All Steel: 1936 Ford De Luxe 5-Window Coupe

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Acts performed with good intentions can leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. At other times, these same acts can lead to some unexpected consequences, and cause a dramatic change in plans. That is the case with this 1936 Ford De Luxe Coupe. The owner purchased it for a friend to help him to recapture his lost childhood. The friend’s wife gave the whole idea a resounding “no,” so now the car has been placed on the market. The Ford is located in Mineral Ridge, Ohio, and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has currently reached $10,600, and with the reserve now having been met, it looks like the Ford is all set to head to a new home.

Overall, the old Ford presents quite nicely. The owner refers to it as an “all steel car,” which I would take to mean that the car is free of rust or reproduction body parts. He does believe that the car has had some bodywork performed on it at some point, but doesn’t elaborate on this. The Ford does appear to be complete, and there are no real issues to report. All of the glass, including the new glass in the doors, appears to be in good condition. The only item that I can pick as missing is the windshield wiper arm.

Judging by the information in the listing, it sounds like this Ford is ready to hit the open road. The 221 ci flat-head V8 is backed by a 3-speed manual transmission. The Ford has recently been the recipient of new brakes, a new radiator, new battery, new clutch, a new fuel pump, and both the distributor and carburetor have been rebuilt. The owner says that the car runs and drives, and it is just in need of some TLC.

The interior trim in this Ford is all new, and it looks very good. There is a bit of wear on the wheel, but otherwise, it all looks really fresh. One nice little feature is the fact that the car has been fitted with the optional in-dash radio. If this was fitted to the car when new, it is an interesting addition. Maybe the original owner intended to travel significant distances because it is interesting that he chose to order the radio, but didn’t see fit to order the optional second windshield wiper.

The owner says that this Ford Coupe would make a great driver or hot rod, and I can see where he’s coming from with both ideas. They both have their pluses and minuses, and I have no trouble picturing the car in either guise. Personally, this seems like such a great and solid old car that I would find it very tempting to make sure that it was sound mechanically, and then just drive it as it stands.

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  1. Arthell64

    I would love to have this one. Appears to be in great condition.

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  2. JBP

    Think it would be a shame build it to a hot rod, or street rod. Its sweet original as it is.
    And the old flathead, its a nice piece of history.
    Just make it drive and stop, and enjoy it. Hope it goes to a good home, when i dont have the money to put it in my barn 😟🙂

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  3. TimM

    Superior condition for this car I would love to be the owner of this one but I wouldn’t want to modify it!!! It’s in to nice shape!!

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    This is most definitely a driver. Shine it up the best you can, and just enjoy. I would love to have something like this, 21 Stud and all. I’m kind of curious as to this is the original engine or not. A lot of these got changed to the newer block of the ‘37 and ‘38 models. You can always tell them by the water pump blanking plates on the front of the block. The very first ‘36 models still ran the babbitted mains which were OK but finding someone who is skilled in pouring and scraping Babbitt is getting rare.

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  5. Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

    How come these guys allow their wives to dictate whether or not they can buy a car to restore? I’m sure they aren’t allowed to dictate what the wife does in the house. Can you imagine the drama if you were to comment badly on her choice of curtains etc?

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      I often wonder that? My wife brought (4) vehicles to our stable. And I still don’t say anything about what she does to our place…

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  6. Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

    I see the “Thumbs down” option is back at last.

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  7. Tom Bell

    Any butchery to this beauty would be heartbreaking. As-is with a clean up or a full correct restoration is what it deserves.

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  8. IkeyHeyman

    “Happy wife, happy life”

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Happy spouse, happy house…

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      • Mountainwoodie

        I say get rid of her if she’s trying to control your interests…………unless of course you live in a community property state………then of course you will become acquainted with the financial incentives to being gelded.

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    • Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

      Then make her happy in other ways.

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    • Superstreet


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  9. TimM

    Life is short!! I feel sorry for guys that say they have to sell because of there wife!!! I have 27 cars as of now and my wife drives everyone (except a few she’s scared of) we were married in a 65 galaxy convertible 25 years ago!! She has never told me or asked me not to buy a car!!! I just think they picked the wrong girl!!!

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  10. Superstreet

    Wow run her like she sits so very Awesome . What a magical car. I would love to own her!

    IM 70 and why does a women have the last say on what her husband can buy I don’t understand I have been dealing with that off and on for years.
    Just isn’t fair,
    Hey load your stuff in the trunk and hit the road!!

    Its your LIFE my friend!

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    • TimM

      Bravo, superstreet!!!! Wear the pants man!!! I’m sure you work hard for your money!! Most of us do!!!

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  11. Woody

    Amen to the working man,and to this Henry Ford steel ‘36! All that is needed is a little dusting and fresh gasoline for the next county parade to show off a rare piece of American history! Happy Memorial Day!

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  12. ctmphrs

    This car deserves to be driven. DON’T restore it. You make it worthless

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  13. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    When I was a lad of 10 or 11 years I had a 3 in 1 model of a 36 Ford Coupe. Since I’m now 72 that was a while back but not forgotten. This car is beautiful in my eyes. But sometimes reality dominates over desire, such is the case here. I want this car so bad it rattles my dentures, but I realize it’s beyond my ability to maintain this beauty.
    God bless America

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      I can sure relate to that. I’m a few years younger than you (66) and find myself having to put the blinders on lest I should drag something else home. My wife and I are starting to thin out the herd. We’re looking at selling three cars and it breaks my heart. But the pace of things is outpacing our retirement. Consequently I may have to be satisfied with one or two relics and the rest made up of diecast.

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  14. Wayne Stephens

    Wonder how it would go if this went the other way and he told her no way can you have your pet project? I bought a 38 buick four years back.My bride said go for it.Think i will keep her.

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  15. Billy

    This happy wife, happy life thing has its limits. Some say, no wife happy life, and the Ford will spend his money just as fast.

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  16. Solosolo UK ken tillyMember

    What’s the latest story re the thumbs up/down memes? Now I can’t even use them without a “Join the Club” sign popping up. As I live in UK or South Africa that’s not likely to happen.

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