Air Cooled Mystery: 1925 Franklin Sedan

Franklins are coming out of the woodwork it seems. Just a few days ago we wrote up an Airman, and now here’s an earlier mystery Franklin I can’t identify. Fortunately, these air-cooled cars have a sturdy following. For instance,… more»

Look Ma, No Radiator! 1933 Franklin Airman 16-B Sedan

The Franklin automobile was a collaboration between John Wilkinson, an engineer with a passion for air-cooled engines, and Herbert Franklin, an industrialist. The cars were manufactured starting in 1902 by the Franklin Automobile Company, headquartered in Syracuse, New York…. more»

Air Cooled Project: 1929 Franklin Victoria

Wow, what a find, a 1929 Franklin Victoria Brougham sedan! An unfortunate victim of the great depression, Franklin was one of those marques that went their own way as so many of the independents did in the days before… more»

55 Year Barn Finds! A Pair Of Franklins

Barn Find is a rather loose, interpretable term these days, and it has really taken on a generic meaning. But that’s OK, we all know what it directionally means. And here’s a pair of real barn finds, rarities to… more»

Air Cooled Barn Find: 1926 Franklin 11A

While the Germans have gone down in history for their air cooled automobiles, the American made air cools are much less common to find. Although equally as cool, the design and layout differ significantly, and I feel that Franklins… more»

Nice Wheels: 1930 Franklin 147 Speedster

Franklin automobiles were high end, expensive cars mostly remembered today for their air-cooled engines. Like many other companies, Franklin did not survive the depression. The name was purchased by former employees of Franklin who produced Franklin engines into the… more»

Air Cooled And Supercharged: 1932 Franklin Airman Coupe

If you are on the hunt for a vehicle that is truly special, look no further than this 1932 Franklin. This Airman 3 window coupe features impressive styling for it’s time and even more impressive technology. The big air… more»

Estate Sale! Corvette, Franklin, Avanti, & More.

I’m not a big estate sale guy, but I have to admit that they can be pretty appealing, especially in smaller towns without professional companies setting them up and pricing everything. Some great bargains can be found among the old… more»

Air-Cooled American: 1930 Franklin Sedan

I always find it fascinating to see how so many manufacturers took on the idea of their own cars, and their own internal combustion engines. The Franklin automobile brand was headquartered in Syracuse, New York, and produced automobiles from… more»

Waiting 54 years: 1929 Franklin Brougham 135

The Franklin Automobile Company had a long and interesting history building cars from 1902 until 1934. Their first car was also the first 4 cylinder car produced in America. Throughout their history Franklins were air cooled and featured many innovations…. more»

More Than Yard Art: 1929 Franklin Speedster

Thanks to P Rettig for this really interesting and unique find! It was a popular thing to do for many years to build speedsters out of old cars. This one listed on eBay is typical except perhaps that it was… more»

Aircooled Baby For Sale Again: 1928 Franklin Airman

Thanks to reader Craig B. for telling us about this rare and beautiful 1928 Franklin for sale here on eBay. With three days left in the auction as of this writing, the bidding is only at $6,400. This same car… more»

Air Cooled Baby: 1928 H.H. Franklin 12B

Yes, this big old Franklin is air cooled! Air cooled engines are usually only found on motorcycles and in micro cars, but at one time you could find them powering Franklin’s big sedans! They even built an air cooled… more»

Air-Cooled Rarity: 1930 Franklin 145 Coupe

Air cooling was considered a feature in the early years of motoring, when it meant one less thing to deal with (no liquid cooling system). Franklin was a long-time proponent of air cooling, but unfortunately the company barely survived… more»

Roadside Find: 1929 Franklin

From Brian C – Howdy Barn Finders. I just spotted this 1929 Franklin for sale in the streets of north Seattle. The seller says the odometer shows 60k but doesn’t say if it’s original. However it does state the motor… more»