No Reserve 1976 Dodge Power Wagon 4×4

I have always loved the Dodge Power Wagon. This is a 1976 Dodge W100 Power Wagon that is for sale here on eBay and located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The truck is a one-owner example and the odometer shows only 50,000 miles. The truck is currently bid to $5,400 and has received 42 bids. This is an example of the third generation of the D series Dodge truck that ran from 1972 to 1980.

The truck is corrosion free and a survivor example of Dodge’s 4×4 offering for 1976. It is equipped with its original 360 cubic inch V8 engine that delivered 175 horsepower and 285 ft lbs of torque from the factory. The engine has been modified with headers, aluminum manifold and an aftermarket air cleaner. It may have been upgraded to a 4 barrel carburetor too. The truck has some patina and dings in the body panels. The 4WD works and the transmission shifts smoothly. Check out the equalizer under the left side of the dash.

The interior of this truck looks very nice and original. The truck is equipped with air conditioning, power disc brakes, 25 gallon gas tank, transmission cooler, deluxe vinyl bench seat and limited slip differential. The interior door panels is modified by a steering wheel wrap and aftermarket door speakers. The only modifications that are evident on the exterior is a front grill bar, aftermarket wheels and the headlights have been changed out to newer 1977-78 lights.

So, who likes this Power Wagon? It has the right color and pedigree. I am not sure how many times the odometer has been around the block and I don’t think the modifications hurt its value. It seems like a nice find for someone looking for an old 4×4. What do you think it will sell for though?

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Nice looking truck. If that’s the owner in the picture replace the seat back as soon as possible. These trucks are tanks with bright colors.

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  2. Maverick

    Put a shirt on. Your not young

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    • Howard A Member

      Times are tough, already sold the shirt off his back, he did.

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      • boxdin

        No, he’s a glorious as Putin just ask him. Its actually a bizarre pic w him shirtless.

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    • Terry Bowman

      You ever been to Las Vegas? He is lucky to have his pants on.

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      • Stevieg

        WE are lucky he has his pants on lol.

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    • Superdessucke

      Equal opportunity automobile modeling, 2020 style!

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  3. Chris M.

    I’m not sure the sellers marketing approach is well advised. The bare chested aged male doesn’t exactly evoke the image of rugged good looks the old Dodge would certainly deliver on its own.

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  4. Jeff Bucklin

    He has reached an age where he doesn’t care anymore. He is lucky in my opinion!

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    • Chris M.

      True enough Jeff. Lol

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  5. Classic Steel

    Nice truck mister.
    I think it takes a certain bravado to model and high five! 🤠

    I think the picture shows one has taken great care and maintenance to preserve it.

    Good luck with sale !

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  6. Steve R

    The seller isn’t the original owner. Flippers like to include pictures of previous long time owners to put potential buyers at ease and put more money in their pocket.

    It’s a nice truck, it seems like the market for 4×4 short beds isn’t as strong as it is for the 2wd variety.

    Steve R

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  7. Jcs

    If that is indeed the owner, he is exactly the kind of guy that you want to buy a Power Wagon from. Know your market. Killer trucks.

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  8. Rex Kahrs Member

    Dude, get a frickin’ shirt.

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  9. R Soul

    Gotta love the farmer’s tan.

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  10. cidevco Member

    All you need to complete the sales picture is a couple of beer cans on the ground and one in his hand.

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  11. Arby

    Looks like his macho is heading south…

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  12. Howard A Member

    To the guy pictured, don’t let us bum you out, none of us is Robert Redford either. I always wondered, why would you need 4 wheel drive in Vegas? It’s a neat truck that is literally non-existent up north.

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      Have you ever heard of the desert Howard ,meh

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  13. CCFisher

    Aaaaaaand just like that, I’m straight.

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    • Chris M.

      So your basically saying prior to seeing this you were confused about your orientation?

  14. Ed VT

    Pass the eye bleach, quick.

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  15. rustyvet

    To finalize the deal , you have to fight him for the truck.

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  16. Dave

    Guy lost his shirt in Las Vegas!

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  17. Ike Onick

    Both the owner and the truck cleaned up nice. I noticed he is wearing a watch. He don’t look like he cares what time it is.

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  18. steve

    Came for the shirt jokes, didn’t disappoint.

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  19. Dave

    That’s a ’79 Grill

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    • L

      I was going to say the same thing about the same thing about the grill.

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  20. ChingaTrailer

    Well my girlfriend got quite a laugh! Other than that, what was the opening photo for??

