Custom Cruiser

Only 43k Miles! 1983 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon

During the 1970s and 1980s, the Custom Cruiser was the station wagon equivalent of a cross between the Delta 88 and Olds 98 in terms of trim. This 1983 edition would be on par with the full-size Chevy Caprice… more»

Assortment of 1970s, 1980s and 1990s Vehicles

This collection is newer than most you find. Rather than focusing on the 1950s or the 1960s, this bunch is no older than 44 years. And as new as 24 years. There seems to be no rhyme or reason… more»

Clean 8-Seater: 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

I’ve long believed that everybody should have access to the classic car ownership experience. That can prove more challenging for large families, and if you are in that situation, this 1991 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser could be the perfect vehicle…. more»

Corvette Engine! 1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser Wagon

As the 1980s unfolded, minivans were invading garages everywhere, but a few wagons were still soldiering along. The Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser was one of these. Made in its modern iteration from 1971 through 1992, the Cruiser is a full-sized… more»

Cheap Cruiser? $4k 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

When was the last time you saw a nine passenger vehicle for sale for only $3,950? This 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon is for sale here on eBay for the second time. The first time the buyer did… more»

24k Genuine Miles: 1976 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

This 1976 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser spent more than 20-years parked in a shed and has had extremely limited use over the past 5-years. As a result, it has only managed to accumulate 24,500 genuine miles on its odometer throughout… more»

Virtually Spotless: 1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

The term “shrinking violet” is not a label that could be attached to this 1973 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. With an overall length of 19″ and a weight in excess of 5,000lbs, this is a car that is simply never… more»

Sweet Station Wagon: 1978 Olds Custom Cruiser

If you are on the hunt for a classic station wagon with a bit of subtle “wow” to its appearance, then this Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser could be a car that is worth a look. It may not be perfect,… more»

61k Mile Hauler: 1987 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

With only 61,000 miles on the clock, this 1987 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser still has plenty of life left in it. It isn’t a show-stopper, but its condition is pretty impressive for a family wagon of this age. With a… more»

41k Genuine Miles: 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

The original couple who owned this ’89 Custom Cruiser used it for hunting around estate sales, and in that time, they managed to accrue 26,000 miles. When the husband passed away, the car was stored in a climate-controlled garage… more»

54k Genuine Miles: 1972 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

When the Custom Cruiser was introduced in 1971, it marked a return by Oldsmobile to the production of a full-sized wagon, a segment that they hadn’t occupied since 1964 with the 88 Fiesta. This particular Custom Cruiser is a… more»