Whiskey Pig: 1948 Ford Pickup

It’s all about whiskey and a pig I guess. The seller bills this as a rat rod, but he hasn’t chopped it or done any other metal work. What it is is an old sort of pickup with a pig for a hood ornament, graphics made to look old and other bits added for effect. The story started in 1948 when a farmer cut up his new Ford to build a pickup truck. It seems the farmer wanted to avoid paying the excise tax on a pickup. He didn’t do a really great job, but the truck worked for him. Now, even though the truck is in Murdo, South Dakota, they’ve gone for an Arkansas Razorback whiskey theme, complete with patina and a fake still. You’ll find it listed on eBay with an unmet opening bid of  $4195 and a buy it now of  $4995. It’s had some mechanical restoration so it runs, drives and the brakes work.

Someone enjoyed painting the dash with creative as well as naughty bits. The seats appear to be a more recent addition. Are there any guesses what the wire under the dash is for? There’s no driveway showing through the floor.

This looks to be the 226 flathead engine rated at 90 HP. It runs and there are signs of some recent electrical work. The new wiring looks a mess and will need some attention. The horn must be an attention getter.

The farmer managed to keep the trunk. All the metal work on this is, well, awful. It’s amazing this truck hasn’t fallen apart. Would you keep it for the “charm” or would you redo it? Someone must have some ideas for this old Ford besides parts and the crusher. It would take lots of work, but this could be a fun driver for those into this sort of thing. The one good thing is that this old Ford has somehow survived for 70 years.


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  1. Chuck Cobb

    needs portholes on sides of hood

  2. CanuckCarGuy

    If this was word association, I’d be saying”lipstick” right now.

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    • Lance

      and it’s still a pig.

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  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Not a truck….was what looked like a sedan at one time.

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    • David Frank David F Member

      Yes. That’s the whole story, bought it in ‘48, didn’t want to pay excise tax on a pickup, converted his new Ford into a pickup of sorts.

      (Love the lipstick! That would have made a great title! Patina and lipstick on a pig?)

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      • packrat

        A. I did some web searching and could find nothing on the existence or amount of excise tax on motor vehicles. Was it really enough to motivate taking a sedanette out of service and modifying it with an ax into a hauling scow?

        B. The over the top, stylized graphics on this one remind me of that “uncanny valley” feeling that I get in Hobby Lobby when I see the “man cave” signs and antiqued, cursorily-imitated vintage petroleum items coming from Asian manufacturers by the containerload. You know, the ones Grandpa gets for his garage because the grandchildren can’t possibly know the difference.

        It’s like someone has applied Hot Rod Culture by googling it on his phone and then riffing on the results where he didn’t. I could see this featured in the middle of a Tokyo auto show surrounded by local twentysomething couples with wild hair dancing to ‘fifties music flawlessly in Fonz jackets and poodle skirts.

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  4. Rob John

    Murdo, South Dakota is home to the Pioneer Auto Museum. It is quite the collection of cars and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s about the best part of that corner of South Dakota.

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    This would be a good parts car for my ’42 project. I need a hood, splash panels and a lot of chassis parts. I’m a little disappointed that the original clock and speedo aren’t there. My ’42 is V8 powered so the six would be redundant. Looking at this car/truck(!?!?) I often wonder what motivates someone to butcher something that looked to have been a fairly complete car into something like this. But whoever built this wasn’t the only one who did; there are lots of cars in my neighborhood that met with similar fates, although not post war….

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    • Howard A Member

      Coming from Wisconsin, which is right next to Minnesota and the UP ( der hey)which is kind of like where you’re from, you know as well as I do, never underestimate the resourcefulness of a farmer. Not sure about the “tax” story, but need supersedes luxury in the farming world, and this guy needed a pickup, not a sedan, and whamo, out comes the heat wrench. I doubt it was ever intended to be a ratrod, but I bet many ratrod builders took their cue from stuff like this. I think it’s really cool.

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    • BronzeGiant

      Good God, yes! Buy this thing for parts and get it off the road and out of it’s misery…..while pondering if he could, he should have wondered if he should….

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  6. Cory

    Thought I recognized this. Murdock is home to a lot of freak show cars. Surprised he is selling any

  7. Ikey Heyman

    I don’t want to be referred to as “that crazy bastard who drives that godawful pickup truck” in my hometown, so I’ll pass.

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  8. Dirk

    I might have an interest in the still, if it works.

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  9. JerryDeeWrench

    Gee its got skirts and four tail lights. Don’t get any better than this.

  10. Mike

    There’s some potential in there somewhere after stripping off all the tacky do-dads and horrible “patina”. Make it into a super early version of a Ridgeline or an Avalanche.

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    • Kllisk

      You would have to add a boatload of plastic to make it into either a ridgeline or avalanche which neither one is a truck

    • scottymac

      Had to pass this on: A Ridgeline is a SUV with a birth defect! I loved it, anyway.

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  11. Mountainwoodie

    While I hate…absolutely hate…..the so called -” ratrod ” -…..I dont know what you call it…….movement or whatever of the last twenty- five years..this thing is so effed up that I can live with it. Strip most of the ratrod addons off and replace the rear window and lets go!

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  12. hatofpork

    ToonTown express! I can see that horn pursing its lips (in cartoon form) to scream AAHOOOOGAH! at some hapless jaywalker (who just happens to look like Porky Pig). (the preceding was brought to you by whiskey pig-induced flashbacks to the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit).

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  13. ken TILLY Member

    I think it started life as a four door.

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  14. Don Holt

    I’m betting he was growing something a little stronger than corn ✌

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  15. Fred W

    The farmer who butchered this gets a pass- at the time, it was a $25 car, no one would have ever guessed that a ’48 Ford would be of any value ever.

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  16. ruxvette

    The only thing I see of value is the “Save the Salt” plaque on the front.

  17. DavidL Member

    Got me to thinking. Given that it was a four door would taking the top and whatever else off compromise the structural integrity? (Assuming that the frame wasn’t reinforced.)

  18. Carey Hill

    build it as a four door convertible…clean up the door tops… chop the screen

  19. Wrong Way

    I wonder how many other ol-timers like myself noticed that little guy with the jug! That is actually the mountain dew man who represents MtDew the soda pop, for you young bucks out there! Also the saying on it was always on the comercials! LOL

  20. George

    One bid at the $4195 bought it.

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