Ford Pickup

Mudd Junkie! 1965 Ford Monster Truck

“Yeah, I’ll have a #7 meal, super-sized with a Dr. Pepper, please.” “I can’t hear you, sir.” “I SAID, I’LL HAVE A #7 MEAL, SUPER-SIZED WITH A DR. PEPPER!” This is pretty much the ultimate drive-thru vehicle, although it… more»

Auction Your Car On Barn Finds!

Integrated Pickup Project: 1961 Ford F-100

Ford’s integrated-pickups are generally referred to as unibody pickups and that sometimes doesn’t sit well with a few folks. Whatever a person calls them, they’re unique and fairly rare to see these days, especially in person. This rust-free 1961… more»

6,000 Mile Barn Find: 1955 Ford F250

Classic pickup trucks are a hot commodity these days and the rounded look of 1950s era pickups are at the top of most shopper’s lists.  A nice looking, 6,000 mile 1955 Ford F250 stored away in a barn since… more»

Whiskey Pig: 1948 Ford Pickup

It’s all about whiskey and a pig I guess. The seller bills this as a rat rod, but he hasn’t chopped it or done any other metal work. What it is is an old sort of pickup with a pig for a… more»