Supercharged Sunroof Delete: 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra

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This 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra is an interesting mix of rare features and higher mileage than we typically see on a collector vehicle like this. With 57,000 miles, it’s not obscenely high, but it’s a far cry from the time-warp specimens we typically see pop up for sale. It’s also a fairly unique spec, with a sunroof delete, black cloth interior, and a Vortech V1 supercharger under the hood. Throw in the somewhat rare teal paint and you have a car that the seller claims is one of just 185 in this color scheme. The Mustang Cobra is listed here on eBay with bids to $35,000 and the reserve unmet.

The Fox body Cobra has been making the rounds these last two years, with multiple examples coming out of the woodwork and going up for sale, with many of them showing under 20,000 original miles. That’s not surprising considering how many special or limited-production Mustangs get set aside due to visions of future paydays. The Cobra shown here has actually been used, as 57,000 miles shows it wasn’t just locked in the garage for 11 months out of 12. The teal paint is my favorite color in one of these factory hot rods, both due to rarity and the fact it is so period-correct.

Black cloth is a great look for a few different reasons; first, it pairs nicely with teal, and two, it will be very easy to keep clean over the long haul. I also love that this cockpit remains bone-stock, right down to the radio, with no signs of modifications aside from a gauge mounted on the A-pillar that I’m guessing is connected to the Vortech supercharger. The Cobra comes with factory gauges, an original steering wheel, and OEM bucket seats, all of which are components that can either display cosmetic flaws and/or be swapped out with aftermarket parts. No word on whether the air conditioning still works.

The engine bay looks stock until you see that Vortech badge staring back at you. The V1 supercharger bolts in very cleanly under the hood of this Cobra, and while the seller undersells it a bit – he says the V1 “…makes it a little more fun to drive than stock” – I’m sure this greatly enhances the driving pleasure of this clean Cobra. The seller does acknowledge the existence of some cosmetic flaws that are simply a result of the mileage this Cobra has accumulated, and that these blemishes are factored into his preferred sale price. What do you think – will this Cobra clear $40,000?

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    You’re right,Jeff-an interesting mix of unique but used. “Gasp!” Is it possible a knowledgeable someone bought a car with a lot of the right boxes ticked off and then actually DROVE it? Actually ENJOYED it for what it is? OMG! What a concept!!! And bravo to them! A refreshing change and a welcome one IMO. We see way too many Trailer Queens and One Night Stands in car culture; to find a well-appreciated car driven often by a enthusiastic driver is a breath of fresh air. Again, JMO, I’d wager to say the vast majority of BF readers are of the same vein, a reason we’re here on the forum.
    Thanks, Jeff. It’s good to see we’re not all going by this wayside as quickly as imagined at times..

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  2. robjMember

    My black with grey leather Cobra has 82,000 miles. Bought it new as a “company car” and was a daily driver for about 6 years…
    Doesn’t look quite as good as this one though.

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  3. Jack M.

    These came standard with a sunroof?

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      No, they did not.

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      • Jack M.

        So, the original buyer did not have to delete it, like the title says?

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  4. Mike_B_SVT

    The flip up sunroof was an optional item. Using the term “Sunroof Delete” on a car that did not come standard with a sunroof is misleading.

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  5. JBD

    I’ve owned several Fox, SN-95 supercharged cars. The Vobra with Vortec blower was popular back in the day. These were as reliable as a factory 5.0 and many are still daily drivers with over 200k miles. There was only 1 ‘93 Cobra at B-J Scottsdale and it was teal and went for great coinage. I’m thinking $40k is realistic for a car with all maintenance records.

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  6. Howie

    Great color, it says it has had 9 owners.

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    • ChasMan

      9 owners, scary.

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  7. Robert West

    It really is surprising how rare NOT having a sunroof is. When I was shopping for a 1987-1993 Mustang, I bet I found 4-5 cars with a sunroof for every car that DIDN’T have a sunroof. The sunroof was one option I wasn’t going to make a concession on. I hate the looks plus its one big water leak waiting to happen!

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      Personally, I owned 2 from that era with sunroofs and only had 1 leak, which was quickly resolved under warranty and never returned. That was my ’93 Cobra, and I daily drove that sucker for 10 years.

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  8. M Vickery

    I had a Mustang with the sunroof. I rarely used it as lifting it off and storing it in the back was one of those things I rarely felt like bothering with. Just popping it open was more like having an annoying wind leak than an open air experience. Had another Mustang with an aftermarket sunroof. Remember those? Talk about leaks, that thing leaked water and whistled constantly no matter how I tried to seal it and was about half the size of a factory sunroof. I can see why they don’t really sell these anymore.

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