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Factory 426 Hemi: 1966 Dodge Coronet 440

Despite popular belief, the Dodge Coronet 440 nametag didn’t indicate what was actually under the hood in 1966, as the number “440” was merely a trim-level designation for the car.  But the buyer did have several engine options to choose from in ’66, including the monstrous 426 Hemi.  The seller of this 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 here on Craigslist claims it’s not only a factory Hemi car, but that the original engine is also still present, making this among the most desirable of the 1966 models.  It’s located in Hemet, California, with the price firmly set at $65,000.  Barn Finds would like to thank reader Tony Primo for spotting this great B-Body and sending it our way!

First things first, and that’s how are we sure this is a factory-equipped Hemi car?  I’d like to ask our readers to chime in as well, but from what I can gather the fender tag itself is of no use in making this determination.  What is helpful is the VIN, which in ’66 would have the letter “H” as the fifth character, though no vehicle identification number is provided.  I’m also thinking the Hemi cars had a unique K-Member and some leaf spring mods.  In any event, the seller claims it’s the original engine, and says the car was parked in the late eighties, but no mention of whether or not it was running when it was taken off the road, and no specifics are mentioned regarding the automatic transmission either.  Maybe a phone call to the seller would be helpful if you’re getting serious about this one.

Once parked, a previous owner began dismantling the Dodge to start a restoration, but he didn’t get very far, and the good news is the seller still has all the parts needed to get it back on the road plus some additional other NOS parts, and believes it won’t take all that much work to get the car going again.  Other positives are it’s always been a Southern California vehicle, with no rust present, and the body is still wearing the original paint.  The front 15×3 Cragars are said to be rare, but the car comes with all 5 original steel wheels as well, including the factory dog dish hubcaps.

Not much is specifically mentioned about the interior, but to be original as stated it still looks pretty good in there.  A couple of aftermarket gauges were added at some point and the only thing I noticed as MIA was the center horn button on the steering wheel.  We get to see a trio of photos from the underside, including this one, and things down below have a bit of surface rust but appear to be solid overall.  The seller also floats the idea of a possible trade for a different B-Body or an E-Body, so maybe if you’ve got something to swap plus cash he may be all ears.  What are your thoughts on this 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Hemi?


  1. Giorgio

    My ’66 Alfa Super Giulia is a factory hemi.

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  2. Jon

    The fender tag indicates it came with a Hemi
    The middle row 735 indicates it came equipped with a 426 and automatic transmission.
    G1 = 26” radiator core width (found mostly on A/C cars and Hemi cars)

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    • Mike Stephens Staff

      I’m glad you stopped by Jon! Thanks for clarifying this for us.

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  3. mike

    The good old days when you could order a car the way you wanted.

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  4. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    I noticed it still has the single brake master reservoir. That’s scary enough to have with a Hemi. The letter H used in 1966 was for 426 HEMI. For this much money I really hope the engine starts up. Who ever buys this and fix it up. They can almost double the price on it. I would get the Dodge professionally detailed and engine compartment. And put this ride back to stock looking. Good luck to the person on this project.

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  5. Roland

    The Hemi cars, I am told by someone who owned several, have the extra torque boxes of the convertible. Also, it looks like the steering wheel is set up for the horn rim as the spokes have the extra indent for the larger piece than just a center button. Good luck bringing that to a halt. My ’67 R/T had 11×3 drums all around with power assist and that was a poke-and-pray to stop, I cant imagine what it would be like to bring this one to a standstill.

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  6. Gary

    The 66 Hemis had solenoids on the left inner fender I believe and the hd torque boxes. I think they also had a extra leaf in the right rear spring but I’m not sure. These are the least valuable of the Hemis besides the 66-67 Chargers. I like the Belvederes but not so much the Coronets. There is a low mile Hemi Belvedere on Ebay at around the same price but its two door sedan and four speed I believe. If you can get past the sixties paint and interior it’s a turnkey car and has been for sale for over a year

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  7. FrankD

    I fail to see the excitement with Hemi engines. They are extremely expensive to build. The drag cars are mostly private manufacturers blocks and heads. My friend drags a cuda in NH. He has spent mega bucks on his drive train for a time slip and trophy. DUH!

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    • Frank

      After 60 years they still hold records on the drag strip, the only engine design running in Top Fuel and Fuel Funny car, 12,000 Horse Power out of eight cylinders Thats the big deal Frankie

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      • Donnie L Sears

        It is very likely a Keith Black hemi with the 12,000 hp now. Chrysler has not made very many 426 hemis lately.

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  8. JimG

    Hmm- does your “friend” know you talk smack about him to strangers? Of course private manufacturers will take something and improve on it! But the Hemi is more desirable and less common than other engine families – which equals more expensive. You probably have no problem throwing an LS in place of a 327 even though that’s way more expensive. But, you don’t like Mopars- I get it. My guess is you had your doors removed by a Mopar years ago- by 6 or 8 car lengths I imagine.

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    • Gary

      You got it JimG, he got spanked so hard back in the day that it still stings.

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    • Donnie L Sears

      I drove Mopars for years. But at least I know there were cars just as fast or faster. My guess is you never ran against any competition.

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  9. James Martin

    Hemi and a column shifter. Must have been fun shifting those gears. Never could understand this concept in Mopar cars.

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  10. Mark

    I personally love the Hemi cars. I have owned two Roadrunners, 68 and 69 that were Hemi’s and never had issues. I currently have a 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 Convertible with a Poly. I have a lot of extra parts for this car. Doors, Fenders, Hood, Deck lid, I have a used nice Grill and a NOS Grill, Tail lights etc if anyone might have an interest.

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    • Terry

      Hemis were detuned race motors and if kept in tune raln like nothing else. If your tuning capabilities were not great the 440 Magnum four barrel was a good choice.

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      • Donnie L Sears

        Some of the 440’s from the factory were actually faster than the hemi’s.

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    Mike Stephens,
    You can see the horn ring laying on the right front floor in the first interior photo.

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  12. mark negri

    did this car sell ?

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