61k Mile Hauler: 1987 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

With only 61,000 miles on the clock, this 1987 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser still has plenty of life left in it. It isn’t a show-stopper, but its condition is pretty impressive for a family wagon of this age. With a BIN price of $5,950 or the option to make an offer, it also seems to be quite competitively priced. The Custom Cruiser is located in Rochester, New York, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed the lack of a roof-rack or wood-grain on this wagon. This Custom Cruiser is what the owner refers to as a “Plain Jane” example, meaning that these were delete items on this car. I don’t think that it suffers due to the lack of these items, and it probably makes it a more subtle car overall. It’s quite hard to find any major faults with the car, it just looks crisp and clean. The photos supplied by the owner are quite clear, and they don’t indicate any problems with rust or rot.

This is the photo that really lets the side down a bit, but there’s still plenty of information about the mechanical specifications of the car. The engine is the 307ci V8, and this is backed by the THM200-4R automatic transmission. The car is also fitted with power steering, power brakes, and very effective air conditioning. The owner says that his original intention was to paint the wagon black and to drop a 350 crate engine into it, but family matters have changed that. I’m glad that he was foiled in his plans because this is quite a nice package as it stands. He doesn’t indicate how well the car runs, beyond stating that none of the “dummy lights” are on.

If I’m going to pick faults with the interior, the main one would be how dirty the carpet is near the driver’s seat. That’s a great indication of dirty shoes scuffing on the way in or out of the car, but it looks like it would clean okay. Otherwise, the presentation of the interior is just very clean. There are no cracks or tears to report, and the upholstery really seems to have held up well for a vehicle of this age. While the original owner may have deleted the roof rack and wood, he made sure that the occupants of the Custom Cruiser had some comfort. Power windows, power seats, cruise control, and rear defrost compliment the previously mentioned A/C. For those who are searching for a third row, I’m sorry to disappoint you. That rear space is exclusively for carrying anything but human beings.

You know, for most people, this 1987 Custom Cruiser might not seem to be an exciting car, but I think that it has its place in the grand scheme of things. How often in life have we dismissed cars when they were new, but when we see the exact same car 30-years later in good condition, they really catch our eye. That’s the value of this car. The vast majority of Custom Cruisers of this era were used and abused as family cars, and many have ended their days at the scrap-yard. This car has managed to avoid that fate, and it deserves to be owned by someone who will continue to care for it. I’d be willing to bet that if you were able to wind the clock forward another 30-years, that you would be hard-pressed to see another ’87 Custom Cruiser, let alone one as nice as this. That makes it worth preserving.

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  1. Kevin

    Plain Jane is right but I like it. Can’t say the same for the wheel covers. While they fit with the look of the car, not a lot of styling effort went into these.

  2. M.Balmer Member

    I think it’s cool that it doesn’t have the fake wood grain and luggage rack. A few engine tweaks and you’ve got yourself a versatile “sleeper “.

  3. Bakyrdhero Member

    I agree with the seller. Paint it black or dark cherry, drop a crate motor in it, and maybe some wheels, something subtle like rally’s..

  4. Tom C

    Definitely a customer ordered car! True from the outside one can see not many options were ordered, but when you get to the interior it’s actually loaded! All power options were ordered and aside from not having a tilt wheel it has Tempmatic Air Conditioning, split power front seat and ultra rare gauges! I would love to own this just for the fun and nostalgia of having a wagon! Maybe I would add a luggage rack and some different wheels, but what a nice car for not much money.

  5. James Martin

    Supp it up and send MoMA for the groceries.

  6. Paul

    The GM 307, 301 and 305 engines along with the TH200 transmissions were a pretty crappy combo from this era. Had a ’78 Grand Prix with the 301 and TH200 and that power train always gave me trouble.

    • Duaney Member

      The Pontiac 301 and the Chevy 305 are in no way related to the Oldsmobile 307, and in the car nut encyclopedia, the Pontiac 301 is considered one of the worse v-8’s of all time. Not so the Oldsmobile. This year 307 even has roller lifters.

  7. Don

    Yeah the 301s were real junk . I used to manage a junkyard and so many of those cars came in with blown motors. The Oldsmobile 307s were a lot better ; obviously not as powerful as a 350, but they did alright and were durable

  8. Bruce Fischer

    I love my 87 Buick hauler.Bruce.


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