more»

Cheap Cobra: 1978 Ford Mustang II Cobra

Everyone’s favorite Cobra is right here! (hey, where’d everyone go?).. This 1978 Ford Mustang II Cobra is a project car but it’s cheap enough at $2,400 and it comes with enough parts and pieces that it could theoretically be… more»

Snake Truck: 1967 Ford Ranchero 428 Cobra Jet

If Carroll Shelby had decided to make a Cobra truck, a 1967 model would have been a good starting point.  Light weight, Mustang interchangeability, and plenty of room in the bed for tires and parts would have made it… more»

1986 Revisited – Part 4: Deals on Wheels

Here is yet another installment from my recently rediscovered 1986 “Deals on Wheels” magazine: this is the Sporty Edition. Maybe this first one should be in the Kleenex edition, wow. Have any of you heard of a Cobra? (hee hee).. This car… more»

Parking Garage Cobra

Reader Bryan M recently spotted something incredible in a local parking garage! From Bryan – For those who believe that cars aren’t still out there to be found, I found this today in a parking garage, the owner casually… more»

Another Barn Find Cobra Discovered!

That’s right, another Shelby Cobra has been dug out of a barn! This one has been in storage for nearly 40 years and unlike some of our more recent Cobra barn finds, this one has a verified CSX number…. more»