Orange Overlander: 1974 GMC Motorhome

First of all, it’s easy to love the GMC Motorhome. From the excellent proportions to the ease of maneuverability compared to a full-size motorhome, the front-wheel-drive endeavor by the General is one of those moonshot projects you wish remained… more»

1972 GMC Sierra Survivor With Factory AC!

Over the last few years, the Chevy/GMC C/K series of trucks has become more and more popular. In fact, some aftermarket parts distributors say they’re selling as many products for these trucks as they are for cars like the… more»

Update: Long Hauler 1964 GMC Suburban 2500

UPDATE – We featured this 1964 GMC Suburban last spring and since then it’s been somewhat updated and has had a lot of maintenance and bodywork done on it. It’s for sale again here on craigslist in Kelso, Oregon… more»

No Reserve Super Truck: 1991 GMC Syclone

Who says that you can’t have it all? If you are the sort of person who longs for a vehicle that provides muscle car performance with a touch of luxury and the practicality of a pickup, then GMC’s Syclone… more»

Spring Cleaning Sale: Carlisle Collection

Eight cars and trucks spread across four decades beginning with the 1950s are offered for sale in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Any vehicles that remain unsold prior to April 20, 2021 will be taken to the Annual Spring Carlisle Car Show… more»

Six-Wheeled Luxury: 1976 GMC Motorhome

Despite their rarity, these front wheel drive GMC motorhomes still seem to pop up for sale a fair amount, and in decent condition more often than not. It makes me wonder if the attractiveness of piloting a more manageable… more»

454 V8 Hauler: 1979 GMC Caballero

The El Camino was Chevrolet’s “gentleman’s pickup” from 1959-60 and again from 1964-87. GMC finally got their own version of the truck beginning in 1971 as the Sprint, with the name changed to Caballero in 1978. The latter is… more»

Pristine Original: 1991 GMC Syclone

The GMC Syclone and Typhoon are two enthusiast vehicles that simply will not leave my frame of reference as it relates to vehicles I’d like to own someday. From the limited production to the awesome performance to the convenience… more»

Kansas Farm Find: 1951 GMC 100 Short Bed

There’s something special about classic trucks from the 1950s. Most of them were used for work, but the post-war era brought more creature comforts and “car-like” features to pickups. This 1951 GMC can be found for sale here on… more»

Low-Mileage Supertruck: 1991 GMC Syclone

Factory performance pickups have come and gone over the years and make a pretty good investment if they are well maintained. One of the rarest in the category is the GMC Syclone. Only available for one year in 1991,… more»

Original 305 V6! 1961 GMC Wideside

Forgive yourself if you’re not familiar with the this truck’s original 305 cid (5.0L) V6 powerplant. Before GMC trucks became a virtual clone of Chevy in every way, GMC made its own line of engines including some interesting V6… more»

Elvis Presley’s 1967 GMC Half-Ton Pickup!

General Motors updated their C-Series line of trucks in 1967. The Chevy version was known as the C-10, while the GMC edition was identified as simply a ½ or ¾ ton truck. This pickup is said to have been… more»

Two Owner: 1969 GMC 1500 Camper

With 3 days remaining in the auction, this 1969 GMC Sierra 1500 is listed here on eBay and appears to be in survivor condition. The truck is located in Fort Harrison, Montana, and is said to be a barn… more»

Field of Dreams: Countless Trucks in Texas

What is better than finding an abandoned truck in a field? Well, of course, it is a whole field full of abandoned trucks! So today, we bring you a host of trucks that are for sale in a field… more»

One Owner: 1953 GMC Short Bed Project

Times were good in the early 1950’s and the US automakers were producing some memorable automobiles after the culmination of World War II that would influence the next generation of automobile and truck owners. This GMC Short Bed pick… more»

Field Of Cars And Trucks: Bring Cash And Trailer!

This place looks like an American Pickers dream for old cars and trucks! Here’s a goldmine of Detroit vehicles, but there are some imports in there, too. If you see something you like from the listing, the best bet… more»