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Carport Find! 1969 Ford Mustang Grande

There is absolutely no shortage of 1969 Ford Mustangs here on BF but not many are the Grande version – a sort of luxury notchback edition, first offered in ’69. Nope, it’s the fastbacks (SportsRoof), often in Mach I form, that usually make press. Today’s Riverbank, California find, courtesy of Gunter K, is considered salvage but it’s still worth taking a gander, again, because these Grandes just don’t surface that often. Details can be found here on craigslist where this forlorn pony is available for $3,500.

Introduced in ’69, the Grande, continued on through ’73 and had a pretty successful first year knocking out 23K copies or almost 8% of the total ’69 Mustang production of 299K units. The Grande didn’t differ much from a standard notchback Mustang, the exterior features were subtle and included wheel opening moldings, dual “racing style” mirrors, stainless rocker panel moldings, wire wheel covers, and a two-toned strip traversing the length of the car along the top fender line and extending to the rear edge of the quarter panels. A vinyl roof covering was not standard equipment but most observed examples seem to come so equipped. Inside there were luxury tendencies such as vinyl/hopsack cloth upholstery, molded door panels with mounted courtesy lights, teak-toned appliques placed hither and yonder, a standard clock, stainless steel pedal trim, and additional sound insulation. Mechanically, the suspension was softened up for a cushier ride.

The Grande came standard with a 200 CI six-cylinder engine but our subject car is “F-Code” equipped which means it is powered, when running, by a 200 gross HP, 302 CI V8 powerplant. Looking at the engine, I’d say that it’s a safe bet that it hasn’t turned a lick in many moons – a missing radiator is probably the least of its worries though it may now be domiciled in the trunk.  The seller describes this Mustang’s motivational capabilities as “It does have an engine but it is not in working condition in its current state“. As is often the case, an automatic transmission is tethered to this non-running lump.

The body of this Mustang looks rough and the mossy overgrowth isn’t helping with the presentation. The listing suggests an “intact body that just has light rust damage“. Admittedly, I can’t spy any serious rot but I’d want to give this Grande a pretty thorough look-see if I were interested. The missing grille is in the trunk – no telling if it is still serviceable. A good pressure washing would reveal what’s really here.

The interior is pretty grimy looking. There’s so much mold and dust that the environment’s true condition is obscured. The dash pad and steering wheel are split, the headliner is gravity-challenged, and the back seat looks like it took a direct shot from a Bazooka. Also, those luxury molded door panels, more mold now than molded, are going to need some attention.

So, what’s next for this Mustang? It’s really nothing special and needs a whole lot of work. A dedicated Mustang fan may have some interest but this I imagine most would take a pass and look for a better or more collectible example. Still, with a good cleaning, some paint, an interior fumigation, and an engine redo…oh, never mind, that’s a lot of stuff. Anywat, what do you think, one to save or one to take a pass?


  1. Fred Overdorf

    YES ! Absolutely SAVE ! Check the Paint Color on the inside of the Trunk Lid. Beautiful ! Yes, It is a Long Term Restoration but… If You Have The Vision, It Is Definitely Doable !

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  2. Rob

    Post already deleted 😒

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    • Rickirick

      Well hell, that was a waste of a read then for this Mustang Man. Perhaps you were too harsh on the seller Jim O with your brutal honesty. Naaahhh. Seller probably figured there wasn’t enuff growth of the nasty stuff yet. Lol

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  3. Dana Fayette

    Yes. Someone save it. The 69 Mustang is regarded as the most collectible of all Mustangs and the Grande is a fine example of that year. There is a growing desire for coupes out there because despite the popularity of the Sportsroof, the coupe is a nice looking automobile.

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    • Boatman Member

      You can say that again, Dana!

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  4. Dana Fayette

    Yes. Someone save it. The 69 Mustang is regarded as the most collectible of all Mustangs and the Grande is a fine example of that year. There is a growing desire for coupes out there because despite the popularity of the Sportsroof, the coupe is a nice looking automobile.

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  5. C Force

    Worth saving,and the fact that it is even a rarer 302 equipped F code adds somewhat to the value…A wheelbarrel full of cash will be needed here though

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  6. chrlsful

    yup, bring ’em back. Labor of love, I hada father daughter project (EB) that allowed some conversation that never woulda happened otherwise. Every nut’n bolt is available for restore. Mixed w/used, big box store & NOS is alota fun to spread (along w/historical research on Y/M/M and specific car in ur possession) to out-of-garage work…

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  7. Diavi Campbell

    Had one of these for 32 years… 65E code body (Grande), M code 351, (Factory 4v Windsor setup) new lime exterior (a really weird light yellow), FMX trans, dark ivy green lux interior and a black vinyl top that just didn’t age. (And yes, that tape stripe is still there to this day apparently)This was a really good car and got some serious “whatzits?” wherever it went. Gave it to my son, he sold it and it’s sitting in a very rural barn waiting to be saved… (I.m wayyyy too old now) Kinda wondering if it is a one of ? with those codes. Save this blue example because they generate big interest now and many new friendships at shows. Remember… it is a first year wonder of a rather short total run and they won’t make them again! Just make sure the rails, shock towers, cowl and rear spring mounts are there and beat that final rush when collectors wake up to their impending extinction!

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