Ford Country Squire

429 Cobra Jet? 1972 Ford Country Squire

Ford Country Squire station wagons, such as this 1972 example, are regular visitors to BF’s webpages – and the older, the better. What caught my attention with this wagon are the references to “Ford Cobra 429” and “429 Cobra… more»

OHV V8 Powered 1954 Ford Country Squire Wagon!

Termite-proof is one way you could describe this 1954 Ford Country Squire. Still referred to as a “Woodie”, the last of the true wood components was used on the ’53 edition and even then it was just the trim… more»

Sitting Since ’75: 1964 Ford 390 Country Squire

You have probably heard the saying that every picture tells a story. Well, every old car usually tells a story too and this 1964 Ford Country Squire is no exception – more on that to follow. Many of the… more»

Ten Passenger Model: 1968 Ford Country Squire

Keeping the long roof trend going, today we have a 1968 Ford Country Squire for your review. I gravitated towards this car because readers appear to have an attraction to big, old Detroit wagons and an old friend from… more»

Original Owner: 1968 Ford Country Squire 390 Wagon

For over five decades now, this car has been owned by a woman in the Los Angeles area where she bought it brand new and it’s been there ever since. That’s pretty amazing. It’s being sold by the owner’s… more»

Survivor Station Wagon: 1973 Ford Country Squire

Station wagons make regular appearances here on Barn Finds and Ford’s ubiquitous Country Squire is a regular and well-represented subject. Why so popular today? Probably a memory from long ago when we rode around in our family’s wagon, staring… more»

No Reserve Wagon: 1971 Ford Country Squire

As the old adage goes, “You don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone” and that is certainly true with cars, station wagons in particular. They’re hot today, but if you grew up in an era where they were… more»

40 Years In Storage: 1955 Ford Country Squire

Fresh(?) out of 40 years of storage is this 1955 Ford Country Squire station wagon. It oozes originality and is pretty representative of Ford’s top drawer 1955 station wagon offering. It’s faded but solid so let’s check it out…. more»

312 V8 Power: 1953 Ford Country Squire

There are several inconsistencies with this Ford Country Squire listing. First up, the price is listed as $2,222 – that’s incorrect. Also, this Ford is a Country Squire – the equivalent of the Crestline sedan, not a Crown Victoria… more»

Surf Wagon! 1951 Ford Country Squire

A woodie! A for-real woodie built near the end of the wood/wood trim era. This beautifully restored example continues to survive the test of time and termites. The seller states that in spite of its like-new condition, this 1951… more»

Big Beautiful Wagon: 1973 Ford Country Squire

OK, back to cars! Specifically, station wagons. Last week it was Chevrolet, yesterday Dodge and today, a Ford. And not just any Ford, but a big, brown bruiser of a faux wood-grained, 1973 Country Squire with a claimed 57K… more»

Super Survivor: 1983 Ford LTD Country Squire

Last week, we took a look at a 1972 Buick Sportswagon, a sharp-looking well-preserved station wagon. So while still being in that station wagon vein, here’s another, that at one time was a very common sight on U.S. roadways…. more»

Amazing Survivor! 1958 Ford Country Squire Woody Wagon

Wagons continue to be HOT! This particular one is a beautiful survivor and only shows 54K miles on the odometer. While a 1958 Ford Country Squire wagon may not be as popular as a 1940 or 1950, they are… more»

Low Mileage Survivor! 1966 Ford Country Squire

Here at Barn Finds there has been a lot of station wagon coverage as of late. There is no denying, what was once considered to be just a lowly family hauler, has really come into its own. Why? While… more»

Big Block Wagon: 1972 Ford Country Squire

One of the great qualities of the classic car scene is that it is continuing to provide some really interesting vehicles for the enthusiast who really wants a station wagon. This 1972 Ford Country Squire is a perfect example… more»

1957 Ford Country Squire Project

Surely at one point, this 1957 Ford Country Squire wagon was a wonderful thing on wheels. A lot has changed in 60 years. Currently residing in Stockton, California, this mostly shell of a ride can be yours if you… more»