One Elderly Owner: 1971 Mercury Comet

One owner classics will always be an attractive proposition because long-term ownership usually indicates that a car has been treated with respect. That is especially true when you find an original survivor like this 1971 Mercury Comet. It is… more»

Older Restoration: 1962 Mercury Comet

Most folks don’t know or remember that the Comet was original planned to be an Edsel product. That idea went out the window when Edsel folded, so the already-committed Comet was sold at Mercury dealers in 1960-61 without any… more»

Mysterious Barn Find: 1964 Mercury Comet

At first, the Comet was Mercury’s version of the Ford Falcon, but it would be built for two years before any Mercury badging appeared on the car. That changed in 1962 when it began a full-fledged Mercury offering. The… more»

Déjà Vu: 1973 Mercury Comet Low Miles

The 1971-77 Mercury Comet was a rebadged version of the highly successful Ford Maverick that launched in 1969. These Comets never sold as well as the Maverick but served nicely as an entry level model for Mercury. This 1973… more»

1965 Mercury Comet Caliente With 302 V8!

The Comet was Mercury’s entrance into the compact car scene. Based on the 1960 Falcon, the Comet was a line of its own until Mercury badging was added in 1962. The 1965 model, like the one for sale, took… more»

1 of 2,318: 1962 Mercury Comet Villager

When Dearborn got into the compact car business in 1960, Ford had the Falcon and Mercury had the Comet. They were basically the same under the skin, but the Comet had less rounded styling than Falcon and even some… more»

Rusty Project: 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone

The Comet had been Mercury’s compact car since 1960 and – prior to 1964 – the S-22 was the performance-minded edition. When ‘64 rolled around, the S-22 was out, and the Cyclone was in for the next eight model… more»

Rust-Free Survivor: 1972 Mercury Comet GT

In case a bright yellow 1972 Mercury Comet GT doesn’t grab your attention, perhaps this will: It’s a rust-free survivor with 47,683 documented miles. This Comet was found by a Barn Finds reader here on eBay in Raymore, Missouri…. more»

Stored 24 Years: 1971 Mercury Comet

Having already made Comets for a dozen years through four generations, not to mention several totally different body styles and sizes, this 1971 Mercury Comet is what a lot of us automatically think of when we think of the… more»

289/4-Speed Equipped! 1963 Mercury Comet

What do you think of when you hear the word Comet? Something celestial like Haley’s Comet? A crack passenger train from bygone days? One of Santa’s around the world in one-night gang? For me, pretty much all of the… more»

Barn Finds Classified: 1960 Comet Wagon

Almost an Edsel – I’m not sure if that would have been a good marketing slogan for Mercury or not. For the first two years, the Comet didn’t have Mercury badging on it as it was supposed to be… more»

32K Mile 1976 Mercury Comet

Quick, name a car that was made on two different platforms, in two different sizes with several totally different designs. If you said Mercury Comet you got at least one of them right but there have to be others…. more»

13k Original Miles: 1964 Mercury Comet

In its 55-years, this Mercury Comet has only been owned by two people, and that second owner has decided that the time has come to part with the car. It is a solid and largely original car that will… more»

Garaged 18 Years: 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente

The third-generation Comet gained a stacked-headlight configuration that is very similar to AMC’s design of the same period, maybe that’s why I like them so much. This 1966 Mercury Comet Caliente convertible can be found here on eBay in… more»

Automotive Orphan: 1961 Comet

With the demise of the Edsel brand, the Comet found itself to be something of an orphan. Originally designated to be sold as an Edsel model, the car was marketed through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships from 1960. However, it didn’t finally… more»

Marvin’s Sleeper: 1974 Mercury Comet

A lot of times we just ignore seventies cars.  Those of us that grew up with these cars weren’t really impressed with their performance or their looks.  As a teenager, I was quite a car snob.  I drove a… more»