1 of 1 Car: 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra

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The mythical “one of one” designation: we’re seeing this more and more among modern supercars, where super limited production numbers, combined with endless customization options based on how deep your pocketbook is, allow you to basically create a unicorn. This isn’t an entirely new practice, but it used to be a game the more plebian among us could play. Case in point is this 1979 Ford Mustang Cobra here on eBay, which the seller claims is a one-of-one owing to a unique combination of features.

Now, in the case of this car, I’d spend a little less time worrying about the specific options and instead focus on the fact that it’s simply a clean example of a model we don’t often see in decent shape. The Mustang is supposedly a longtime Montana resident which has helped it remain largely rust-free. The wheels are the very cool TRX replicas made by LMR that allow owners to keep the original look while being able to choose from more modestly priced modern tires.

The interior needs some work for sure, but it looks savable and I’m sure that pattern is being made by a fabric supplier specializing in Mustang parts. The driver’s seat appears to be the worst of it, as the carpets and passenger seat appear to be in decent order. The Mustang does feature the preferred combination of a four-speed manual that’s been rebuilt and is bolted to a 302 roller motor. The drivetrain benefits from numerous new parts, including a fresh fuel pump, water pump, belts, and hoses, among other replacement parts.

The seller cites the Marti report as a means of confirming this car’s one-of-one status, but it doesn’t appear to be in the listing photo gallery. He specifically cites a four-way power adjustable driver’s seat, so the rarity of this example likely comes down to a few different option boxes the first owner checked that no other buyers did. I don’t know how much this adds to the desirability factor, as I believe the clean cosmetics and extensive mechanical reconditioning makes this Fox body Cobra desirable in its own right.

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  1. Big_FunMember

    I see a sideways picture of the Deluxe Marti Report; I posted the picture right side up.
    Even though I appreciate the detailed Marti report, I believe most of us car fanatics would look at the powertrain number for rarity sake. In this case, one of 3926 ’79 Mustang Cobra with the 302 2V 4speed. Now – is that all Mustangs, just Mustang Cobras, or just Mustang Cobra 3 doors? Kevin Marti states the third option. It would be nice to see the overall numbers in comparison, too. Add in GT, notchback, etc. Then specifics of the car. I’m sure there is a book with those numbers….I probably should buy that. I would lead of the ad saying “Less than 4,000 produced in ’79 – keep reading for the details!” Clickbait, indeed….
    (Image courtesy of Kevin Marti. Copyright Martiworks)

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    • SirRaoulDuke

      17,584 had the Cobra package. Thus, the 302 was optional, with 8,631 takers, and of those 3,926 had the four speed stick…so 4,695 buyers of the 302 were pathetic slushbox scum.

      I’m nuts enough to want this “one of one” with its options and the intermittent wipers, then I’d ruin the car’s uniqueness with a Coyote swap and a full restomod with some crazy giant screen for the dash.

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      • SirRaoulDuke

        So Cobra was an appearance package. I should add that the standard engine was the 2.3 turbo, and you sure as hell do NOT want that early turbo four, it is pure garbage.

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    • Reid Hall

      I don’t remember seeing these, back, in the,day, aspecialy, not in ,white, although l do remember seeing red,yellow,orange, and or maybe black 🤔, so,maybe it’s kinda rare, is it worth 🤔, alot, of money, to the,right person, this,pre-fox,bodystyle was,okay, but l believe 86-up,is,alittle better, although l’m 🤔, not,a Mustang person.

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    • Dave Suton

      Cobra package was only offered in 3 door hatchback in 79

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    My friends and I, being fellow enthusiasts of early Fox Body Mustangs, have traded messages about this car. We agree with Jeff’s comments that these Cobras are desirable models but seldom seen.

    This one isn’t bad, just worn. There is some rust showing which needs attention. And obviously, the interior needs reworked. I know this cloth/vinyl scheme is available in blue, so I’m guessing it is also available in red. Repro dash pads (which would need painting) are available; I hope they are high-quality. The 302/ 4-speed combination is desirable. We are not so enthused with the aftermarket sunroof.

    There were so many stand-alone options for 1979 Mustangs (for example, five radio choices) and interior trim options (32 different styles and colors of upholstery), that NOT being a one-of-one is almost more rare.

    So overall, a nice car which we hope gets upgraded/ restored. But probably not cheap to do right.

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    • Dave Suton

      My dad ordered a brand new 79 cobra Mustang. Options included 4 sp, sunroof, 302, and orange cobra decals. The salesman tried to make my dad order green decals, and for some reason this issue was really pushed by him. I still don’t know why. But my dad did get orange cobra decals. Black on black. No air. TRX package. We still have it today. About 30k miles on it now. No winters or rain ever. We’ll probably have it forever. My dad passed away in 1986 and that car was forbidden to be driven by anyone but him while he was alive.

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

        Dave– a cool car, and sounds like it has been well-maintained. Would love to see it. Maybe…. are you anywhere close to a Mustang Club of America show this year? Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Melbourne, Topeka.

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      • Grant

        Nice story. Was this your Dad’s retirement present to himself? Bless you for showing respect and keeping it in the family as he would have wanted.

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse MortensenStaff

        Hey Jim, you’re welcome to write about the car and link back to us. Thanks!

