Out of Long-Term Storage: 1940 Graham Hollywood

By the late 1930s, The Hupp Motor Car Company was fighting for its life after more than a decade of declining market share.  In what can, in retrospect, be seen as an act of desperation, the company purchased the… more»

Supercharged Classic: 1940 Graham Hollywood

The Hollywood was a sedan produced by Graham Co. (aka Graham-Paige) in 1940/41. It was a 4-door sedan based on the Cord 810/812 from the decade prior. They were supposed to be built for Hupmobile, but they went out… more»

Orphan Car Project: 1937 Graham Sedan

One of the side effects of the Great Depression was its forced consolidation of the automobile industry.  While there were dozens of reputable makers before the Black Thursday stock market crash in 1929, very few companies survived the financial… more»

Supercharged Classic! 1941 Graham Hollywood

If the 1941 Graham Hollywood looks familiar, that’s because its roots lie in the 1937-38 Cord 810/812. It was built under contract with the makers of the Huppmobile, who had acquired the production dies of the Cord. The car… more»

Supercharged Museum Piece: 1937 Graham Cavalier

This 1937 Graham Cavalier is a excellent example of the sort of engineering innovations pioneered by the smaller manufacturers in the interwar years. This beautiful machine is located in Hollister, California, and is owned by the Nostalgic Auto Museum–… more»

V8 Powered Custom 1941 Graham Hollywood

This is not a Cord. It looks like a Cord, it’s made with Cord tooling, but it’s not a Cord. After the death of the 810/812 and subsequent liquidation of Cord’s assets, through a series of business deals, the… more»

Supercharged 1937 Graham Cavalier Business Coupe

The blurry and overly close photos just don’t do this 1937 Graham Cavalier Coupe justice! It’s a little rough around the edges, but it still shows the elegant styling well. Plus, it looks to be complete, is said to… more»

Spotless Sharknose: 1938 Graham Model 97

From a styling perspective, the elegant 1938 Graham Model 97 was ahead of its time. These are a distinctive looking vehicle that, sadly, failed to sell in significant numbers. This particular car appears to be a tidy and original… more»

Former Museum Car! 1932 Graham Model 57

The late 1920s and early 30s were the heydays for car companies. In fact, hundreds of car companies were created in an attempt to capitalize on the “horseless buggy” craze. Unfortunately, The Great Depression caused many of these companies… more»

Style Leader: 1933 Graham Blue Streak

Even though the paint is looking a bit tired, from certain angles you can still see the sparkle in the paint finish that was one of the innovative hallmarks of the Graham Blue Streak. Today, vehicle manufacturers use fine… more»

Custom 1940 Graham Shark Nose Pickup

Some restomods are poorly pieced together, and often not very well thought out. Well this custom Graham pickup is a very nice execution and the “Shark Nose” front end is quite appealing even in the military green paint. Built… more»

The Other Cavalier! 1937 Graham Cavalier 95

By 1937, auto-maker Graham struggled financially despite producing cars with advanced features including supercharging. This non-supercharged 1937 Graham Cavalier 95 called simply a “Four Door Sedan with Trunk,” seeks a new owner here on eBay. Located in Arvada, Colorado,… more»

50% Restored: 1937 Graham Supercharged Sedan

For me, the supercharged Graham sedan is what I envision as the perfect moonshine runner’s vehicle. It’s got the imposing looks, good speed and plenty of room for storing some white lightning where the constable won’t find it. This… more»

Glorious Cord: 1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged

While Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg offered premium American machines, Graham fell to the wayside and needed to jump back into the market with a great car. In comes the Graham Hollywood, which was a partnership that offered the Gordon… more»

Compressed Art: 1937 Graham 116 Supercharged

What can be better than a car with Art Deco styling and a supercharged engine? This Graham 116 is an interesting project and is relatively complete from the mechanical and sheet metal aspect. Stored for quite a while, the… more»

Function Over Form: 1935 Graham Housecar

It seems the age-old problem of not being able to drive your house is nothing new, and that for generations, we’ve been trying to find ways to have our cake and eat it, too. This unusual Graham Housecar is… more»

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