Original Hemi PR Car! 1969 Dodge Charger 500

Day after day, week after week, Mopar muscle cars in crummy condition and/or with murky history sell for more money than seems possible. Then, once in a while, a genuine fully-documented classic comes along… rare, interesting, and listed by… more»

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Sweet First-Gen Hemi! 1966 Dodge Charger

When it decided to build a fastback, Dodge had no interest in copying Plymouth’s compact first-generation Barracuda. Instead, the mid-sized Coronet underwent a transformation to become a sporty new Charger. This 1966 Dodge Charger near Silverdale, Washington comes to… more»

Hemi-Powered Project: 1955 DeSoto Firedome

If there was ever a car that sounded like it belongs in a James Bond movie it’s this 1955 DeSoto Firedome. What a great name and a great line of cars with an interesting history of moving up and… more»

It’s Back! – Hemi In The Barn: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Update 3/13/20 – This ‘Cuda quickly disappeared after we featured it, but it’s back up here on eBay with a little more info. Apparently, the seller did some research and figured out that the car was re-bodied at some… more»

Real Deal: 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Project

Amongst muscle car enthusiasts there are cars that are considered to be greats, whilst there are those that have managed to achieve legendary status. The Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda would have to fit into the latter category. This particular Hemi… more»

Plum Crazy: 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda Convertible!!!

We all know common four-letter words that we should not use in polite company. One of the worst to a car collector is “FAKE”. It originally had bad connotations because it implied that someone was trying to get one… more»

Rust-Free Nevada Car: 1955 Dodge Royal Lancer

Anytime that a person reads that a car from the mid-1950s is rust-free, that’s something to take note of. When it’s a 1955 Dodge Royal Lancer two-door, that’s even better. This great project car can be found here on… more»

1 Of 1? 1968 Plymouth GTX Hemi

I love when seller’s break down the options to show that their car is a one of one. Sure, this Plymouth GTX is the only one built in 1968 with this exact set of options in this particular color,… more»

Hemi Swap: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

Just about every automotive enthusiast has heard the sentiment of “don’t take on someone else’s unfinished project,” but sometimes, it’s hard to pass up the value presented by someone else throwing in the towel. This seems to be the… more»

Original Hemi: 1956 Chrysler New Yorker

With the internet not just being a thing anymore but an integral part of most of our lives, you would think that every old car in original condition would have been found by now. Ahhhh, but you’d be mistaken, Grasshopper. An… more»

1-of-59: 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

It is hard to do justice to a car like this 1971 Hemi Cuda with words, and that’s why you will find a decent gallery of photos at the bottom of this story. This is a car that owes… more»

1-of-4: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI Convertible!

When it comes to American car engines, the Mopar 426ci Hemi rates up there with the best of them, and any car that wears its original Hemi engine is going to be a desirable car that will command a… more»

Numbers-Matching: 1970 Plymouth HEMI ‘Cuda

Are you sitting down? Good. This 1970 ‘Cuda is a car that is likely to make you want to drool over its specification, and possibly go a bit weak at the knees as well. The Galen Govier report confirms… more»

The Wow Factor: 1966 Plymouth Satellite Hemi

Wow, just…wow. Sometimes there just aren’t enough superlatives to describe how nice some cars are. For sale here on eBay and located in Columbus, Ohio is this sparkling example of 1960s rolling iron. Complete with a clear title and… more»

Fast Fun: 1957 Chrysler Hemi V-drive Boat

Who hasn’t wanted a Hemi powered vintage ski boat? If you have, this may be the perfect one for you. This boat has a detailed history and was supposedly owned by the builder’s family for its entire life. Found… more»

Yeah; It’s Got a Hemi! – 1968 Hemi Road Runner

Just when we think that SURELY all the real Hemi muscle cars have been found and restored, we discover one like this 1968 Plymouth 426 Hemi Road Runner. Located in Pipersville, Pennsylvania, this highly desirable Mopar could be considered… more»