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Cheap Cruiser? $4k 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

When was the last time you saw a nine passenger vehicle for sale for only $3,950? This 1989 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon is for sale here on eBay for the second time. The first time the buyer did not come through with the money so it is being relisted. The station wagon is maroon with simulated wood paneling with a dark red interior. Located in Ozone Park, New York, the car is being sold by a dealer with a Buy It Now Price of $3,950. There is no option to submit an offer and the car has 217 watchers. There were only 8,929 Custom Cruisers built in 1989 and production ended in 1992.

Powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine, the station wagon is said to start right up and run very nice. In fact, the ad says that it is so quiet you can barely here is running. If this car is equipped with its original Oldsmobile 307 cubic inch V8 engine, it only has 140 horsepower and 255 lb ft of torque which is not much power to move this car around town. The engine compartment looks pretty nice and original with some surface rust on the air cleaner. The odometer on the car reads 77,082 miles.

The interior looks very nice and in good condition. The seller discloses that the interior needs cleaning and the headliner is sagging. The body and paint are said to be acceptable except for a repair on the driver’s fender where the wood decal has been repaired. It does not match the rest of the wood grain. The bumper filler is also deteriorated and I don’t know if an aftermarket replacement is available for these cars.

Other issues that will need attention is probably the brakes and tires but the price is adjusted accordingly. The hood is showing some fading and the AutoCheck shows that the car has not been in any wrecks.  The seller states that there is no major rot which may not be enough information for most buyers. All in all the car seems like a good driver that offers versatility and some nostalgia, if you were ever one of the kids put in the rear facing back seat!


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    Looks pretty decent but per the listing, car had 197,000 miles 9 years ago and while one image shows a dash pad on top, there are no pics of instruments. Looking elsewhere confirmed that the odo is a 5-digit, so this really should be sold TMU. Don’t see too many Olds with 277k miles still running. Goodness knows what it will need.

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  2. S

    Judging from the condition of the car, especially the seats and the paint, and being from the NYC area where there is lots of stop and go driving and road salt is used, I find it hard to believe this car could possibly have 277K miles on it. The roads are also full of potholes up there. I think the mileage is lower, but this would have to be confirmed. The 307 still had a carburetor at this point, so it would be amazing if someone kept this running well for 30+ years and drove it 9,000+ miles per year.

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    • irascible51

      Glad to see that other people are seeing that New York is a miserable place to buy and own a car. Nothing but potholes and lots of salt underneath when winter comes. I store my Buick inside storage in the winter and buy cars from out of the South.

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  3. ACZ

    Just make sure that this was never owned by Roger Murtaugh.

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    • DP

      An obscure reference. I remember seeing LW2 freshman year of college

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  4. Bob C.

    Yeah, that car got ruined in that movie. This was the next to last year for the Olds 307, or any v8 by them. Since GM was down to only a handful of RWD vehicles by that point, management decided to stick with Chevy v8s. Not including Cadillac, of course.

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    • ACZ

      Cadillac used Chevys, too. The RWD Broughams used the 2bbl TBI engines until they went to the LT1.

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      • Bob C.

        That’s right, for a short time. Forgot about that, thank you.

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  5. T-Bone

    Pack up the kids we are going to Wally World.

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  6. Bill Potts

    Looks like the wagon from “Adventures in Babysitting”, Now if only Elisabeth Shue came with the car!

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    • Joe

      She had a Buick Wagon with different wheels in that one. Very similar though

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  7. Jimbo

    I had a ‘84 Custom Cruiser that drove like a dream. My youngest always loved sitting all the way back. Car ran really well and I also had the 307 with the Rochester Quadrajet so I probably had a few more horses than this ‘89 version. Driving back from my gf’s house at 1:00 AM and hit a 180 lb buck and that was pretty much the end of the Olds. Still drivable but the insurance company totaled it and I sold it for about what I payed for it 4 years and 40k miles later.

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