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Big Red Survivor: 1954 Dodge Power Wagon

    The predecessors of the modern-day Power Wagon were a stout lot of trucks, many of which helped win and rebuild after World War II, have in recent times sprung up for sale in large numbers. You can… more»

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Tons Of Parts Included: 1948 Dodge Power Wagon

We’re going to have to play a bit of Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent to get a grip on this next automotive topic for review. The clue is, “1948 Dodge Power Wagon”. And the hermetically sealed question is, “What… more»

No Reserve 1976 Dodge Power Wagon 4×4

I have always loved the Dodge Power Wagon. This is a 1976 Dodge W100 Power Wagon that is for sale here on eBay and located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The truck is a one-owner example and the odometer shows… more»