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610 C.I. V16? 1948 Ford Hotrod

Looking like a cross between a TV Tommy Ivo multi-engine dragster and Grandpa Munster’s “Dragula” is this 1948 Ford dual-engine creation. It looks like it has been home-built but it’s pretty well put together too – gotta love a sense of imagination and adventure. It’s a Ford, sorta, but there is a bit more to it so let’s investigate. This multi-motor marvel is located in Stewartstown, New Hampshire and is available here on craigslist for $10,000. Thanks to Ian C for this tip!

The seller tells us that the body of this creation is the cab from a ’48 Ford pickup; honestly, I can’t see it but I’ll take his word for it. I’d like to know where the frame originated, however. One thought is that it could be the Ford pickup frame with the cab relocated to the rear portion – the seller, unfortunately, does not elaborate. This custom has the layout of an old school rail – a long frame, front-engine(s), and a truncated rear. Interestingly, there is only a single door, on the passenger side, for ingress and egress.

We’re talking 610 C.I.’s of Chevrolet power here, a veritable V-16! Actually, it’s a pair of 305 CI V8’s coupled together, and the seller states, “Runs great, engines fire up at the same time“. A couple of thoughts here, Chevy 305’s are an unusual choice, they’re not one of the Bowtie’s greatest hits, not bad engines of course, but not a 350 either. Perhaps the motors were just available so the seller played the hand that he was dealt. I also wonder what happens when both engines crank together but only one actually fires. What I’d really like to know is how the engines are coupled together. Unfortunately, the seller doesn’t divulge a thing on that front. The transmission is listed as a three-speed automatic so it’s probably a GM Turbo-Hydramatic but it is coupled to a Ford 9” differential employing airbags for suspension action. The front suspension features a transverse-mounted leaf spring which is not in keeping with a ’48 Ford F-1 so its origin is uncertain. There are front disc brakes in place though and that’s a welcome addition.

There’s really no image of the interior but the one partial snapshot included shows folding seats, you know, like the ones that get out when your poker buddies come over – I’d imagine that they’re really not attached to anything. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with what looks like a fuel tank attached directly behind the back of my head. Oh, and that steering wheel looks like something out of a Chevy Lumina.

The seller adds, ” Inspected by state police and approved for a Street Rod plate“. I’m not sure what that means, some New Hampshire thing perhaps? And I’m further confused by the “Not for Hire” proclamation; hire it for what? The seller claims that this deal is “one of a kind“, which is certainly easy to believe. The creativity here is appreciated but ten large seems like a lot of cabbage to lay out for something that’s really a toy. But it is quite the curiosity item, right?


  1. oilngas

    Gee, I wonder which engine overheats the most?

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    Not with those tires.

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    • bry593

      This atrocity would be slain by your mom’s honda in any event, ever. Well, except for the novel dust collector competition.

      It’s interesting, but not something you would really ever drive. Or expect to go further than 100 miles before breaking.

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  3. Pat

    Quarantine build?

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  4. Howard A Member

    This is the result of too much spare time and a bunch of extra car parts, I think it’s great. The folding church seats are hilarious. Before you folks nit pik the heck out of it, it has one purpose, and that was the fun the creator had building, and eventually driving it. I think that’s pretty cool. Now, whether anyone else shares their outlook, remains to be seen. Does it make a lick of sense? Of course not, and that’s what’s so cool about it. I bet it makes a heck of a racket. Vehicle laws vary from state to state, this would never pass in Wis. but I say great job!

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  5. Dave

    I don’t know why you wouldn’t hire the car out as an attraction. It certainly got our attention.

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  6. Ian C

    I just wanna hear it. Also, once hearing it, I would want to install a Comp Thumpr cam in each engine and hear it again. LOL

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  7. Joe Machado

    The diamond plate is hiding a slip-Ujoint.
    The mouse that roared.
    Creators never went to college.
    So koooool, it’s hilarious and curious.
    Drive it to a cruise near by, not far.
    Pictures before the Winter storm past.
    Grass is too tall to be current pics.
    After a couple car shows, sell it when a victum says, gotta have it.
    Honey, what ya think?
    DUCK, it’s a frying pan.
    I love the fun it brings

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  8. Daniel Wright

    This is the kind of car you take to a high end car show and do a smoky burnout in the parking lot with. It is not practical or likely even reliable but it is bugnutz crazy and that is all that matters.

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    • SDJames

      “bugnutz crazy” I’m stealin’ that, dude! lol

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  9. Jjames

    Are those metal folding chairs in it

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    Just has got to be comply, squeezer your tail into those little outside metal chair seats. Might knock some sense into ya.

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  11. bobH

    Check out the Merc in the background… 49 Merc, I think.

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  12. Bob the mech

    Good gosh Gertrude! I spent a career in the US Navy and that was the last time I saw two engines coupled together. Those units used two Detroit 12V-71 diesels, coupled via a manual clutch driving a single 3 phase 450V emergency generator. Looking at this hot rod reminded me of how mechanical linkages between two physically separate prime movers can cause owners to stay awake at night. A hair of a difference in torque/rpm will cause exciting things to happen.

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  13. BigDoc BigDoc987

    Carpet and real bucket seats with a console and cruise to your hearts content.

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  14. David Scully

    The analogy the writer is looking for is Peters & Frank’s “Fright Train” AA/FD, not Tommy Ivo (both of Ivo’s were side-by-side Buicks, one with two, one with four). Joe Machado (above cite) has some great free-verse, but mentions an interesting thought; the two engines need to be directly connected flywheel-to-crank snout, in order to transmit the power safely (lots of shock in an ordinary u-joint). If the back motor died a violent death (dumped a rod?), it might be shrapnel city for the driver. Still and all, an interesting project…

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  15. Mike

    Poor old 48 Ford….now it sucks twice as bad….

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  16. Steven RM

    I love the build it with what you vibe. However This car doesn’t do it for and the price is way too high for what it is. I’m sure the builder is proud of his accomplishment but the phrase “it is what is it” still applies.

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  17. George Morrison

    Shame there ain’t a pair of blown flatheads pushing this thing around

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  18. grid

    I thought it was my old RECTOY! My brother and I had a “Hold my beer” day, visited our junkyard-owner friend and got a wrecked 77 Toyota Hilux. We torched everything bent from it and bolted a highly modified 289 with a toploader 4-speed in it, painted it the same color as that, probably went through the same state inspection nonsense, and for at least 15 years had more fun being idiots on the highway, and mortifying my 3 daughters with my mid-life crisis! Don’t know about my brother, but I’d jump up from this keyboard in a heartbeat to do another…w/side-by 289s this time.

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  19. Gray Wolf

    Well,if, could,didn’t,but, is that, or what if, whatever, OH HELL NO!! Fred Flintstone would pass on this gem or rock!!

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