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Family-Owned Fifty Years: 1939 Ford De Luxe Fordor Sedan

In 1936, Ford’s Lincoln division brought the Zephyr to market. With its raked windshield, integrated fenders, and grille like the prow of a ship, it was one of the most modern shapes on the road. Future Fords borrowed heavily… more»

Rumble Seat! 1939 Ford De Luxe Convertible

Ford’s De Luxe series arrived in 1938, expanding the selection of vehicles to suit buyers’ economic circumstances. Where once Henry offered mechanically identical Model As clothed in a multitude of body styles, now differentiation occurred under the skin too…. more»

Stalled Restomod: 1947 Ford De Luxe

Before World War II, Ford last reworked its automobiles in 1941. That design was in place in 1942 when all domestic auto production was halted to shift efforts to the war campaign. When output resumed in 1946, the cars… more»

Business Coupe: 1948 Plymouth De Luxe

The De Luxe and Special De Luxe were Plymouth’s bread-and-butter cars from 1933-42 and again from 1946-50. The differences between the two were in trim and conveniences. The Business Coupe, like the seller’s car, was more utilitarian and designed… more»

Original Paint: 1939 Ford De Luxe Coupe

They don’t make them like they used to. That’s a line that we hear so often, and it could refer to almost anything that we find in our daily lives. However, I can’t imagine driving a new car out… more»

Taxicab Project: 1947 Plymouth De Luxe

Back in 1947, if you wanted a taxi, you stood out by the road and flagged one down. Or called Yellow Cab and they sent one to you. Today, you pull up an App on your phone, and –… more»

Hot Rod Potential: 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe

Ford introduced its De Luxe marque in 1938 in response to General Motors’ plethora of varying luxury levels, and Chrysler’s Dodge, De Soto, Plymouth, and Chrysler. This expanded the Ford nameplates to include Ford, De Luxe Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr,… more»

All Steel: 1936 Ford De Luxe 5-Window Coupe

Acts performed with good intentions can leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. At other times, these same acts can lead to some unexpected consequences, and cause a dramatic change in plans. That is the case with this… more»

Home Workshop Project: 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe

The law of averages says that at some point in the future, the supply of potentially solid older project cars such as this 1941 Ford DeLuxe Business Coupe is probably going to begin to dry up. It follows from… more»

Ready To Enjoy: 1946 Ford 2 Door Sedan

For people who are unable to undertake a restoration project for one reason or another, finding a really nice classic to park in their garage can sometimes be hard, but this 1946 Ford Sedan might just fill that spot… more»

Restore or Rod? 1950 Plymouth Special DeLuxe

  Barn Finder billw has been keeping an eye out, and he has spotted this 1950 Plymouth for us, so thank you for that billw. This 1950 Plymouth is a clean looking car, but alas, there is some work… more»

Fresh Engine: 1949 Plymouth De Luxe Coupe

This 1949 Plymouth is a two owner vehicle. The current owner has put a lot of time, and apparently, a lot of money, into the car, but has now decided to sell it. You will find the Plymouth for… more»

Ready To Drive: 1950 Plymouth De Luxe Fastback

This 1950 Plymouth De Luxe Fastback is not spotless, but it isn’t terribly far off it. It is a car that you can buy and drive immediately, and it is one that should bring the new owner a lot… more»

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