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  21. Dave

    That first photo is epic. Zero eff’s given. This will be me in 34 years when I sell my ’10 Avalanche LTZ 4×4

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  22. angryjonny

    Dodge; popular with the saggy man-boobs crowd.

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  23. Wayne

    He quite obviously is not married; no way my wife would let me post a pic like that.

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  24. Terry Bowman

    Someone mentioned the mileage may be low. It is a “Power Wagon” and not set up for the highway. I believe the gearing is somewhere around 4.80’s. I was going to buy one once and the gearing is what changed my mind.

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    • Steve R

      It has 3.55 gears according to the equipment identification sticker on the inside of the glovebox.

      Steve R

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    • Terry Bowman

      Steve R, that was my point. Is it a true “POWER WAGON”? There are several changes on it, as mentioned.

  25. Steve Douglas

    He’s not shirtless. That’s actually a well-tailored Great Lakes Sturgeon-skin body suit he’s sportin’.

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  26. Bob McK Member

    I so wanted to comment on the old dude with no shirt, but you all beat me to it!

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  27. Terry Bowman

    Surprise it has “Cruise Control”, not being a road truck.

  28. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I bought a 76 W200 Power Wagon new in 76. Biggest piece of junk and this unfortunately before the lemon law existed. It spent more than 180 of the first 365 days in the shop. About the only thing it didn’t have wrong with it was the differentials, and those took about 15 years before they had issues. The dealer had had it rust proofed before I looked at it, waste of money. Box rusted, the floor boards, the from wheel wells, you name it and it had rust. It even had ballast resistor issues, you’d take it out for a drive and stop and come back and it wouldn’t start. Swap out the ballast resistor and you could go on your way. Funny thing, never found a thing wrong with the one that came out. In fact I has a pair I just kept swapping when the no start condition happened.
    This truck looks decent for the age but based on my past experience I wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole.

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  29. seth karpen

    odometer only went up to 99,999 no way of telling if it is over that

  30. Marauder

    I hear the shirtless guy comes with the truck. And he gives a great massage! BTW, really cool truck.

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    • Little_Cars

      Original owner comes with the sale of the truck. Put a cap on the bed and let him live in there. His code is on the trim tag somewhere. There’s your fully-optioned truck from the 1970s MOPAR fans.

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  31. Chuck

    Redneck w no Rifle Rack or beer cans?

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  32. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    No reserve AND no shirt.

    Anyone else notice the modern Chrysler head unit installed? Kind of a cool touch, although classic that the 70s/80s EQ was kept.

  33. Mike

    I had a red ’75 Adventurer Sport with wide aluminum trim that also wrapped around the wheel wells & tailgate. It was a good looking truck!

  34. Superdessucke

    Criticize him all you want. This thread has more responses than any BF thread that I can recall! No such thing as bad publicity?

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  35. Rodney - GSM

    I swear I typed “Barnfinds”, somehow I got “Tinder”….

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    • Dave

      You got Rickrolled…?
      But really, the tinworms feasted mightily upon these and many didn’t last five years.

  36. Roger

    let go of the old guy comments HES selling the truck not himself

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  37. glash 62 Member

    don’t laugh we all have it coming enjoy life because it goes by fast nice truck old timer hope you sell it to a young guy and have him take a pic when he buys it and tell him to look at it in 40 years lol be safe.

  38. DrewP

    Someone owes me a full day of meals……

  39. Mitchell Member

    Suns out guns out eh

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  40. James Turner

    With that 360 cc engine with a 4 barrel carb. Your going to need a lot more than a 25 Gal. gas tank and a lousy 175 H P. It reminds me of a 1979 351 M. Ford Bronco I restored in the 90,s. Lucky to get 8 to 10 MPH even on a newly professionally rebuilt engine. These old trucks had a high ride height and the aerodynamics of a brick in the wind especially with the west coast larger side mirrors mounted for more wind drag. But I guess they are what they are. I used my Bronco back then mainly for camping trips. I am 73 and look 8 months pregnant. The metabolism really slows down after 40 Y O. I was trim up till then. You young jokers just wait until your past 35/ 40 Y O heading for the 70,s , IF YOU LIVE THAT LONG. LOL. The only thing golden about these years is the urine that comes out. LOL

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  41. James Turner

    Sorry guys but upon reviewing the Pics. I want to remind people that your sitting right in front of a 25 Gal. Time bomb. Another tidbit is with the straight axles on the old Bronco and this Dodge they have the ride of an Amish Buck board wagon.

  42. Terry Bowman

    A mans shoes tells what kind of a man they are(in this case a hard worker) , just as the oil spot under the truck tells the condition the motor is (wore out).

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