No Reserve 1977 Toyota Hilux Pickup

Pickups have grown monstrous over the last ten years, while at the same time limiting bed size and guzzling gas like it’s going out of style… (wait, is it?). It’s enough to make a person yearn for an El… more»

Best One Left? 1981 Toyota Hilux Pickup

It is a brave individual who claims that the classic they own is the best non-restored example in existence. However, that is the claim made by the seller about this 1981 Toyota Hilux Pickup. There’s no disputing its overall… more»

4X4 Survivor: 1983 Toyota Hilux SR5

The Hilux was the forerunner of Toyota pickups of today, dating back to 1968. In the 1980s, they would garner sales momentum in the U.S. as the demand for smaller trucks was emerging. This 1983 edition which is an… more»

One Owner! 1978 Toyota HiLux Pickup

As big and heavy-duty as many trucks have gotten these days, it’s nice to step back in time and re-visit the days when simple, low-cost pickups like this 1978 Toyota HiLux were just as much the norm as their… more»

Only 1,865 Miles? 1971 Toyota Hilux Survivor

The Toyota Hilux was Toyota’s most successful global pickup truck. Known in America, after the first generation, simply as the “Toyota Truck,” it helped solidify Toyota’s reputation as producing reliable, simple, affordable, and practical vehicles. This first-generation model comes… more»

Tidy Off-Roader: 1980 Toyota Hilux SR5 Pickup

For those readers that have ever watched Top Gear UK, you will know that the presenters tried their best to kill a Toyota Hilux, but it somehow managed to survive some of the most brutal torture that you can… more»

Mint Survivor: 1976 Toyota Hilux SR5 Pickup

This olive green 1976 Toyota Hilux SR5 Pickup is located in Madison, Connecticut and has traveled just 60,000 miles since new. The truck is listed here on eBay with 3 days remaining in the auction. It is currently bid… more»

Price Dropped: 1979 Toyota Hilux

It isn’t clear how long this 1979 Toyota Hilux has been parked in this barn, but the coating of dust suggests that it has been quite a while. The seller states that it is a one-owner vehicle, and he… more»

True Mileage Unknown: 1988 Toyota Pickup 4WD V6

Out of all the compact to mid-size pickups sold, Toyota’s pickup (known as the Hilux in global markets) is the best at holding its value. Most of these trucks saw hard use on a regular basis, so very few… more»

88k Original Miles: 1985 Toyota Hilux 4×4 Pickup

This 1985 Toyota Hilux Pickup is no trailer queen, but it has still led a life characterized by careful ownership. This is a clean and tidy example of an iconic Japanese pickup, and with a mere 88,362 miles on… more»

Toy Story Tribute: 1979 Toyota Pickup

If you’re familiar with the computer animation studio Pixar and its films, you’re likely acquainted with the yellow Pizza Planet delivery truck. This pickup made its first appearance in the company’s debut film Toy Story, and since then, it… more»

Unrestored Survivor: 1981 Toyota Hilux 4×4

When it comes to compact pickup trucks, the models produced by Toyota are some of the most renowned, and also some of the best at holding their value. This 1981 Toyota Hilux 4×4 that’s available here on eBay is… more»