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    • Joel Farr

      I actually had a 79 I got shortly after High School. It was a white on white 5.0 with c-4 auto.. it did have the same sun roof, popped up at the rear. Never was sure if it was dealer installed or factory. I had bought it used with about 9000 miles on it. Had the TRX wheels and at the time, wrecked my savings for replacing those dang metric tires! Fun car though, have a 2019 GT in the garage now…no comparison!

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  3. Maggy

    The aftermarket sunroof would make it a no deal for me imo.Cool car though. I would pick up a 86 and up FI version with a 5 speed before this anyday imo. Glwts.

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  4. Frank Sumatra

    A “1 0f !” should have been maintained. Good luck to the seller.

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  5. TA

    The driver’s seat looks like a crime scene.

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  6. Randy B.

    My local ford dealer had an orange one on the lot when I ordered my new 80. I didn’t want the Cobra because it was an automatic. My 80 was a six with 4 speed (couldn’t get a v8 stick in 80.) It was black with this interior. Was 1 year old when it was hit head on and totaled.

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    • Grant

      Was that a 200 or 250 CI six? I don’t think you could get a V6 in those days, but Lord knows I could be wrong at my age. Either way, Ford made a nice inline six, even in those days. These were really nice looking cars with great interiors. Better than the later years, in my humble opinion.

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      • DON

        I had a Ghia package fastback with the straight six and a manual trans . It was the only one I ever saw. It had quite a bit of power for what it was

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

        The 200 six was a mid-model-year 1979 replacement for the German-sourced 2.8 V6, available with the automatic transmission only. For the 1980 model year it began to be available with a 4-speed also. Perhaps because the new (and now infamous) 255 V8, introduced for the 1980 model year, was automatic only.

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      • Randy B.

        Mine was a 200 inline six with 4 speed od. Fun car! I remember there was a huge spread between 2nd. and 3rd. gear. I was 18 when I ordered it and still miss it. I finally got another mustang in ‘99 when I bought a new V6 5 speed which I still have. But it’s still not the same as the 80 I lost.

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  7. TorinoSCJ69

    Roller Cam- lifters were introduced on the Mustang 5.0 HO in 1985, right?

    I was big on these Fox Body 5.0 Mustangs at the time when Dad was an engineer at Ford and I could A-plan Lease.

    My long story…
    I did 1 yr leases on a stretch of 5.0 Mustangs:
    ’78 Mach 1, ’82 HO, ’83 HO 4v and ’84 HO 4v -> no roller cam yet.

    In ’86 I bought instead of lease and that 5.0 HO fuel injection was a roller engine (Must. GT, 5 spd. Loaded came to $13,636.)
    My 2 pals came along because of the excitement we shared – We were young as well !
    Do not think that happens anymore, the excitement buying a V8 mustang or any other car.
    Glad it survived and GLWTS!

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  8. TomP

    1 of 1 with intermittent wipers and power windows…. Who cares… Marti really played a gag on all of the 500,000 Ford owners who have a Marti report saying they have a 1of 1 car… Then instantly all those clowns think their $1500 car is worth $90,000.

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    • Big C

      That Glover guy has done the same thing to the MOPAR guys, too! “My ’73 Charger has the optional right side sport mirror!” ” So I’m asking $25,000 for this rusted out hulk.

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    • PRA4SNW

      1 of 1 means you were the only one odd enough to order that particular group of options. Big deal.

      Seller clearly states that they want 11K for this. I guess they will keep owning it for quite awhile.

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      • PRA4SNW

        Ended at $6,100, Reserve Not Met.

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  9. BrettK

    I owned an almost identical car in very similar condition. The only difference was mine was an automatic. Often wish I would have kept it.

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  10. Frozenbird

    Anyone that has done a Marti report on any Ford ’67+ are deeply saddened when it doesn’t come up as 1 of 1 due to it’s unique lug nut. $5-6K on the interior to do it right, $10-12K on the paint and body, $3-4K to go through the engine bay and detail it correctly and fix what needs fixing, another $2-3.5K for incidentals equals $25.5K + $10-11K to purchase then another $2-$3K for pickup or shipping and your left with $40K for a really nice 1 of 17,586 cars that you probably could have bought a mint one for $20K. Where do I sign up for this one!

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  11. MorleyMember

    I was going to comment on the one of one designation, but then I thought who cares. It is just another way of saying a turd is just a turd.

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  12. Douglas ThrelfallMember

    I had a ‘79 Indy Pace Car that was a Ford “Brass Hat” vehicle my local Lincoln-Mercury got for me at a Ford & Lincoln-Mercury only dealer auction.
    Mine was the 5.0 2 bbl. automatic, air, power lock group, tilt/cruise (with that LTD 4 spoke steering wheel) and all the pace car package items. It was 10 months old with 5,800 mi. when I bought it back in early 1980. Traded in my ‘79 Celica Supra…

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  13. Tom kugel

    Every vehicle is actually 1 of 1 because they all have a different vin. I wish i was as smart as kevin marti to sell this info. It can be very informative but as the 2nd owner of a 71 convertible 302 2v ps man brakes i wouldnt spend the money. A friend owned a 69 r code gt coupe with bench seat 4xspeed. The marti report showed dso as ford proving grounds. That is rare. Sadly he passed before the resto was complete.

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    • TomP

      A “Ford proving grounds” car? Now that’s definately a valuable 1 of 1.

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