440 Compact Muscle! 1969 Dodge Dart Custom

I’ve been a fan of E-Bodies and B-Bodies since I was old enough to dream out loud, but it took me quite a bit longer to realize that the Dodge Dart just got better and better in terms of… more»

Compact Muscle Project: 1969 Dodge Dart GTS

Dodge offered three muscle cars in the late 1960s, two of which are well known and a third lesser so. In the mid-size arena, there was the Charger R/T and the Coronet R/T, while in the compact sector Dodge… more»

426 Hemi! Custom 1962 Dodge Dart Wagon

Dodge built a bunch of station wagons in 1962, but none like this one. This was a Dart 4-door wagon that was transformed into a 2-door pillarless wagon with a supersonic motor under the hood. This is a one-of-a-kind… more»

Whole Collection For Sale!

Billed as “unusual,” I guess “usual” is a relative term. Buicks, AMCs, Mercedes-Benzes, customs…all of these are legitimate classics in their own right, and most seem to be in decent condition. Special thanks to Britt Boughey for letting us… more»

Midget Muscle: 1971 Plymouth Duster Shorty

Update 4/29/22 – After nearly six months, this mini muscle car has been relisted here on eBay. Do you think it will find a buyer this time around? From 11/9/21 – This Dart may not be a barn find… more»

12-Second 383 V8! 1967 Dodge Dart

Chrysler redesigned its compacts – the Plymouth Valiant and Dodge Dart – in 1967. Those changes would prove popular and carry the cars through the end of their runs in 1976. We’re told this ’67 Dart was a well-kept… more»

Scrappy Swinger: 1972 Dodge Dart

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Dodge offered a full roster of performance cars for buyers who wanted both power and muscular styling. By 1972, the lineup of sporty models was slimming down and consisted of the Charger,… more»

Low-Mileage Mopar: 1966 Dodge Dart GT

While the actual birth year of the musclecar is debatable, many enthusiasts will agree that things were heating up in the early 1960s. With the Pontiac GTO being introduced for the 1964 model year, other manufacturers watched as sales… more»

Collection of Dodge Darts and Other Mopars

UPDATE 4/11/22: This collection of old Chrysler products keeps popping up for sale on different places on the internet. We don’t know if any of them have moved on to new homes yet and their condition differs widely. We’re… more»

Potentially Cheap 1970 Dodge Dart V8 Project

As a 2-door hardtop, most 1970s Dodge Darts came packaged as Swinger models to appeal to more youthful buyers. But the same body style was also available in the Dart Custom with a higher level of trim. Such is… more»

No Reserve Runner: 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger

The 1970s Dart Swinger was the hardtop version of Dodge’s popular compact car. It wasn’t quite as sporty as the Demon (later called Dart Sport) which was offered as a fastback. But quite attractive compared to cars like the… more»

Field of Dreams? 1960s Mopar Collection

In many cases when we see a collection or group of vintage cars for sale, they tend to migrate to a particular brand or period. In this case, the seller no doubt has a thing for Chrysler products and… more»

Very Rare 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca Wagon

As the proud owner of several Dodge Darts, including one that was perhaps the second car I ever owned, it’s a delight to see this rare survivor—a 1961 Dodge Dart Seneca wagon. You can find it here on eBay… more»

Hemi Wagon! 1962 Dodge Dart Ramcharger Tribute

Dart was a basic car throughout its lifespan. It began life as a lower-priced full-size model, then was downsized to a lower-priced midsize model, and was reintroduced in 2012 as a lower-priced compact. Mopar being Mopar, though, they decided… more»

Mister Ed: 1968 Dodge Hemi Dart

In my opinion it is a little tacky to drive a muscle car without the hood installed, but in the case of this car, I might make an exception! You are looking at a real-deal vintage race car. This… more»

Former Drag Racer! 1962 Dodge Dart

The 1962 Dodge Dart was a “tween” car. It had been a full-size model in 1961 and would become a compact in 1963. Chrysler downsized their full-size cars in 1962 with dimensions similar to the new intermediate class because… more»